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Chapter 9

Paul just couldnít shake this feeling of worry that he had or even bring himself to get his mind back together of what happened that fateful day. All he knew was to take care of Julia, which the idea ran through his head. His mind kept racing on what to do to make her wake up or if he should go to sleep period. Julia was still unconscious, in the same clothes she transformed into and lying slouched over at the sofa near the large bay window.

Neither Paul or the others knew what would be in store for them but, all the others left in great worry that didnít make everyone fall asleep in the calmest of all nights with the brightest of full moons.

Paul sat by Julia and wondered how did this beautiful woman get into so much in her life? Somehow, there is something I canít put my finger on that makes me so attracted by her. Is it her personality? Her charm? I just never felt like this before and itís scary. Sheís just so beautiful in the moonlight. Her brutal honesty. Itís still amaziní how she just gave us her total trust. I just canít help it! I wonder if the others feel this way?

As Paul thought on how Julia made him feel, George walked in to his home not even remembering how he got there. He took of his shoes and jacket, took a chair and dragged it to the nearest window where he looked up at the moon and thought about Julia. Like Paul, he was sorting the whole day out and wondered how easily she figured him out. George thought Should I believe this? I mean after all she could be some sort of looney or somethiní. But she knew things about me that I haven't even told anyone, not even mum. After all this, I know sheís real ! I knew there was somethiní about her that made me feel close to her. Me, a woman in a past life! That I would never get! But that mirror... Her explanation of her life seemed so incredible, like from a book , but is totally true. She reminds me of John a bit but at least she doesnít keep the attitude for long. Sheís definitely not an ordinary woman for sure! I know others birds will be speechless and think of us as performers and thatís it. But she understood us as real, ordinary people with feelings and our own minds. Why canít people take us for what we really are?

As George continued to think, John slowly drove up the driveway and parked his car. As he walked into the door, he looked up at the sky and noticed the full, bright moon. He walked in and looked around at his living room noticing every single thing and where it was. He walked over to the oversized couch and slumped into it looking out the window. He looked at the coffee table and noticed a drawing Julian did which was a family portrait.

The whole family out in the sunshine with smiles on all of their faces. John then looks away from the picture and looks up at the bright moon. As John looks at the moon, he starts to think How messed up is my life? What did I do to deserve all this? Even what I was saying to Julia seems weird to me. I thought I would never say something like that after I just met someone. Especially some one like her who reminds me so much of my mother. Why did that fucking bastard had to take her away! Just when I was really getting to know her, it had to be taken all away! But when I first met Julia, I just felt happy and relieved. Iím still thinkiní why but somehow it all made sense. I wonder how everyone is thinkiní about her...

Ringo went straight to bed well tired and had a dream. A dream that he had since he was a teen knowing that this would change how he viewed everyone and the way he would change his whole attitude on Julia, life and the guys. It all started at a ball. A medieval ball that was filled with music, food and laughter in which people enjoyed themselves with dance and conversation. The whole hall was lit with many candles and the energy that was radiating of everyone.

Once Ringo realized where he was at, he looked around and noticed Julia with which he thought was her parents. As he gets up from the chair he was sitting on, he looks down at himself and notices the way he was dressed, in period clothes that were red and black. As he notices how her parents were dressed n the same colors, he figured out that he was wearing the family colors.

He walks up to Julia and is taken aback by what she was wearing. Julia was wearing a period dress, which was rose colored and long flowing. As Ringo asked if he could talk to her alone, the dress flowed with her like she was walking on air. He had the frame of mind of James, his past life, throughout this whole dream, which kind of scared him.

"Julia, I really need to talk to you. I just canít believe how much you have grown into a beautiful woman although I never stop telling you that. But how you could be so happy with someone especially with Pedro who seems to have forfilled your life."

As Julia looked up at Ringo, a look of happiness came over her face.

"I just canít believe that you havenít found that right woman who would make you happy but I know you would be truly happy when you find her."

As the music changed to a slow dance, Ringo lead her down the steps where all the guests looked up at Julia with amazement as she glided down the stairs. Ringo looked at Julia with such happiness as he led her to the dance floor. Everyone noticed how happy they both were as they danced together which felt like hours to them.

