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Marketing Researh

    Many small businesses are launched based on an optomistic vision of the ower and the belief that the product or service being offered will attract customers and sell.  Businesses that have excellent potential to become profitable fail to achieve their potential becauise of an absence of a clear understanding of the market, who the potential customers are and what will motivate them to become a buyer.

    To help ensure the success of a business and optimizing profitability it is essental to engage in a comprehensive market research effort that will help generate the following answers to questions about the promotion and sale of a product or service:

    1. Who are the potential consumers of your product or service?

    2. What are the characteristics of your product or service that consumers will recognize as having sufficient value to justify a purchase?

    3. What will a consumer be willing to pay to purchase the product or service and will the sale of the product cover the cost of production and sales to produce an attractive profit margin?

    4. Are their competiors seeking to sell a similar product or service and what are the characteristis that differentiate the products in a manner that will cause customers to select your product over the competition?

    5. Are potential costs and obstacles that will make it difficult to deliver the product to consumers?

    6. What are the information channels that consumers use to become aware of products or services similar to the one being sold and how can those channels be best utilized to maximize product exposure, create value awareness and maximize sales?

Quality market research can help a business owner pin point the allocation of resources at those actions that will lead to maximum awareness, exposure and communicaton of value; optimize return on investment and achieve dramatic savings in time and business expense.

    Interested parities can provide information about their business needs by completing a Personal Information Form on this web site, consulting with Dr. Whiting to engage in the goal setting, strategic planning and action plan development process required to achieve the client's goals.


Background photo:  "Hole #1 Wild Turkey Golf Club at Crystal Springs" taken by Dr. John T. Whiting

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