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Jennette's Beatle Fics

Here's a new addition to Bungalow Bill's. I'm so happy that Jennette has let me put up her Beatles Fan Fiction on my site and her stories are really good. The only thingsthat she wants you t know is that she's a crazy girl who's in High School in the state of Pennsylvania and her fav Beatle is George.

Here's a short description of Jennette's 3 Fab Fics:
"Closing Both Eyes"- This fic tells about George's last moments before he passes spending them with Olivia and Dhani. Not a true story of what happened to him before he passed but a true tear jerker none of the less.

"Real Love"- This fic deals with John,Paul ,and the love they shared. Not intended for young readers or readres who are not interested in **slash**.

"This Boy"-Another **slash** fic in which George has his first experience with John.Once again,if your a young reader or it isn't your cuppa then please move on to other features of this great site! =)

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Closing Both Eyes
Real Love
This Boy
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