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Chapter 14

Recording of the song, which was called Eleanor Rigby, was no easy task.

The entire room consisting of seven males and one female playing lead cello didnít settle well. To be glared at and so under-appreciated to be playing an instrument only known to be played by men irritated Julia very much so. Everyone noticed the uncomfortable atmosphere that was developing within the room and with the best timing, George Martin walked in to explain the music.

After the explanation and a rough run through, Julia turned to the angry mob of testosterone.

"I know that this might be uncomfortable to you, especially being a woman and getting bumped to first cello but you have to swallow your chauvinistic pride. Iím here and thereís no way in the coldest part of hell you wonít move me or change my mind." Julia said with fire in her eyes and her anger in a blaze.

With that comment, the session started with an affirmative note. The boys walked into the booth and snickered at her actions.

" Now I know she could be my twin, or even a sister with that type of mouth!" John said laughing.

"Nah, she canít be your sister John. She doesnít have your full mouth yet." Ringo said finally calming down and catching his breath.

"Ok, you have a point but the day is still young me boy." Paul said putting a shoulder on Ringo.

With affirming nods, they grabbed a few seats and watched the recording. The first take turned out disastrous with Julia messing up nearly half way through the song with a nagging headache. She shook her head, drank a bit of water and decided to continue.

Second take was better ignoring the voice that continuously kept saying "You better prepare yourself. Iím closer than what you think."

This totally scared her but she continued. Paul and George knew that something was wrong with Julia but she looked up and put on her best smile making the boys feel a bit at ease. The last take was the best one with no interruptions and she put all her emotions into her playing. She even started to tear with the haunting melody playing and with all her frustrated emotions passing through her arm into the bow and her fingers gliding along the strings.

Mal walked in towards the end lured in by the music and noticed Julia playing her soul out.

"Iím totally amazed at what she could do. If I were Brian, I would have done the same thing and signed her on in a heartbeat." Mr.Martin said totally taken aback.

"That goes for me too. Sheís amazing!" Mal said with a smile on his face nudging Neil Aspinall as he greeted Mal.

As the song ended, she knew that that take was going to be used. She played her best and the male population of the room still uncomfortable did manage some type of recognition {nods to be exact} for her playing but not total acceptance. One of the violin players whispered behind her back "I bet the reason why she got this part is that she slept with someone who worked here."

The boys felt something was going to happen and rushed out of the room to go down to the studio.

"You think that I slept with someone to get this part?" Julia murmured angrily.

"Let me tell you this, I have worked my ass off for this. Proving to fuckiní bastards like you that a woman could almost anything a man could and proving that was for Mr. Martin here to use me. I dunno about all of you but Iím truly disgusted at pigs like you!"

All the musicians looked at her with angry faces when the Beatles showed up nearly at the nick of time.

"Calm down Jewel, heís not worth your breath. Heís just messiní with your mind." George calmly said walking over to her.

Julia breathed deeply and said "Iím glad I have some decency to remain a lady but if I was angrier than what I am now, I would give you the beating of a fuckiní lifetime. But thatís a waste of energy and time. So all Iíll say is have a good day gentlemen and I hope you wonít pass me again. In this life anyway."

With that, Julia walked out the studio still fuming and with cello in hand.

Paul ran after Julia and caught her right before she was about to throw her cello in the trunk.

As Paul grabbed her arm, she nearly snapped at him but caught her words before they flew out of her mouth. Then, she opened up the door and slumped in the passenger side punching the driver side seat. The rest of the guys finally caught up with the two.

"God damn I hate it when guys make those fuckin allegations about me. They just add on to the bullshit that keeps piling up when someone puts me down! I justÖI justÖ"

Julia couldnít keep her feelings in anymore and screamed into her hands. She stopped and heard John starting to say softly "Hey, donít worry about that bastard. And donít try to keep back that cryinĎ to yer self. It doesnít help any."

Ringo added, "You had every right to say something like that. No one knows you like we do. Well, so far." She felt a light touch on her shoulder and as she looked up, she saw Paulís face and him holding out a handkerchief.

