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Chapter 13

Mal nodded and they both went to her car, which was right near by. As they walked down the long corridor, they started up conversation to cut through the uncomfortable silence.

" So, how did you end up with this lot?" Julia said with a little laughter.

"Well, I became a Jack of all trades for these guys. Iím the one who sets up equipment and tests them out. I help out Neil Aspinall with security when his hands get full and actually help him forge the boys signatures on their photos." Mal chuckled knowing that little info in the wrong hands could set off a huge bomb with girls everywhere.

"But you have to promise that you wonít leak out that information to no one." Julia looked over and smiled.

They both squinted at the bright sunlight that was pouring through the cloudless sky. As she got the keys and opened her trunk she turned to him and said, "Trust me, I have a few secrets of my own with this one going into the vault. I wonít tell a soul."

Mal looked trough his black Roy Orbison glasses and gave a smile.

"So, how did you meet the boys. Itís unusualÖ"

Julia finished his sentence by stating "Öfor a wild girl to be in the Beatle circle. It was quite by chance actually. See, I own a club in London club circuit called the Aradia which I know you popped in a few times."

Mal gave an amazed look to know that she actually figured out what he was about to say.

"Anyway, 2 nights ago my co owner and I gave our little hello to them and from then I have been spooking them with my little tricks." Mal laughed in disbelief thinking what kind of tricks she would play.

He managed to pull out her cello and she slammed the trunk closed.

" Give me a minute. I need to check something under the hood. And yes I know how to fix a car. Iím not that kind of girl who needs help."

Mal just stood in front of her with her rather large instrument. She checked the oil and the engine as a precaution and tossed her head to the direction of the studio. They continued to talk asking each other questions. Mal mentioned that he met the Beatles back in 1963 when his friend Neil Aspinall needed a bit of help taking care of everything.

He started to tell her that he used to be a Post Office engineer and a part time bouncer down at the Cavern.

"Well, this happed to be a step up huh Mal? I knew that you had the spark in your eyes when rock and roll came into your life. Thatís what happened to me."

He also mentioned that he had a wife, Lil (which he adored by the way) and a 3 year old son and another on the way.

"Happy in married life and soon to have two children. Plus a rocker at heart, lucky devil."

They both laughed and Mal greatly became at ease with the wild woman who he had just met moments ago. Mal, being the ever gracious gentleman held open the door to the studio with cello in hand. She saw the boys lounging about while the two Georgeís were by the piano flushing out a part for a song. Everyone looked up as she started to open her case.

"Oh, good youíre back. Before I show you the part, Brian wanted to talk to you about a few things." Mr. Martin said with his whispered, deep voice.

Julia agreed to see Brian in the other room. As she walked down the hall, things started to run through her head wondering what would he say. Before she walked in she breathed deeply, rubbed her necklace and put on her best smile.

"Ah, so I see he gave you the message, good. Wonít you sit down, please?"

Julia slowly sat down on the cushioned chair and folded her hands in front of her. The uneasiness hadnít settled yet but she kept saying in her mind Everythingís fine. You could do this!

Brian sat down and started to pull out paperwork from his briefcase.

"I just want to tell you a few things before we truly get started. First, I must compliment you on our talent. It has that sweetness and yet that harshness that no one will ever expect." Julia blushed on that little compliment.

"Thank you. I try to keep my identity the same even through my music."

Brian smiled and continued, "I have my percentages for being your manager. Itís a bit steep but it will all be explained."

Julia just shrugged at that little statement. "I know about the business end of things. I do own a club so I know how to handle percentages and the like." She snapped. "I didnít mean to sound so harsh but itís the truth."

Brian backed away but smiled at her last comment. "Well, of course some things have to be settled first but if you are happy doing this then itís settled."

Julia hesitantly looked at Brian wondering what was to be done in order for this contract to be official.

"Is there a catch on this little contract?"

Brian looked up from his papers, "No, there are no drawbacks or hidden agendas. Just that you just have to be molded a bitÖ."

Juliaís look turned from hesitant to anger when she heard the news. "Changed? Mr. Epstein, I donít expect you to change me at whim nor fix my imperfections. I rather present myself in the manner that I was at the studio. Although itís not your definition of being ladylike, Iím comfortable in how I am. And I bet that my whole look and attitude will change society, as we know it. "

Brianís facial expression changed from a calm understanding person to an annoyed one who will snap in an instant. But as he thought about it, he saw the possibilities.

"Fine, you did present a good point but I shall trust you in how you present your self and to the media." Brian said looking at Julia straight faced.

"Itís certainly true that you know how to get this business to the masses but itís my judgement and image that will make you bigger than Col. Parker. You just leave me to hold up my end of this bargain and Iíll leave you to yours. I just hope that you could tolerate my brash personality and just be lucky I havenít used my true feelings I have in mind." Julia although visually calm and spoke calmly wanted to smack Brian for saying that.

"Oh and one more thing. I know about your little secret but you shouldnít worry about the boys knowing. They already know about it and have brushed it off. And easy on the pills, theyíll catch up to you. If you need to contact me, just tell Paul. Heíll know what to do. Good day to you Brian." Julia smiled, got up from her chair and left the room with a still shocked Brian inside.

She walked over to the studio in which everyone was waiting in anticipation for any information she had. She explained the whole story on how she basically told Brian off while still having that contract without telling them about his secrets. Both Georgeís were stunned but not totally surprised; John gave a snooty applause while Paul started to laugh a bit but still trying to keep his composure.

"Well, you certainly put him in his place. What are you going to do now that you have your contract in hand?" John asked wondering if Julia would give a quick retort.

"Well John, for startersÖ" Julia started in a Southern accent, "Ö I intend to play my bass fiddle on this here recordiní and then Iím going home and get some sleep."

Everyone laughed as her little bit of acting. Mr. Martin walked over to Julia and started to explain the song she was going to play on. "Well, I hope I donít have to go through so many takes of this. Iíve already been through 12 takes plus 2 days and it still doesnít sound right."

Julia looked at him with great disbelief thinking that she will put the whole song in the right track so to speak.

" I hope I could do this song right GM and not mess it up for anyoneÖ" She looked down the entire time she was speaking.

"I know you wonít mess it up. I know it would be perfect when you play." Paul said gently tilting her head up with his index finger.

"Take Paulís word on it. If thatís how you play on any instrument, then I know it would be the thing I need." GM said smiling.

"Do you want us to be there? To make you feel comfortable?" Ringo asked with his best smile on his face.

"That would be great! I need al the support I could get." Julia said with her face lighting up.

"Weíll all be there for you. And I could finally see how that little talent of yours measures up." John quickly added.

Julia calmly walked over to John, elbowed him in the stomach, smiled and walked away. Ringo and Paul laughed at Juliaís response to Johnís little insight. George Martin couldnít believe that Julia almost matched Johnís brashness.

"Yeah, I know that every time you mess up youíll get the tickling of a lifetime!" George giggled still laughing at Johnís face still struggling to get air.

"Oh, Iíll bet that Iíll get this right. I know that Iíll do the best job that anyone will hear rather if Iím playing something or singing my soul out." Julia vowed.

"I know that April 28th would be a day that will be important in my life."

With nods of agreement by the four lads, she set out to play on a song that would be one of the most memorable experiences in her entire life.

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