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Chapter 3

"Julia? Could we talk to you for a sec? " George said interrupting her train of thought.

"Well guys, what will it be?" she snapped.

"Weíve got a few questions to ask you. First and foremost, How did you know what I was thinking? I mean how you came up with it out of nowhere and...."

As George tried to explain John added "Cor, what heís trying to say is are you psychic or something Ďcause I donít believe it!"

"Oh, and another thing Julia, would you like to come to my house tomorrow? The rest of the guys are going to be there. It would really mean a lot if you come. Hey, who knows, we could have plenty to talk about!" Paul added walking over finishing his drink.

"Hey, why not! I know Brigid was laying on a thick story of how I never get out and stuff so as I always say ĎCut out the bullshit and letís have a bit of fun!í "

In Juliaís mind, she was totally freaking out on her invite from Paul. Get a hold of yourself!! Juliaís mind commanded. "I know thereís another question one of you want to ask. John, want to ask it in front of the whole class or should I answer it right now?"

"Well it was to only ask why are you like other birds? I mean, you have this tough guy persona and everything. Do you want to act like a proper lady or what?" John finally managed to say.

"First of all, do I look like a typical girl from around here? No, right. And I donít need to strip down to explain to. This outfit explains everything doesnít it?" She spins around slowly showing off her body.

"Well everyone, as much as I like standing here chatting away and modeling away at this fabulous outfit, I must close up and get ready for tomorrowís excitement. If you ask the right questions, I will explain everything about me and I do mean everything!"

This generated raised eyebrows and laughs from John and Paul.

"Oh, one more thing, donít be so restrictive on your questions. I hate it when they hide their true intentions or what they really want to say. Goodnight gentlemen!" Julia grabbed her jacket, hat and scarf and walked towards her car when she felt someone behind her.

"You forgot something Julia!" It was Paul trying to catch up with her with a piece of paper in his hand.

"I canít believe you would storm out of there without my address or phone number. And if you have trouble sleeping, call me anytime. I donít mind. Oh, one more added note from the lads, you do look good. And we mean good!"

Julia blushed as Paul gave her a quick kiss on the hand and walked away. He glanced back noticing her face and added "Finally I could see the real you now."

As she fumbled through her purse, her mind was trying to keep control. She was turning into an ecstatic Beatle fan. So many things went through her mind at the same time that it finally dawned on her that all of the Beatles thought she was beautiful! Must keep control! her mind raced over and over again.

All of a sudden she felt weak and knew that all this excitement was draining her energy. There was another thing that caught her eye. A cute guy was checking her out as he walked by. After a quick chat, she offered to take him to his flat...

The night went by so quickly after a few hours of sleep but Julia felt rested back at her flat. As she was going towards the bathroom, she noticed a note sitting on top of her dresser.

Dearest Julia, I didnít want to wake you but I have some surprising news! Iím getting married! I know it seems so sudden but even more so when Robert proposed to me after we left the club. Well I canít write much else but all Iím going to say is be happy for me and Iíll be back in a couple of weeks. (Depending on how things go on the honeymoon!) I know youíll manage without me and you donít need to thank me for the whole set up with the Beatles. Love you lots, Brigid

"Great, my friends leave without giving me a good bye yet again." Julia sighed.

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