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Chapter 10

During the time Ringo had his dream, Julia tossed and turned the entire night. Her facial expressions changed along with the dream. Paul felt a bit helpless not knowing what was going on. She nearly acted the whole dream and Paul just couldn’t watch the entire play.

He went outside and like the others, stared at he moon. He felt a very close kinship with his band mates. A closeness he knew will never break no matter how hard he tried. As he looked back onto the room, he noticed that Julia was crying. For the first time, he felt the urge to cry.

A cry of pain that he hadn’t felt since that night in Hamburg with John where they both cried over the loss of their mothers in a drunken stupor. Knowing that she wouldn’t feel so alone, he walked over to Julia and nudged her over on the couch. He made a little room so he could put his arms around her body. Julia’s sobs dyed down but sniffles were still heard.

"I wish I could make all this pain go away if I could. But I just wonder why all this now? Why you just walk into my life and change everything? Is this what I need to know?"

Endless questions filled his head wondering this mysterious woman just appeared out of nowhere. Meanwhile, George took another glance at the moon while waiting outside for Ringo. John had the same idea and rushed over to George’s.

The same thought ran through all of their heads What’s wrong with Julia?

Ringo tried to remember all that had happened in his dream. A dream that constantly played over and over since he was 17 years old. He never figured out why he kept having that same dream but he knew on this night, everything would be explained. John finally snapped Ringo to his senses as he looked like he was in a daze.

"You ok Rings?"

Ringo slowly turned to face John and started to say "Look, I know that we have been through a lot of things together. Most of the time out of good clean fun…"

John looked at Ringo with a raised eyebrow but Ringo continued with what he was saying.

"…But I know today was totally off the charts. But if I told you this, you promise not to take it out of hand?"

"You know you could trust me. What’s wrong?" John said with a look of worry in his face.

"Remember those dreams that I have been having? The one’s where I go back through time with this castle and everything?" Ringo slowly started to say.

"Yeah with the costumes and that one bird that took over everything? Yeah, I remember. Why you ask?" John quizzically asks.

"Well, now I remember who that was. It was Julia who was nearly killed in my dream. And I saw who everyone was that describes what Julia was saying about the whole what we were stuff. The mirror was dead on with who everyone was." John had a look of shock on his face knowing what his good friend had just revealed to him.

"You’re sure about this? Are you really sure?" John kept asking.

"I’m sure. It’s strange but true. I just still can’t believe that it all comes together."

The rest of the ride was nearly in total silence except for the radio, which was barely audible. As they drove up to Paul’s, the feeling of worry washed over everyone soon as they stepped through the door. Paul paced through the house wondering how Julia was going to snap out of this. When Paul found the others, a sudden feeling of relief came over him knowing that he wasn’t alone in worry.

Everyone went into his living room where Julia was still in her trance like state. After Ringo walked in, he quickly did an about face and walked out in shock. Paul was the only one who noticed what Ringo did and went after him.

"Rings, what’s the matter?" Paul quickly asked.

"I noticed what’s she wearin’. It’s the same dress she had on the day she…" Ringo was to shocked to finish his sentence and had to sit down.

After a long drink, Ringo finally calmed down and explained the dream to Paul. Paul got up and tried to understand the circumstances.

"This is becoming too weird! Too much for anyone to understand and I think if anyone wrote something like this, no one would believe it." Ringo nodded in agreement and pointed to room where shuffling was heard.

Julia was starting to come to and tried in vain to sit up on the immense sofa. Everyone gathered around her trying to help her out but with no avail. She started to mumble something but no one could understand until she yelled "ALEJANDRA!!!"

Ringo took a large step back when Julia screamed and everyone else had no preparation for that yell. Paul’s ears were still ringing a bit when he finally propped her up to a sitting position. The cold, clammy towel finally snapped Julia back into reality albeit dazed and confused.

She looked around and noticed that Paul, George and Ringo were standing around her. John went to get her a glass of water for her while George and Ringo took her hands to slowly get her back to her senses.

Paul continued to wipe her face with the cooling towel. Finally awake, she realizes where she is. "Paul?" she weakly mumbles.

"Julia, were all here." George comfortingly says. John hands her the refreshing glass of water .

"Here Jewel, this will help you out a bit." Paul holds the glass steady while she takes small sips.

"Thank you. I’m sorry I put you through all this. I feel totally responsible for all this." Julia meekly said.

"You don’t have to be sorry for anything. I totally believe that something bad is going to happen and it’s not going to be pretty."

Ringo finally pipes up. "Why did you say that?" Julia asks with a tremble in her voice.

"What’s the last thing you remember?" George asks.

"All I remember is that I was back with my family. At my family ball…"

"And you were wearing that exact same dress you have on. You were dancing with your brother…" Ringo interrupted to continue with the story.

"How did you know unless…." The look on Julia’s face was of amazement and of happiness.

"Yes, we had the dream at the same time. I was there and I know every detail of what happened." Ringo hesitantly concluded.

As everyone realized what just happened and the recent realization that the circumstances were getting to weird, Julia ultimately found a way to get up and started to walk around. The dress was a little hard to get around in and she was starting to miss the clothes she wore when before the whole situation.

The whole room was in silence, which made everyone uncomfortable.

