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Relax And Float Down Stream...



Hello one and all to the Newly Designed Bungalow Bill's Beatle Fan Fiction! Take a load off and read one of the highly talked about Fab Fics across the universe Julia.


I'm also hosting three wonderful Fab Fics by Jennette which, I think they are really the GEAR! Your comments or suggestions on any of the stories would be greatly appreciated. So set your gear over by the elephants, have a cuppa made by the Lovely Rita, get warm by the fire and let us Billie Shears and Jennette spin you stories with our own sweet boys The Beatles!


P.S: If any of you want to post your Beatle fan fic on my site {like Jennette} or want to link up, e-mail me and will be glad to do so!! =D

Well since my original counter died,just guesstimate how many people have been hanging around with Billie since 2001-Just add 2500 people to the counter and you will have your answer....


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