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Chapter 12

Julia woke with the stream of sunlight that was coming in through the window. She slept with no troubles at all and was looking forward to meeting up with the guys. She got up, went to the bathroom and realized while she was brushing her teeth that she was meeting both Brian and George Martin. She started to panic wondering what she should wear; how her hair should be but she remembered what Paul said before she went to sleep.

"Just be who you are."

She kept that in mind when she chose a long sleeve paisley yellow and white dress with matching belt.

"Nothing too flashy." she thought.

In the back of he mind, she wondered how all of these clothes were just here in this particular room and they actually fit. She brushed her long flaming red hair out and put on a simple black headband to show off her face. She put on the last bit of eyeliner and lipstick and realized something was missing; she didnít have her guitar with her. She tried to calm herself down with the bundle of nerves gathering in her stomach. She went downstairs where she found both George and Paul having tea.

"Good morning Jewel. Slept well I hope." Paul said flashing his charm-winning smile.

"I slept well thank you. So how youíre doing Corderito."

Julia slightly laughed at Georgeís weird look.

"Why did you give me that nickname? Is that supposed to be bad or somethiní?" George implored while he sipped his tea.

"No, itís nothing bad. Itís just that I give that to you out of love like calling someone sweetie. It just has my personal touch thatís all."

Both Paul and Julia smiled while George still wondered. Paul stopped in mid sip when he reminded himself what he was supposed to tell the others.

"We have ourselves a future star in our presence." Paul triumphantly proclaimed.

George looked around and realized that it was Julia.

"Well, has she got the talent?" George said with a smile and a raised eyebrow.

"She does. She could play both guitar and pianoÖ" Julia interrupted Paul by saying "Besides those, I play violin and cello. And yes Iím multi-talented. Plus I sing and write my own songs!"

"Well, we have ourselves a real musician in our group! So, will you tell me what will you show us when we get to the studio?" Paul asked.

"I told you, when we get there Iíll show you. But in the meantime, I could show you a little of my little repetoir." Julia said while she twirled a few strands of hair around her finger.

"I need to hear this but do you want some tea and toast?" George asked.

"Iím up for some. But I must admit Iím usually not the type of person to eat something until I really feel like eating which isnít until Iím at the club." Julia said after she nibbled on some toast.

"Well, we have a bit Ďtil we go to the studio. Will you show us now?" Paul said finishing his piece of toast and tea.

"Sure! Why not. Just lead the way oh masterful Trovador." Julia said giving a more than modest curtsy.

"What did you call him?" George turned around and asked.

"Trovador in Spanish means minstrel. I know it sounds weird but it does kind of fit him." Julia said continuing to walk on.

Paul thought about it and finally replied "It does kind of make sense. Especially in my line of workÖ"

"Which tells all those kids to spend their money on your records." Julia said in good spirits.

This sly comment caused laughter from the both of them with Julia laughing the hardest.

"What do you prefer for your little concert?" Paul asked.

"Piano will do just fine thank you." Julia quickly answered.

" So what will you play for us Ms. Mendoza?" George asked.

"Well, I shall play a song by the most talented woman along side Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday- Etta James. And the song Iíll play is called All I Could Do Was Cry."

She started out with the intro of chords and started the song in a low, soulful tone.

"I heard church bells ringing. I heard a choir singing. I saw my love walk the aisle; on her finger he placed a ring. Oh, I saw him holding hands; she was standing there with my man. I heard them promise till death do us part. Each word was a pain in my heart."

The look of shock was on both Paul and Georgeís faces showed how much her voice and talent would be a shoe in for the business. Julia poured her emotion into her playing and singing.

"Oh, all I could, all I could do was cry. All I could was cry, I was losing the man that I loved and all I could was cry. And now the weddings over; rice, rice has been thrown over their heads. For them life has just begun but mine is at an end. Oh! All I could do all I could do was cry, all I could do as cry, I was losing the man that I loved and all I can do was cry."

Julia exhaled a huge breath to release the left over nerves. Both Paul and George clapped wildly and whistled at her impromptu performance. Juliaís face turned a beet red for that little bit of recognition.

" How did you get so good? That wasÖwasÖ" George tried to look for the word but couldnít come up with one.

"Did I tell you that she has so much talent? Well, what time is it?" Paul said looking for the clock.

"Itís nearly 10 oíclock. We have to get goiní if we need to get there on time." George said getting his jacket from a near by chair.

"Are you ready to accept your fate Jewel?" Paul said extending his arm to lead the way.

"Ready, willing and a nervous as hell. But thatís how it is, gotta keep goiní." Julia said taking his arm.

"Whose car we should take?" Paul asked stopping to realize that question.

"Well, I still have my car here. Why donít we take it?" Julia said with a hospitable grin on her face.

" Why donít we? Jewel you drive and Iíll take the back." George said opening the door.

