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Chapter 8

"Ringo, this will finally answer your question. You were my dear departed brother James Carlos. I canít believe that I could have found his spirit again! You were born 3 years earlier and how father was so pleased that he had you. He protected both me and Victoria from anyone. My mother gave you a very appropriate nickname: Principe Valiente. Ironic enough that it translates to Prince Valiant like in the fairy tale but it did suit him. He wasnít afraid of anything, even death. I admired him for his courage and he admired me for my infinite wisdom. Well, we exchanged ideas and he was more than a brother to me. He was more a protector and a best friend than an older brother."

"So thatís why I could comfort you when..." Ringo said finally making sense of his actions.

"Yes, it was him saying that he was here with me and I am more than glad that heís in a person that doesnít need improvement."

"So when you getting to me?" John said with a bit of apprehension.

"Hold your horses! I was going to get to you. Just give me a minute to collect my energy please. I might look young but Iím an aging 424 year old woman!" Julia said then modestly lowering her head after realizing what she said.

"Iím sorry..." John started to say but she knew what he was getting at.

"Its ok John, you donít have to apologize. I should be apologizing to you for snapping at you like that. Well, as you have seen, you were the brave young knight that has served my family very well. Sir Matthew Esteban Rodriguez was his name and he could fight like a real man for a young boy. We took him in after his parents were murdered when he was 11. Although his temper could be controlled, he would break out in rage when someone gets on his last nerve. . He taught me a few things that have helped me in defending myself. He taught me how to handle a sword and fight with it. He gave me a dagger that was intricately done with his name on the blade."

"He was like one of the family to us. I was 18 and always by his side. I was there when he had any problem and answered his question about life. You could even say that I became like a mother to him. I loved him like any mother would and he loved me like any son would."

" He went to present day state of Florida in 1562 by King Philip II of Spain on a military expedition, led by Pedro Menendez de Aviles, to destroy the French settlement. In 1565, he helped Menendez establish Saint Augustine and massacred the French; he captured Fort Caroline and founded another settlement there. But during that massacre, the French killed him. I got a letter from Philip himself telling me that he was killed. He was only 16." Julia paused and tried to regain her composure.

"For 3 months, I never went outside, ate or slept. I was so much in grief that the only two people that consoled me were my sister and my fiancť. To this day, my memory of his face is still clear in my mind. The smile he had when he went to join the army and the last gift he gave me. He was the one who gave me the necklace. And I never took off my necklace even to this day." Juliaís eyes welled up with tears again with the thought of Matthew and to look in Johnís face and see him there.

John got up from his chair and went to Julia. He kneeled down and gave Julia a huge hug, which made Julia sob.

"You could cry on my shoulder all you want, I will always be here for you. All of us here will be here for you. No questions asked."

Paul went to the kitchen and came back with some tissue and a glass of water.

"Thank you Paul. I know that itís totally uncomfortable to be around a person who cries at the littlest things but, I guess that Iím sensitive that way. I guess you think Iím crazy, donít you?" Julia nearly whispered trying to catch her breath.

"Donít you ever think of such a thing! You sure have convinced me of what happened today that I canít even explain it." Ringo said.

"Well Paul, I know you want to know who you were but let me warn all of you, this should not radically change anything that you do in your lives. Just know that the spirits that are inside you are here to guide you through life. Even though you might have made mistakes, just know that you have learned from these experiences and it would totally change how you view life as is."

After a brief pause to contemplate, Julia continued.

"You could even say that we battled both life and demons together. We were both learning about the craft and we did develop such a talent of sorts that I canít even go through. My family loved him and were so happy when we got engaged. Then on my birthday, everyone was there for a huge ball that my parents were throwing for me. I know I wasnít the most well loved person of the aristocracy being the lovable scamp that I am but I had my limits. The whole ball was great with dancing food and lots of wine but when she walked through that door, I didnít know that my whole life will change forever. Literally. How was I supposed to know that she would take away all the people that I loved and put me in a hell that I canít escape. "

"Well, what happened? Did someone put something on you?" Ringo asked intentively.

"Babe, you donít even know her intentions of doing anything on anyone. This time her target was me. To this day I never knew why she hurt me and left me to wander the earth alone. Took everything that I love and left me to wait for her return; which I know will be pretty soon."

"Whoever said íDeath is cheap, life is expensiveí doesnít even know half of it. That fucking bitch that did this to me will pay! And even if I have to put my own life on the line..." Julia was in complete and total anger with her eyes changing color from the deep green that was soothing to look at to a fiery red that no one wanted to encounter.

Everyone watched in horror at Julia who was literally changing in front of their eyes. As Juliaís anger continued, her physical features changed. Her hair turned a bright red like the setting sun, her clothes changed from her modern outfit to a long flowing red and black medieval dress that seemed to be waving delicately around her with no wind present about her. She walked out into the garden in a trance like state and everyone followed not knowing what else might happen.

Julia looked up at the guys and whispered "Sorry if I happen to destroy anything here." stretched out her hands in front of her and a small flame started to grow in her hands. She let the flame shape itself into two spheres in each of her hands and then threw the spheres into some plants that were near by. The plants turned into a pile of ash and the fire left as quickly as it was formed. As she regained and controlled her anger, she fainted from the exhaustion. In a moment of panic and fear, Paul and Ringo picked up Julia and carried her back into the room.

George ran to get a damp towel and John helped Paul and Ringo lay Julia down on the couch. Paul took the towel from the breathless George and laid it on her head as George sat by her side with his hands running through her hair. Paul looked at Julia, a flash of a painting was in his head. He couldnít make out what the image was but it was similar to what and how Julia was positioned but it made Paulís face turn pale.

"Hey Macca! Are you ok? Whatís wrong?" John asked with a concerned face but got no response from Paul.

John walked over to Paul and when he put his hand on Paulís shoulder, he finally snapped out of his trance. "You ok? I mean itís like you look like you just saw a ghost or something..."

"No I didnít. But itís something more weird. A picture came in my mind and it kinda looked like how Jewel is. But it might be me mind playing tricks on me."

"What time is it?" George asked still at Juliaís side. Both John and Paul finally noticed how dark it was and when Paul looked at his watch.

"its 9:20.I canít believe so much time has passed. And by the look on youíre face, youíre in trouble with Cyn again arenít you?"

"You guessed it! I was supposed to be there at 8:00 and now Iím going to get it. So ,Iíll drop by tomorrow to check up on her." John nearly ran out the house and into his car, which zoomed off.

"Ringo. George. You better get back itís already past 9:30 and knowing how them two are..."

"We should get back. You goiní to take care of her?" George asked with some seriousness in his voice.

"Iíll leave her here for the night and Iíll call you guys to arrange what time for tomorrow." Paul said with a look of concern on his face and his mind set on Julia.

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