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Chapter 7

"I canít believe I am finally saying my secret but first I should tell you about the real me. Well, the way I was acting last night is just for me to be confident in my self. I just think that I would be hurt and chopped down for being the real me. If I put on the whole donít take shit from anyone act, people will know to both fear me and yet to be mesmerized at a girl whoís bitchy attitude gets attention."

"Sometimes I canít stand being that other person. I hate being an Aquarius for that, I have to learn to develop self-confidence. But since no one is willing to talk to me like an intelligent person, I have to suffer everything alone."

"What about Brigid then?" George asked.

" I do get to talk to her but then thereís this secret that makes everything difficult. Iím a loyal friend, thoughtful and caring. Anyone could depend on me for anything. You know my mysterious side and the magic I could. But everyone knows me as this eccentric bitch but no one gets to know the real me." Julia sighed.

Julia covered her face with her hands, trying to hide her eyes that were filling up with tears. Ringo got up from his seat and put his arms around Juliaís waist and comforted her as it were second nature.

"If this hurts you to talk about it..." Ringo started to tell her softly but Julia waved her hand away and continued with her story. George gave her a tissue and she started to speak.

"I look like a complete fool donít I?" Paul gently grabbed her hand and said "You are not a fool, and donít you forget that! You are a wonderful, fun and beautiful woman and whoever says otherwise, me and everyone else here will make them think otherwise."

John went behind the chair and put his hands on her shoulders and reassured her by saying "You bet! And the nickname I gave, I didnít give it to you to shorten your name, my reason is that you shine like a jewel from everyone else. There is no one like you and thatís something that we all like."

"Jewel, I like that! Itís short and it explains a lot about the person. Especially if the person is a girl who is truly special." George added.

"Thanks you guys. I really needed that. See, I knew that we would all click together somehow!"

A smile streaked across her face.

"Well, to continue my little autobiography, I was born on January 24 which makes me a definitely makes me an Aquarius. As you can tell by my last name, I am Spanish. Well, half Spanish, half English. My parents met in the English countryside while riding their horses. My mother fell off her horse and my father went to help her. It was love at first sight and they got married soon after. My parents were both in aristocratic families so I had a very good upbringing. Unusual physical features donít you think?"

"They had a nickname for me: Illuminada-spanish for a girl who lights a room. I did have an older brother and a sister that was younger but they both died. We were close, very close. Although the whole family was surrounded with money, we always kept close. There was a lot of love in the house and we didnít act stuck up like other families..."

Juliaís voice trailed off and she started to remember the sunny summer days playing around the castle garden. George tapped her on the arm and asked if she was ok.

"Iím fine, just remembering all the good times me and my family had around the castle gardens. Well, thereís one question I need to ask all of you. How old do I look?"

They all looked at Julia and tried to guess how old she was. John asked "Are you 27?"

Paul shook his head and said "No, she canít be that old!"

George asked "Are you 21?"

Julia started to laugh a bit and answered "Iím not 21 and I am definitely not 27!"

Ringo chimed in and asked "Then are you 22?"

Julia smiled and said "Your close but Iím not that either. Paul arenít you going to guess?"

Paul looked over Julia very carefully and then said "You must be 24."

"Well, you know how to guess Ďem Paul! You know why? I am 24. Well, not exactly..." Julia hesitated in finishing her sentence but George spit out "What do you mean by not exactly?"

"Thought I could get away with it but I already promised you to tell my secret so here it is. You know that mirror over there? Hereís the answer to this question, I used to own that mirror. Well, how should I put this? I was born in Ď42."

"Then you are 24. What's wrong with that?" Paul chimed in.

"1542." Julia said seriously.

The faces of smiles turned into a sea of serious faces. Before you jump to conclusions, let me explain that I am not lying to you. Do you know the reason why all of you feel that you have met me before? Itís that we all lived in the same time period."

"Ok, I heard some weird shit but this takes the cake!" John huffed as he got up and walked around the room.

"If you donít believe me, walk over to the mirror and look on the back, it should have my name and my birthday January 24,1566. The day I turned 24 and the night my fate was changed completely."

Julia and the others walked over to the mirror, they flipped it to the back and sure enough her name and birthday were in the back. "You see that dent in the lower right corner, thereís one part of necklace that fits right there." Julia took off her necklace and fit the red stone and as she said, it fit exactly as it should be. As she let the stone go, the mirror changed how Julia looked. Everyone else looked the same but Julia had the clothes and everything else from that time period.

Jaws dropped from everyone except for Ringo and Paul. "Now, could you answer the question I had?" Ringo said with a little uneasiness in his voice.

Julia took in a deep breath and tried to get up the courage to speak again. "Just look into the mirror and part of your question will be answered."

The boys looked into the mirror and sure enough, they had the same time period costumes with something special for John and George. John had a suit of armor and looked ready for battle and George was a woman dressed similarly to Julia. But they still looked the same face wise. This generated snickers from John, Paul and Ringo and an angry look from George.

"Now, do you believe me? If you want to hear the explanation of all this, sit around me and I will explain everything."

They all looked at each other and one by one, they sat around Julia. Paul sitting on the left next to Julia on the sofa, John moved a chair to the right side of her and George and Ringo sat side by side in front of her.

"Well, since you all agreed that you trusted me, I will tell you everything including what you saw in that mirror. Well, Iíll start with George since the unusual of the bunch. Yes George, you were a woman in a past life and my sister, Victoria Maria to boot. We just called her ĎGitanaí, Spanish for gypsy for her ability to charm anyone of anything. Thatís why you felt a closeness to me, more like a bond really. She was 2 years younger than me and I know you had a feeling of worry at the club last night when you first met me. Iím not tryiní to say that you act totally like a woman, but you possess the same feelings that my sister had."

"She worried about others, cared for me and she had the same power you possess: seeing the departed. Of course, there were plenty of spirits around the grounds, but she had a way of keeping the good ones around. Occasionally, she helped them to be at rest by doing favors for them. She cared about anyone and everyone, living or dead."

"I did have this feeling of being outside! This explains a lot of questions!" George said with a sense of relief in him.

"I also taught her some of my knowledge of magic to her. She was like an apprentice, always absorbing every little bit of information. She was always seeking something that would for fill her and she found in the eastern religions than the conventional and corrupted Catholic Church. My parents were not angry at both of us not following a different religion but they thought what ever made us happy made them happy."

"You know, thatís what I feel right about now. I just need something to fulfill the emptiness that I have in my soul. I should look into it." George smiled at his new quest in life.

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