"All I have to say is thank goodness for jeans! Now I remember why I love having something I’m comfortable in!" Julia chuckled trying to thaw the cold silence that had frozen over.

That generated a little laughter from everyone and she walked over to Paul with a slight smirk on her face.

"Paul? Could I talk to you?" Paul, being a little nervous about Julia’s somewhat evil smile agreed to talk to her outside in the garden.

"I know that this has totally put all that you believe in on a total tailspin but let me make some of your fears rest. And don’t worry about my smile, it has nothing to do with anything except for that picture you keep seeing." Julia started to say but the ending just came out as a giggle.

"Why are you laughing? No let me guess, for what you already know is too much." Paul said with a slight smile.

Julia walked to a patch of grass under the moonlight and as she sat, she started to speak with a sly Spanish accent "No, I could get more on you but I just risk knowing the Paul McCartney everyone tries to know. Especially I know about that little picture that your father took of you when you were little. The one where you were tryin’ to get away from taking a bath and your mother had to hold you back. And your bum was so cute!!!! Trust me, I even had the pleasure of seeing your father’s band during the war. He was great! He could have made it big if he met the right people. But, times have changed and I’m glad the next in line got where he should have been."

John, George and Ringo found the two and decided to join them.

"Ahh… tryin’ to work the charm Macca? Gotta be careful with this sort, she’s hard to crack. Well that and she’ll kick the crap out of you if the nice approach doesn’t work." George said with a smile on his face.

"Trust me George, he’s already on my charm. And mine guarantees suckers every time, especially with guys like our little shoofly pie here!" Julia said nodding over in Paul’s direction.

"Oh by the way, I know why they will agree when I will give you an appropriate nickname for you-Corderito, which means little lamb in Spanish." Julia smiled while she changed into a Southern accent.

"You did sound very convincing Ms. O’Hara. Care to show us how the south shall rise again?" John said while everyone was hooting with laughter.

"Please, I have plenty more where that came from. I bet that most of my accents could be of some use for something…" Julia smirked as she walked around with an air of a diva.

"No seriously, I have to tell all of you something that will partly will explain all this." Julia calmly started to say.

"I will explain why I’m going to need all of your help. But first, I need to get comfy and out of this dress. Do you mind?"

The quartet all looked at each other with raised eyebrows and smiles on their faces just thinking of what she would do next.

"No, we don’t mind. We don’t mind at all!" Ringo said trying to hold back laughter.

"You’re bad as the rest of them. I finally have some hope for you yet!" Julia said with a wink and smile.

"Just give me a minute." Julia closed her eyes and concentrated on her ruby decorated necklace. As the ruby glowed a warm light, it grew into blinding proportions surrounding Julia. As the light died down, Julia’s clothes did change to a pair of loose fitting jeans and a peasant blouse.

"Thought I would really change in front of all of you. Maybe some other time, I promise."

As the group finally got up and returned to Paul’s living room, a sense of worry came over Julia. "Well, I will have to prepare all of you to help me and not by normal means. Alejandra is coming and let me tell you, she’s worse than anything you could imagine. I tried to bind her powers, which in simpler terms means she couldn’t use her powers. But that was 300 years ago and it figures she found a little loophole. But I don’t know how she got out of it. Unless, Paul do you have the newspaper lying around? " Paul left the room while George asked, "Why do you need it? I mean, do you think it’s kinda late for that?"

Paul quickly returned paper in hand. He handed it over to her and she quickly snatched it and turned to the page where the missing guy was on. Julia thought for a few moments and quickly came to a conclusion.

"Remember that guy that passed by the other night?" Julia looked up to Paul in which Paul nodded in agreement.

"Well, I think that that was her workings. I was just using him for something and…" she was quickly cut off by John by asking "What kind of something?"

"Well, I was just taking something. You’re not ready for that bit of news yet."

"Just what does this guy have to do with you and Alejandra?" Ringo replied fearing what would have been if she would have done it.

"I just realize that she uses people like toys to get what she wants and she used him to get to me. Damn it! I will have to train all of you to detect her workings but first and fore most, I need to brush up on my power or we will all be toast. Literally."

Everyone looked in disbelief over this totally shocking news. Julia sensing the uneasiness broke the ice by saying, "It’s not totally bad. With your help, this could mean that all of you will be the heroes. And then all of you could fight on who’s going to get the girl."

This generated a few smiles and eased the feeling of the room.

"Hey I know one thing we could all do, everyone get some sleep and we will talk in the morning. I know how exhausted you are Richie. After all, I woke all you from your sleep. Just go and we’ll talk in the morning."

Everyone settled on that but George remembered something as he was about to leave. "Don’t we have to go into the studio tomorrow? And pretty early too."

The foursome huffed at the realization and sat back down to think things over.

"Well Miss Mendoza, I have an idea. Why don’t we give you a behind the scenes look of how the Beatles work. What ‘da say?" John said in his dirty old man voice.

"Well Mister Lennon, I gladly accept. Now all of you get out of here before I really do something drastic." Julia said raising an eyebrow and a finger.

"Night Jewel!!" George, John and Ringo said in unison.

"Good night you sweet dumplings!" Julia yelled back with a huge smile on her face. She thought, "I know that I will finally be happy with these guys. Really, truly happy."

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