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Sith Technology


Electrobinoculars are used for nightvision and seeing over long distances. Darth Maul's electrobinoculars possess:

a lightgathering lens
multi-scan controls
power cells
a range to target indicator
a filter screen - filters out atmospheric interference
360 degree horizon view memory storage
alarm signal- shows energy sources or visual targets
mode indicator
and magnification indicator.

Probe Droid- Darth Maul's

Darth Maul carries several probe droids within his Sith Infiltrator. The probe droids are hovering droids called the "dark eye". Each droid can be programmed to seek out a certain individual or information. The droids use multi-spectral viewing to locate targets, along with scanning technology. They can intercept transmissions and monitor conversations without being noticed. The dark eyes can also use a variety of small deadly weapons, such as the ball detonator, a small explosive device. Each probe droid possesses a:

a transmission antenna
scan absorbing stealh shell
magnetic imaging device
thermal imager
primary photoreceptor
and an external weapons mount.

Wrist Link- Darth Maul's

Darth Maul's wrist link allows him to stay in contact with his probe droids. It also allows him to control bombs, traps, and other devices, as well as, being able to recieve signals from surveillance equipment. The wrist link contains a transmission and reception antenna along with multiple function controls.

Darth Vader's Helmet

Darth Vader's helmet is what allows him to eat and breathe. The helmet also keeps his damaged skull in shape. The helmet consists of many parts:

body heat regulators
outer helmet locking surface- to connect the interior helmet with the outer shell
helmet air pumps
electrical system radiators
air processing filter
primary environmental sensor
voice processor
nutrient feed tubes
neck support
heremtic seals
power distributors
multiple power cells
respiratory vents
speech projector
respiratory intakes
magnetic sensor pits
and voice enhancement receptors.

Each part of the helmet aids in keeping Vader alive.

Vader's Chestplate

Darth Vader's chestplate controls his life support systems. Diagnostic cards can be inserted to allow system checks and switch panels are used for modifications.

Vader's Belt

Darth Vader's belt consists of multiple devices. There is:

the synthetic belt strap,
an electromagnetic clasp,
primary system function box,
secondary system function box,
and a system function indicator.

The function boxes allow Vader to control his chestplate. Only when the control activator is on will the chestplate work, therefore, the belt is a vital part to Vader's outfit.

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