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"Ok, George. You asked for it! Whenís your birthday?" Julia cackled with a wicked grin on her face.

"February 25,1943. And you better make it good for me too!"

"A Pisces, the 2 fishes. Youíre mostly concerned with secrets, questioning your purpose and fulfillment of life. You do have a sixth sense about things, like Ringo youíre connected to it by dreams. You mostly go into illusions and magic, and you have unusual talents and plenty of wisdom. Like you like everyone else here, you seemed to live lifetimes with the knowledge you have. Your main purpose in life is to learn the meaning of peace through helping others."

" Your personality is shy, creative and mystical. You're compassionate, trusting, and very helpful but you become too emotionally involved with the problems of others. You tend to lose touch with reality and you always want to escape from anything that makes you feel trapped. Youíre definitely not fooled easily but you want very few material things and want all of your dreams." George sat back observing Juliaís finding.

"When you were a child, you had a very amazing imagination and you sometimes lived in a world of make believe. There was one time you had a secret imaginary friend that seemed like a real person, that was your sixth sense acting on you. Well, in the love department, thereís no difference between love, affection or romance but you need all three. You are eager to please Pattie in any way possible but I warn you if you get too emotionally involved, you wonít even recognize when you are being deceived or treated badly. "

"And where sex is concerned, itís more out of romance than of carnal passion. Although you had sexual experiences before, it was only to build up and be reassured of your self. And with the issue of friends, you like a friend who is useful and reassuring and if you found people like that, you would do the same."

"You got me entirely! Even down to that secret I had never told anyone but since itís out in the open thanks to our little fortune teller!" George was in disbelief that she knew all.

"Did I warn you your mind would be blown away? All I got to say is I told you so!" Julia stuck out her tongue out at George.

"Am I going to have a turn or what?" John asked with a sense of anticipation in his voice.

"Fine Mister I-got-my-knickers-in -a-twist. You know the drill." Julia snapped.

"October 9,1940 sir!" John yelled back putting his hand up in a military salute.

"As you were soldier. Well, for starters, as a Libra you definitely have the strongest musical streak here. Youíre more into rational thought, ideas, and opinions. You are cooperative, artistic, sincere, very communicative and charming when you have to! Youíre a good negotiator and a better partner but as a Libra must be, you balance out by being manipulative and overbearing. Your main goal is to learn the meaning of selfless love. As a child, you were kindhearted, you seemed to know more about things than someone for your age, you obeyed the rules only if you liked them, you hate choosing between two things and you definitely donít like to be hurried. "

" I know that you like arguing for argument sake. You always start something just to get out of boredom or just because. I know that things between you and Cynthia arenít going so well. Especially when you want someone who could take care of themselves and have their own separate interests. I know you want to avoid hurting Julian by separating but you need someone who could let you do your own thing without any questions."

"How did you..." John tried to finish but Julia continued.

"With sex, itís not always a passionate experience but you like to take control of the whole show. You are definitely influenced by sexual attractiveness in the media, especially movie stars! With friends, you always on the social scene and always keeping in touch with people. But I should warn all of you, if John becomes irritable and depressive, do not leave him alone. He needs the people that are closest to him, especially his good friends."

"I think I should call you the all-knowing magical mystic ruby jewel or Jewel for short. But you definitely went deep into my life and you know what I like, what I hate and my problem. I should think about this." John sat back in his chair and looked somewhat distant but it was only to take this new experience in.

"Well, I could totally understand why you saved me for last. To prepare me for my mind blowing experience. Well my birthday is June 18,1942." Paul said to break the developing uneasy silence.

"Sneaky little one arenít you. You being a Gemini, being the cute one is an understatement! Youíre the intellectual and youthful one. I already know that you and Ringo are going to age very gracefully. You are more into education and learning. You know you could have been a good teacher especially when you have good instincts and a wit that could charm even the most badly behaved boy."

" Your life goal is to learn how to cooperate not just for yourself but with society. I see that you are very inquisitive, liberal and broad minded, being a Gemini itís necessary to have a dual personality. You always get restless and you get bored very quickly if you donít have any work to do so thatís why becoming a work-a-holic, you always find some way to keep busy."

"You see guys, I knew that I could have been a great teacher! Letís listen to what else this magical jewel has about me." Paul beamed at the idea of what else she would say.

"Lets see, you were a child that learned to read very quickly, friendly to everyone, and you were always bright and alert. You were quite precocious at times and you always loved going outside and exploring. Since you liked using your hands and fingers (this comment generated raised eyebrows and snickers from everyone) it was a good thing your parents gave you piano lessons and certainly playing the guitar helped you with your boredom. You become overwhelmed with confusing emotions when youíre in love. "

"You repress your real feelings because you are sensitive and open to hurt. But you need someone who know how you feel without telling them and the person should totally understand every part of you. And the subject of sex, your drive is often to express all your pent up emotions and you want variety and surprises. Love and sex are connected with you. And your preference in friends are people who are always up for an adventure and who are curious about everything."

"Well, I thought that the guys knew the real me, but now I found a woman who knows the real me not the Beatle me. I thought there werenít birds like you out there but I thought wrong." Paul got up from a chair that was near Julia, helped her off the floor and gave her a huge hug.

"What was that for?" Julia asked looking at Paul rather strangely.

"I just felt like doing that. Was that a little too far ..." Paul felt a bit awkward after Juliaís expression.

"I donít mind it at all but caught a little off guard thatís all. Any other expressions of emotions?" After Paul sat in the couch, George got up and told her "I have this feeling that I should trust you and yet in my mind I felt that I have met you before."

Julia just simply replied "I know, all of us have met before and I will explain that later."

John was the next to approach her. " Hey Jewel, I must admit something, you do remind me of my mother. She was so outgoing and caring. You definitely knew how I hated choosing between the two. But I know, you do have this streak of me in there! Thatís what first got my attention, well, that and that body of yours!" John gave her a wink as he walked away.

Julia sat on the beautifully decorated chair and makes herself comfortable by taking off her boots.

"You donít mind if I do this?" Julia asked politely. "Hey, whatever makes you feel comfortable, just go right and do it. I donít mind." Paul said scooching over on the couch.

"Hey, why don't you tell us about yourself? I mean itís not fair that you know everything about us and we donít you one bit!" Ringo finally piped up getting up from his chair and sitting beside her.

"I was going to get to that but I must have complete and total trust in all of you that you do not mention any of this to anyone. Not even Brigid." Everyone felt Julia seriousness and they agreed to keep her secret.

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