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"Over 3 Decades of Award Winning Excellence in Marketing, Public Relations, Freelance News Reporting and Photojournalism"



Dr. Whiting is available to provide interesting, entertaining and provacative Public Speaking.  To learn more click HERE.

* Read the paper "We need Common Sense Today by -Thomas Paine II".  The classic "Common Sense" written by Thomas Paine is as relevant today as it was during the American Revolueiont era.

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Thought Provoking and Interesting Public Speaker

Free Marketing and Public Relations Common Sense Advice!

    The Vernon Advocate was launched in 1993 by Dr. John T. Whiting as a FREE service to help friends and local area businesses resolve problems and achieve success and profitability in the Vernon area market.  It is Dr. Whiting's desire to give back to the Vernon area community along with offering additional Free common sence based consulting and business decision making management, book writing and career problem solving services:

    The You Have a Friend Counseling and Consulting Service

    Write a Book for Fun Project

    Career Problem Solving Service

    The mission of the Vernon Advocate is to provide business decision making and problem solving support based on a methodology Dr. Whiting developed over a 40 year period as a management consultant based return on investment (ROI) and management by objectives (MBO) criteria.

    The delivery of services is derived from a hands-on relationship with clients based on mutual respect, the identification of valid and reliable business data and the design of actions that have a real potential to reduce costs, increase sales and widen profit margins.

    The Vernon Advocate is a not-for profit affiliate of E-BMC E-Business Management Consulting.

    The service is made possible by donations from friends and satisfied clients !

Background photo:  "Hole #1 Wild Turkey Golf Club at Crystal Springs" taken by Dr. John T. Whiting

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