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Chapter 11

As the door shut, Paul walked over and sat next to her over on the next chair.

"Could I sleep here tonight? I donít want to drive back to my flat andÖ" Julia meekly asked.

Paul took her hand and responded "Stay as long as you like. Iím not tired at all are you?"

"Nope. After all that? I have too much energy. Wanna talk or something?" Julia squeezed his hand and looked up with a smile on her face.

"Sure. What do you want to talk about?"

Julia thought for a second and blurted out "How about I tell you a bit more about me. You have any questions for me?" Julia led him to the sofa near by.

"I hope Iím not too forward for yaÖ"Julia mumbled.

"No, not at all." Paul giggled. After some hesitation, Julia quickly said "I wouldnít be here if I was one of those huge fanatic types." The two sat down on the couch, Julia leaning on Paul.

They both propped their feet up on the sofa, getting comfy and Paul was thinking of a good question to ask her while wiggling his toes in his gray socks. Julia lunged at the socks and took them off while giggling on how his feet just look so cute.

"There now you did it! You finally know how my feet look." After the giggling fest died, due to a tickle fight of massive proportions, Paul finally asked, "So, what do you think about being immortal? Is it wonderful as people wish?"

Juliaís face changed as she answered, "I wouldnít wish immortality on anyone. Well, except Alejandra which has already come true. Itís been total hell just knowing that every loved one is dead or wasting away right in front of you."

Her face brightened up when she said, "But there are advantages to this. Like knowing how the future will look, see how life and attitudes change. And to finally get into some decent clothes!"

Both Paul and Julia laughed but still felt a bit sad just for the thought of her life so far.

"Well, lets get out of this situation with something a little more happier. Well, I have to ask your whole reaction for my little religion? Especially to that stunt I did on you."

Julia laughed a little as she remembered Paulís reaction.

"Well, what do expect someone to react when you change a personís hair and eye color in an instant! But I have to admit that it could come in handy when we go on tour." Paul smiled at the thought.

"Speaking of music, do you play anything?"

Julia thought for a moment and finally answered "Well, I do but I think I donít have the talent. I donít have the talent to be like you guys. I play a little piano and guitar."

Paulís eyebrow shot up in interest. "Really? Could I hear something?

" Julia started to shy away from Paul but knew it was eventually going to happen anyway.

"Fine, Iíll play something for you. But I hope you could tolerate a little classical music. But I promise when I go with you guys to the studio, Iíll play something a bit more rock and roll. "

Paul laughed and showed her to the piano which was in a room where he had a large bay window in one corner and lots of guitars. The piano was near the middle of the room, which gave a great view of the brightly lit night sky.

"I see that you have one of the best seats in the house. I have to admit that the whole atmosphere here is so calming. Now I could see why you spend so much time here." Paul walked around taking in how it was indeed calm and he sat by the window.

"Well, I do love classical so arenít you going to play or what?" Paul said folding his arms with a sly smile on his face.

"Well, just give me a minute to get myself warmed up here." Julia calmly said trying to avoid getting angry with him.

"Ok, here goes nothing." Julia took a huge deep breath in and started to play. Her hands flowed across the piano keys like waves on to the shore. She closed her eyes, and seemed to be in a trance playing the piece. Paul looked at her with such intensity that he finally noticed the true beauty of the music. He went to get a chair, which was near by and sat closer to her.

After a few minutes, she started to hum along with the song, which added perfectly with the music. He couldnít help but held her hands from playing. She quickly snapped into reality and just looked at Paulís face. She looked at him in amazement of how he snapped her back into reality but also saw a look in his eyes. A look that she hasnít seen since her beloved Joaquin.

"Is there something wrong? Was I that horrible?" Julia finally managed to ask.

Paul shook his head a little to wake himself from his daze. "Iím just in shock. You could play and sing so beautifully. IímÖjustÖamazedÖ"

Paul just couldnít spit out the words he was trying to say.

"I just never knew that I could ever play like that. And that was NOT witchcraft. I just get bored sometimes and what makes me happy is music."

Julia played some basic chords on the piano while she talked.

"Although I could play, I can understand every note of music. I also can play everything by ear. Itís kinda sad sometimes when I get some sheet music and I canít put any emotion into it." Paul sat back in his chair, watching Julia in the moonlight.

"I canít read music. Never bothered to anyway. Hey, what do you think about the idea of being famous?"

Julia thought and in her mind, she pictured herself in front of a large crowd. Playing her guitar and singing her latest hit, her dream played out in her mind like a movie.

"Well, thatís been one dream of mine! Just to play in front of an audience with my music but then there are those drawbacks that can happenÖ"

Julia drifted off to her dream again when Paul snapped her out of it by saying "How would you like to be our opening act for our next tour coming up?"

"Would little Julia be your opening act? Is the sky blue? Of course! I couldnít pass on a chance like that!" Julia jumped up from the piano bench and hugged Paul nearly knocking him over.

"Careful now. You donít want to hurt little olí me right?" Paul snickered.

"Now, Iíll have to talk it over with the guys and with BrianÖ" Julia put on a mask of shock to find out THE Brian Epstein might talk to her.

"Brian. Brian Epstein, your manager Brian Epstein?" Paul laughed again at her.

"Of course! Who else would he be? And Iíll check in with George to see if he could see if he measures up to him."

Juliaís face went into total shock yet again.

"George Martin, the producer George Martin? I just canít believe that he is going to hear my work! But hey, I know thereís a catch to it. What is it?"

Paul grinned and said "Thereís a catch, just be who you are. Everyone loves someone whoís genuine. I know everyone will like it!"

Juliaís mind raced at the whole notion being famous and presented the opportunity of doing so by her favorite Beatle. With all the great news starting to sink in, she started to feel a bit tired.

"Feeling a bit sleepy? I know I am. I was worried sick about you to tell you the truth. Couldnít sleep with you on my mindÖ"

Julia answered, "Yeah I am. All this excitement just tired me right out. You were worried about me? Aww thanks. Itís good to know that you could be honest to me. Iíll tell you something, I was and still am star struck just being with you."

"Donít need to be when youíre around us you know. Weíre normal guys who just are in the most famous band in the world. You could trust us, no problem." Paul flashed his charm, which made Julia giggle like a teenager.

"Now, could you show me where I sleep. Iím starting to fall asleep hereÖ" Paul extended his hand out to her and he led the way up the stairs to one of the guest rooms in the massive mansion.

She looked around in awe to how it was beautifully decorated with paintings and a great view out into the garden.

"I could tell by your face that you like it." Julia blushed a little at his little deduction of how she was mesmerized with the place.

"The bathroom is right over here and there should be something in one of the drawers over there to put on. Hope you get some restful sleep and Iíll see you in the morning. Buenas noches, Julia." Paul slightly laughed at his attempt of his very bad Spanish.

"Good night Paul. And I know Iíll get some sleep." Julia kissed Paul on the cheek and Paul returned the gesture.

As she closed the door, a smile streaked across her face. She walked over to the dresser here there were different clothes as she looked through each one.

She found a simple nightgown and put it on. She walked over to the bed, got under the covers and held her pentacle in her hands.

"Oh Spirit, thank you for giving me the opportunity to show my way of helping others realize their emotions that held them inside, including mine. I also thank you for leading me on this path that I am on now and have my happiness eternally in me. And by the way, I knew what was he thinking when he was looking at me when I played for both you and him. I just know what I am supposed to do now. Help them while I help myself. I just have to think positively to beat out Alejandra in thisÖ."

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