"Well, fine I could manage that. But what about them?" Julia asked pointing her thumb over to the direction of the gate birds that were clinging on to the entrance at the ready to scream at the site of a Beatle.

"Iíll fix that little problem. George closed the door slowly not to cause any more attention. Remember what I did to you Paul?" Paul nodded and George slowly smiled knowing the idea she had come up with.

"I know you George. And you already know what I have in mind but are you up to it?" Julia cautiously said.

" Ready, willing and able. But donít go too drastic on me. I want to live through my shock." George snickered.

Julia looked at Paul and said, "Ready to go at it again? With the change that is before you start to come up with more ideas." Paul just shrugged and said, "Well, if it will get us out of here without being noticed Iím up for it."

Julia rubbed her hands together like an evil mad scientist.

"Well, shall we gentleman?"

The group was led back into the living room and they were instructed to sit on chairs that were nearby.

"Well, here goes nothing. And donít worry, once weíre in the clear all you have to do is shake your heads. Just like doing it in the old days." Julia stuck out her tongue and laughed. Both Paul and George looked at each other, breathed in and gave the signal. Julia closed her eyes and clutched her necklace with the glowing ruby. She took her hands and ran them over face and her hair. Her transformation was complete in which she changed herself into the blond hair, blue eyed woman from the night before.

She passed her hands over Paul in which he changed into the red hair, green-eyed man of which he nearly had a heart attack over. She nearly had a heart attack herself knowing she was going through Paulís soft hair again. And at last the magic hands passed over Georgeís face and hair changing them to a sandy blond, green-blue eyed guy.

Now as they looked at each other, they all rushed over to the mirror to see what they looked like. George gave a huge smile of approval; Paul had to readjust himself after the sudden shock of the change; and Julia readjusted her hair for a finishing touch.

"Well, now we could go. And trust me, they wonít see the real people behind our disguises." Julia said reassuring the two of their worries.

"Now, what are we waiting for? Weíll be late!" George said rushing to the door.

They all hopped into the Mustang with no sound of squeals heard and dropped the top. Julia sitting in the driver seat started the engine; Paul sat in the passenger and George comfortably jumped to the back. She put the car in drive and slowly approached the gate.

The girls moved away from the gate like Moses parting the Red Sea. The plan went without a hitch and the gate opened, in which they sped off to the recording studio. They laughed at how the girls just looked confused as they drove past which made George wonder.

"Why didnít those birds jump all over us? I mean they just stood thereÖ" Julia laughed really hard as she shook out her creation.

"I usually have to kill the person after I give this info but since I trust ya' Iíll tell yaí. Remember what I said that they wouldnít recognize your disguises? You think that they would recognize their idol with something changed as drastic as what you look now? "

This generated huge laughter as Julia gave them the all clear to shake out their masks of deception.

"That was too good! I know we could use that on our next tour." Paul said nearly in tears.

"But I canít abuse it. I have to save my energy for that fuckiní bitch of a woman. But Iím putting that behind me and focusing on how your next album will turn out. And I have a feeling that it might be another chart topper."

"I wonít believe that until you record your album and top over us!" Paul said smiling.

They finally arrived to Abbey Road studios in record time, rushed into the office and found the others plus Brian waiting for the near latecomers. After the group finally settled down, the business meeting finally began. They started to discuss the new tour and the dates and venues that were scheduled. After a few moans and groans, Brian snapped into the serious manager that his face portrayed.

"Now, I know that there are a few venues that weíve never been before and a few that we have been. And now with your added success of the movie and album, we have to step up security."

He continued on how the whole security team was going to be especially in America in which the last tour went totally haywire with the local police barely keeping back the girls who found an escape route to their idols. The meeting wound down and Paul spoke up finally announcing their new act that will be joining the Beatles on their world tour.

"Brian, this is Julia Mendoza. She is so talented that George or myself donít even have words for. You should hear her."

John and Ringo looked at Brian wondering what was going through his mind.

"Well, is very nice to meet you. I know this might sound a bit hesitant but could you show me what you could do. I mean I canít just sign you on the spot without hearing a note."

Julia smiled and calmly responded "I canít blame you for your course of action. If I were in your position, I would be doing the same thing. If you could point me in the direction to a piano, I could show you my talent."

Brian smiled and asked John to lead the way. As they walked down to Studio 2, John whispered "Ok, what did you do to make them think that way? Are you talented or is it that voodoo stuff?"

Julia chuckled and responded "No, I do have real talent. You shall see; just you wait. And Iíll promise you, even your quick witted tongue wonít even have the words to spit out when Iím done." Julia gave a smile and a raised eyebrow when she noticed John giving a "I wonít believe it until I see it" look.

John opened up the door and Julia slowly entered the studio taking in the vibe in the room. Thoughts ran through her head finally taking hold of one sane thought this is where all those albums she heard and loved were recorded. Julia breathed in, exhaling the nerves that had built up in her stomach. She walked to the piano and sat down on the bench that was provided.

