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Web Conferencing

Internet based communication is continuing to evolve and is rapidly replacing the traditional modes of communication with the computer and the handheld phone giving people the capacity to exchange information at anytime and from any place that has Internet access and at any time.

There are applications (Apps) that conumers can download to their computer or handheld device that will not only allow for consumers to communicate with each other by voice or text but to have a real time image of the person they are communicationg with.  This makes it possible for business meetings to be held from remote loactions saving the significant costs associated with travel and the use of conference room space.  Some of these services can be expensive.

Web conferencing can be achieved at a nominal cost or free using such applications as Skype.

The Vernon Advocate will assist clients in identifying web conferenceing resources and help the client determine the most cost effective way to engage in business conferences, source and install a web conferenceing application and become skilled in using web conferencing to reduce meeting costs and increase the efficiency of business communications.

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