"Thanks." she sniffed. She wiped away the tears and really saw the Beatles how they really are although uncomfortable from the situation and silence.

"Iím sorry, itís just that these things just piss me off. Sometimes my mouth just spews things out that I wish that I could control. But these are the few times that Iím glad that my mouth did that." Julia laughed a little and calmed down a bit from the episode.

"Well, I see that the little lady has regained her senses! And her sense of humor!" George said with a huge smile on his face.

"But of course you know I was going to teach him a lesson. But it wasnít worth it." Julia said with a sense of calm in her face and voice.

"Well, I know that I have to lie down for a while. My headache is starting to act up. And Iím really hungry!" Julia said with a bit of a sigh rubbing her temples to ease the pain.

"I know there has to be something inside that you could eat. Plus, some tea might help the headache." John started to say.

"If not Iíll personally examine you!" John menacingly mumbled following with some evil laughter.

"Oh, John! I knew somehow that it would come flying out of your mouth! But at least itís helping me get off the pain." Julia said laughing a bit.

"And weíre here to help you up madam and lead you to the tea party." Paul said holding out his arm.

Ringo pushed him out the way and offered his arm to Julia. "Now gentlemen, thereís no reason to have a little ole fit over me. Thereís two arms on me, Iíll grab onto one of each and lead the way!" Julia said with her southern accent.

This generated some laughter from everyone and with that, everyone headed back in.

Sitting at the EMI studioís canteen in a corner, Julia calmly sipped her tea. As she nibbled on a sandwich, she sat back and took a look at what change of her life has been. Her life originally filled with heartache, death and unhappiness and now with a contract with theBrian Epstein to play her own music, meeting the Beatles and having played with the supervision of George Martin, she thought that her life finally had some meaning. She smiled as she looked up at John who was approaching her.

"Enjoying your cuppa?" John asked sitting next to her.

"Yeah, feelin better. I really need to eat more in the mornings. Nasty habit that is," she said looking at her cup.

"Good to hear Jewel. Well, after we work on the new song why donít you come with us and celebrate." Julia put her cup down and thought a bit.

"Why not, this is a time to celebrate. Especially in my case!" Julia said with a smile on her face but the smile slowly disappeared from her face when she realized the dilemma of who was going to take of the club while she started her career.

"Shit, I forgot about the club. I just hope that Brigid came back from that excursion of hers."

"What excursion may I ask did little Miss Brigid take?" John asked with a little gleam in his eye.

"Well, she just up and got married! Lucky she is, especially when I set her up with my friend!"

John laughed at her little predicament and then said, "Why donít you check? Ring up the flat and see?"

It only took a second to realize that John was right and went in search for the nearest phone. After a few hundred steps and countless offices, she got to a phone. She quickly dialed not waiting for the tone and awaited the rings that assured her hope of someone would be at the flat.

The first and second ring went by with nothing. The third came and went just as quickly. She started to lose hope as the fourth ring started but heard a click as she was about to put the phone back on the receiver.


"Brigid, is that you? Itís Julia!"

"Now where have you been young lady? I was worried sick about youÖ" Brigid started to say in most parent-like of voices.

"Look, I have lotís to explain but I have you to thank! Iím glad youíre back and the largest of congrats is in order. I wouldnít believe that he was the marrying type!" Julia laughed but she finally remembered why she called her.

"Oh he is alright! But I didnít even know he was going to spring this up on me! Iím happy he did." Brigid said nearly in one breath.

"I have a really big favor to ask you for. Could you cover for me tonight? The Beatles and I are doing a bit of celebrating with lots of song and drink. Hey, you could ask that husband of yours to help out."

After a bit of hesitation, Brigid finally answered "Yeah, of course! Go have your fun and Iím happy to get you out of the flat for a while. And at least Iíll be with Robbie the entire night!" Brigid giggled at the thought of George and how he would looked but snapped out of her daydream.

"Ta Brigid and Iíll see you later tonight. Iíll explain why I didnít come home!"

A menacing laugh spilled from her and she quickly hung up the phone giggling her way back to the studio.

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