She looked around and noticed the quartet finally coming over with Brian and an older looking gentleman who with intuition knew immediately was George Martin. Both Brian and George walked over both presenting the most warm looking smiles on their faces.

"Julia, this is Mr. George Martin. George, this is Julia Mendoza." George and Julia exchanged handshakes and got down to a conversation with her.

"Well I must say, I thought that I would never end up in a real recording studio. All my life, I was constantly told that I should be famous but I didnít want that life. I didnít want my life in a total tailspin. That and I thought I didnít have the talent."

The group laughed and she started to prepare herself.

"Well Julia, what are you going to perform for us today?" George Martin asked.

"Well first could I call you GM? And the first song I will do is a song by the American singer Etta James called "All I Could Do was Cry and the next song I just rather leave as a surprise."

"Perfectly ok, itís better than other things Iíve heard. And itís easier on my part."

This generated raised eyebrows and wondering looks. She started to play the intro to the Etta James song, singing low and soulful. Everyone could tell that she was singing from the heart and the looks changed from skeptical and unsure to amazement in the course of the song. As she finished the song, her style of playing drastically changed as she went into that Jerry Lee Lewis song "Great Balls of Fire".

This caught everyone off guard and changed the standards of how a woman could play straight rock and roll. She really got into the song and how her whole attitude changed. She changed from a soulful siren to a wild devil that was on fire. She slammed at those piano keys with such abandon that it generated weird looks and wider smiles at someone who truly had talent. "ÖYouíre fine. So kind! Now I could tell that youíre mine, mine mine! You shake my nerves and you rattle my brains. You know how drive a girl insane. Youíre fine. So kind. Goodness gracious great balls of fire!" Julia ended her songs and was hardly out of breath, rather she was more energized as ever.

The cheers and smiling faces made Julia blush to know that everyone loved it.

"Well John, how did you think of my performance?" A sly smile streaked across her face, as John just looked dumbfounded at Julia.

"So, I was right then. You have nothing to say." She laughed as both Epstein and Martin had a brief conference.

"I just never knew that someone could be so into rock and roll! Especially a woman like you." George said breaking the silence that had somewhat built up.

" Well, let me ask all of you this one question. Do you think that Iím an ordinary woman?"

"Of course not! If you were, you wouldnít be able to keep up with us. Plus who actually has those skills that you have?" Paul said still laughing at Johnís face, which has not changed.

After an elbow jab to the ribs, she finally snapped him out of it.

"My soulmate!" John gave Julia a huge hug, which caught her off guard and they both ended up on the floor laughing away.

As Ringo helped Julia up and George helped John, Ringo finally said " I know youíre going places. I know with that youíll get a contract in a snap." Julia hugged Ringo and whispered "Thanks, I needed that."

After a few exchanged words, Brian and GM returned to the group.

"Well after some debate, weíve decided to congratulate you. Youíre in!" Juliaís face went into total shock as the news finally managed to sink in.

"I canít believe this! Iím in! Iím just so happy!" Julia jumped and started to hug everyone who was in standing distance from her.

As she started to hug George, strong arms pulled her off. Her first gut reaction was to jab the person in the stomach and fight. But after laughter was heard and some coughing, she knew something was terribly wrong with that picture. She looked around to see a tall gentleman with dark glasses now struggling to get back his breath and Paul laughing as he walked over to him.

"Corí, why do I have to get the luck?" he said.

"Well, I see you have met our security guy Mal Evans. Mal this is Julia Mendoza new to our circle of friends and a new person youíll have to protect." Julia, red faced slowly walked over to him and shook his hand.

" Itís nice to meet you Mal. Iím sorry that I jabbed you like that. I just get too defensive when someone I donít know grabs me from behind."

Mal started to gain color back in his face and started to laugh a bit.

" Well itís nice to meet you. Itís refreshing to have a new face to see. And you got a hell of a jab there. If Iím here to protect you, then my job would be easy."

Both Mal and Julia both laughed while Mr. Martin finally managed to cut in.

"Well boys, I need to get started on that new song of your Paul. Whatís it called again?"

"Itís Eleanor Rigby. And we still needÖ no wait I found just the person." Paul grabbed Julia over and said "Didnít we need a cello player? Well here she is!"

Both Georgeís looked over at each other wondering if this was true.

"At least on short notice I could find someone reliable. But my problem here is that I donít have a cello hereÖ" Julia quickly searched through her purse and found the keys to the car.

"Mal, you be the ultimate sweetest guy if you could come with me and help me get it out of my car?"

"Do you always carry around things like that?" Ringo asked.

"Just things I know Iíll needÖ" Julia said giving a wink.

{The songs used in this chapter are not mine!!! I have mentioned the original artists so don't sue me for taking it w/o credit! I like these song and I suggest you take a listen and enjoy as a extra treat!}

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