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Chapter 2



After they had the whole club set up with a little help from Robert, Julia asked him to open the doors. It was nearly 7:00 and people were already on a huge queue to get in which was a typical Saturday night.  As the whole club started to get to the fever pitch, both Brigid and Julia knew that the Beatles were coming in. They freshened make up, double check out fits and got ready to introduce themselves. “It’s now or never!” Julia said to Brigid through her teeth. 

The Beatles made their appearance but noticed that they looked better than their album covers. The electricity generated by the four men seem to brighten up the room even more than the multitude of lights that lit the room itself. Julia noticed her favorite Beatle- Paul McCartney was wearing.  Paul had on a black turtleneck with matching jacket and slacks. She always had a thing for guys wearing black but on Paul, he looked so sexy. She had to keep her mouth closed for fearing her growl of approval would leak out. Julia put up her tough exterior, buried the thought of Paul and nearly dragged Brigid over to them.

“Hi, I’m Julia Mendoza and this is Brigid Warren. We’re the owners of this club and if you don’t like the idea of two women running a club than I suggest you get the fuck out of ours.”

There were times that people, places and things seem to fall into place for the two girls but it was even more of a connection felt by Julia and the Beatles that seem to mystify the meeting of the two parties. To only say that it was being at the right place at the right time was an understatement. As each of the Beatles looked at each other in astonishment that a girl could tell them off like that as an introduction and have this club was way beyond incredible. John was the only one who had the means or courage to speak after the others were still in shock.  

“I suppose you know who we are so introductions aren’t necessary. But we must admit, we never knew two girls could run a club...”

“What are you tryin’ to say? You know I don’t have all fucking night to be hearing your wise cracks or smart antics about me or my club so get on with it Lennon!”  Julia lancing out her razor tongue that was proved to be sharper than John’s. As quickly as he got the courage to say something, it left him just as easily.

“I’m sorry for what John just said but this is the first time that we’ve met 2 beautiful club owners, especially you Miss Mendoza.” Paul said flashing his million-dollar smile to get back on Julia’s good graces. 

“Call me Julia and by the way,” she said extending her hand to Paul, “I know what you’re thinking George! Yes I do know that but I don’t want to take it up as my profession. It will ruin my beautiful features as Mr. McCartney said. If you’ll excuse me, I have a club to run. If you need anything, just ask Brigid or I.” 

As Julia walked away from where they sat, she gave all of them a sly smile. She left Brigid, nearly speechless and immobile; there to make their acquaintance, “What was that for? Is she really that evil or is that her little way of saying ‘a pleasure to meet you all’ type of thing?” Ringo asked trying to decipher the smile that was both friendly and evil. “She must know something that she’s not telling anyone.  Either that or her mind is up to evil tricks again.” Brigid smirked at her little conclusion knowing that she found out something that she wanted to know.

“What did you think about George?” everyone asked including Brigid who knew of her temper first hand.

“Well, I thought that she could be a bouncer with a mouth and attitude like that but she answered everything!” George said with a confused look but laughed anyway.

As she would with anyone who meets Julia for the first time, Brigid gives them some words to the wise.  “Let me warn you, don’t cross her with anything that could offend her in any way, shape, or form! Once you piss her off, you will definitely hear it straight from her mouth. I should happen to know, I caught her once at a bad time and it never ceases to amaze me how her mind could come up with words no one from the Merseyside could match! Even to this day, she still goes at it!”

 “I never knew how much I could be afraid of a woman but as they say, there’s a first time for everything.” Ringo said with a slight tremble in his voice.

“You know guys, who ever said ‘hell knows no fury like a woman scorned’ has never met her!” John added to the conversation. Everyone including Ringo laughed at that little tidbit.  “There’s nothing for all of you to be afraid of. Just get to know her a little better that’s all.” Brigid said trying to convince the boys not to take Julia seriously. John interrupted her and said “To state for the record, I make me own judgments and what I conclude is that I like her attitude. She doesn’t take shit from no one like me and it’s the type of bird I could like!” ending on a devilish laugh.

“So all this is just to keep up appearances? For what I saw, I must ask is she only doing it to protect herself from herself?” Ringo asked directly to Brigid.

“Move over Sigmund Freud! Richard Starkey is taking your job!” Brigid laughed. Everyone else laughed at her little joke, especially Ringo while Paul added, “I don’t know about all of you but I have a feeling I’d met her somewhere before. I don’t remember where but I’d met her.” 

As all heads turned to Paul, they had looks on their faces that were in total confusion.  After a bit of mingling with other guests, dancing and drinks galore, they returned to the Indian pattered couch.

“It’s strange but I have the same feeling too.” George said with all serious. Brigid was thinking of an idea that would remedy this whole situation and came up with something. “Well if you feel like, why don’t go up to her and ask her where. And ask her to do something with you guys. I mean, she’s always stuck at the flat with nothing to do but watch the telly. I want her to get out and do something! I would really appreciate it if you could do that for me?” Brigid meekly asked her idols nearly staring at George the entire time, Brigid’s favorite Beatle. After a little group meeting which consisted of loud mumbles, they came to a decision.

“For you, we’ll do that! Just let us come up with something and by the way, could you give us your number at the flat. I just thought of something that will get her out of there in a flash!” Paul said with a huge grin on his face with his brilliant idea of his.

As the club went on, Julia glanced over at where the Beatles were sitting at and noticed Paul looking away after he noticed her eyes on him. She had a big smile in her mind knowing that Paul’s little comment was true. I nearly blew it with that smile but I know everything will look up after tonight! Julia thought while taking care of someone’s drink. 

After the club closed, Julia heard whispers from John and Paul talking about something with George and Ringo. She got out the half bottle of rum and took out a shot glass. She poured the contents of the bottle, took the glass, drank the rum and made a fancy trick with the glass. She took the glass, flipped it through her fingers, let the glass graze across her arm, gave her arm a quick flick and caught it with her other hand. As she saw them come towards her, she knew what they were going to ask, “How did you know what George was thinking and how come you’re not like ordinary birds?” But for good measure she’ll let them speak for she knew this was going to be interesting.  All of the Beatles noticed what her fancy; long fingered hands did with the shot glass. As she was on her seventh shot, she turned around and noticed both Brigid and Robert catching up on the time they missed while being apart.

            “Brigid, why don’t you go home honey and spend some time with Rob. It’s ok; I’m almost done here. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine."  Julia reluctantly said as she watched both Brigid and Robert run out of the club, happy and together.  “Are you sure? I mean I could stay a bit longer and help you.” Brigid said with the look of concern on her face.  “Hey, you two run off! I’ll see you tomorrow Rob and we’ll catch up on old times.” Julia said while pushing them out the door. “All right, love you sweetie!”

Julia looked back on the closed door with a melancholic look thinking if she could ever find the one thing she had been looking for all her life. 



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