All of a sudden, Ringo felt a light tapping on his shoulder. As he turned around, he saw Paul in which Julia whispered "Joaquin, mi amor, my love you came!"

A smile blazed across Joaquin face while Ringo looked at what he thought was Paul. Joaquin had a somewhat thin mustache; his clothes were from the period and had a longer haired version of the Beatle cut.

"I should give the rest of this dance to you, a kind and honorable gentleman." said Ringo with a slight laugh handing Juliaís hand over to Joaquin.

Ringo started to leave the floor and he went towards a large mirror and was totally in shock when he noticed what he looked like. He had the same hairstyle as Paul and a bit thicker moustache than Paulís but it suited him very well. Ringo realized what this was all about-this was what happened on Juliaís birthday that made her the way she is.

Panic shot though his body and his blue eves that were full of happiness were now reflecting fear. He was trying to find a way to tell Julia that she and her family were in danger.

As the song began to swell to have everyone join Julia and Joaquin on the floor, Ringo tried to think quickly to warn Julia but he just didnít know what to say. As the music died, the doors to the castle swung open to a loud "SLAM!" The look of shock and fear covered all the guestsí faces to notice the Baroness Alejandra Victoria de la Valle. The Baroness has caused fear throughout all of Spain for her evil intentions to take over their kingdoms by any means possible, including murder.

Alejandra was dressed totally in black with her long fingers wrapped around a cane and her right hand was holding something that no one knew what it was. With the loud bang from the door, Ringo left her brotherís body and back into his own clothes. He stood back away from the crowd but knew what was going to happen.

Her jet black hair and cold, ice blue eyes struck everyone and with a flick of her wrist, everyone ran from the castle. As Alejandra tapped her cane on the marble floor as she thought of her next move, Julia spoke up to the Baroness in a sarcastic tone "I see you finally made it to my affair. I hope itís everything your taste could handle."

She curtsied to the direction of the Alejandra and gave a slight smirk.

"Ah, my child! How would you know what my taste is? Especially when it comes to the all things magic. I know you been practicing with you little trinkets but nothing will match MY POWER!!!!"

As Alejandra screamed the last words, both Julia and Joaquin put up their defenses as the powerful bolt of lightning blazed across the room hitting both her brother and sister. The look of shock and fear only gave Alejandra a visibly evil, sickening smile. Julia ran over to her siblings to check if they were ok but Alejandra used her power to hold her back a small distance away. Julia was just a armís length away. Joaquinís anger shot up with a quick jolt knowing of her destruction.

Using his emotion to propel his magic, he shot out a fireball straight at the Baroness. The destruction to Alejandra was noticeable but did not hurt her in the process.

"So Joaquin, how sweet of you to attend her little peasant party. But I thought you had better taste than that? " She used her long, black fingernails to motion the action of choking Joaquin. Julia screamed with horror to see him in pain.

"Alejandra! This is now between you and me. You have hurt my family and my fiancť. But you didnít go straight for me. Figures thatís how you work. Like a coward."

A sound of a snap came from Joaquinís direction. After a quick laugh Alejandra said "Oops, I squeezed him too hard. Sorry about that Julia dear."

Tears were forming and a gut wrenching feeling came over her when she looked over at her brother and sister. Everyone that she loved was dead. Revenge is the only out.

Julia closed her eyes went into a trance like state. She raised her arms and a small light formed in her hands. "Is that the best you could do? Pathetic is what you are." Alejandra snickered. But she wasnít prepared for what Julia was going to do.

She stretched her arms in front of her and the ball of light grew with a strong intensity. She opened her eyes to reveal her blood red eyes. The look on Alejandraís face revealed more than fear. It showed that her powers were not all that powerful.

"This is what you deserve for killing my family." Julia said with a voice that frightened both Ringo and Alejandra.

The ball of light grew to such an immense size and brightness that Ringo looked away. All he heard was a scream and the yell of "Iíll come back to get you!"

A loud noise woke Ringo and the fear from his dream carried over. He looked directly out the window in front of him. The bright moon had a slight tinge of red. He knew something was wrong. Ringo got up, put on some clothes and called George wishing he was awake to tell him what happened.

"George, are you looking at the moon?" Ringo whispered.

"Way ahead of you Ritchie. Iíll pick you up in a few. Call John and Paul. This is too weird."

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