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The Force

The Force is a mystifying presence in every living thing. It surrounds everything in the universe. The Force is greater in some beings than in others. The greater the presence of the Force, the greater the chance one will be able to master it. One can begin to use the Force through much time and patience. By concentrating and understanding they can come to know the Force. When one comes to know the Force there is a great risk.

There are two sides to the Force, the Light Side and the Dark Side. The Light Side is harder to maintain then the Dark Side. The Light Side requires much patience. One must not give in to anger and extreme emotion. The person using the Force must be able to be a pacifist and only use violence when necessary. The Dark Side, however, is easier to fall into for it is easier to follow one's emotions then to control them in a peaceful way. It is easier to use violence to find a solution rather then using a peaceful means. When one falls to the Dark Side, one becomes evil, bitter, and full of hatred for all things. One then begins to use the Force for evil means.

The Jedi are those who have learned to master the Force. They are those who use the Light Side of the Force. The Sith are those who use the Dark Side of the Force. Some of the Sith have always used the Dark Side. However, many used to be Jedi who were turned to the Dark Side by other Sith or fell to the Dark Side due to their own flaws. The time is most critical when a young Jedi is training, for they are not completely able to protect themselves from the dangers of the Dark Side. It is during this period that many Jedi begin to fall to the Dark Side. Once on the Dark Side there is still hope for the fallen one. They can still renounce the Dark Side and become one with the Light Side.

In a way, the Force has a mind of its own. On Dagobah there was a tree dubbed the Dark Side Tree. This tree seemed to possess a strong Dark Side presence. When one entered this tree, the tree was capable of making one believe they were seeing hearing and feeling something, a hallucination produced by the Force. The Force also has the ability to cancel itself out. For comparison, a negative one added to a positive one equals zero. On Dagobah, the Dark Side presence combined with the presence of the Light Side in Yoda. The presence of both sides seemed to cancel each other out. Darth Vader was unable to detect his Master Yoda for this reason during the Jedi Purge. The Force also has the ability to keep one's spirit alive. When one who is strong in the Force dies their spirit is able to remain in the Force and they are able to communicate with those who are Force sensitive. For example, when Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi passes on, his spirit remains. He is able to communicate with Luke Skywalker when Luke is in trouble on the ice planet of Hoth. Then, after the Emperor is destroyed and the dying Darth Vader turns back to the Light Side, Luke sees the spirits of Yoda, Anakin Skywalker (formerly known as Darth Vader), and Obi-Wan Kenobi during a celebration.

The Force is certainly mysterious. New applications of the Force are discovered all the time. Here are some of the known Force abilities:

Affect Mind
Control Mind
Force Lightning
Force Storm
Battle Meditation

-------------Affect Mind-------------

Affect Mind is an ability used mainly by the Jedi. It allows one to alter the perceptions of another being who has a weak mind. For example, Obi-Wan Kenobi uses this ability when talking to a stormtrooper patrol on Tatooine. He makes the stormtrooper leader believe that they are not the ones the patrol is looking for. The trooper then makes his patrol move on. This Force power also allows one to destroy certain memories or to replace them with false ones altogether. Affect mind can also be used as a form of persuasion to get one to do something.

-------------Control Mind-------------

Control Mind is an ability that Jedi avoid using for it allows one to fall to the Dark Side. This ability allows one to take direct control of a beings mind. In essence they become extensions of the controllers mind, doing whatever the controller wants. This ability is commonly used among those loyal to the Dark Side.

-------------Force Lightning-------------

Force Lightning is another ability used by those of the Dark Side. It is the ability to cause bolts of white or blue lightning to shoot out from the finger tips towards ones victim. The lightning then drains the energy from the victim and causes great pain. This ability was commonly used by Emperor Palpatine, who almost killed Luke Skywalker, when attacking Skywalker with strong blasts of Force Lightning. This ability is used by the Light Side, however, it is seldom used.

-------------Force Storm-------------

A Force Storm is caused by great disturbances in the Force. These disturbances cause tornadoes of energy. These tornadoes of energy can cause great destruction. Force Storms seem to be hard to create and control. Dark Side Adepts were able to show some control over these storms. Those who use the Light Side are able to create these storms but it uses several beings from the Light Side to do so. There is one who said he could create and control these storms at will. That one was the Emperor. Proof that Force Storms are for those mastering the Dark Side.

-------------Battle Meditation-------------

Battle Meditation is an ability used commonly by the Jedi when fighting battles. The Jedi meditate thinking of the battle result they desire. Then through the Force the Jedi are able to influence the outcome of the battle.

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