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This page in my site is dedicated to the two people who have a very underestimated friendship -George and John. Here's an example:

George: Hey John!
John: Yeah?
George: Have you got a cigarette?
John: What's that, George?
George: Have-you-got-a-cig-ar-ette-for-me-please?
John: Sure, here you are. Its Marloboro with a microne finger.
George: Marlboro with a microne finger? Why, thank you John.
John: It's a big cigarette for a big man. Ha!
John and George in unison: Here we are, John and George smoking out Marlboro cigarettes. George and John, Buddies and Pals!

Excerpt from the movie, "The Beatles First Visit to the US" {which every fan should have in my opinion now that it has been remastered on DVD}

To only think of the good times is what we should concentrate on. George looked up to John as a little brother would. Trying out different styles,even their sense of humor was similar but no one would ever know how much their relationship would go.

Even helping each other out on their solo projects. But always know that the friendship and love was always there. So here's my little tribute in pictures of John and George "Buddies and Pals".May they forever jam up in Rock and Roll heaven.

"Everyone has choice,when to and not raise their voices. It's you that decides,which way you'll turn..."-George Harrison "Run of the Mill"

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