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Have you ever wondered what's it like being a witch?

Have you thought about the idea of being immortal?

Do you dream about meeting the Beatles, hanging out with them and having their complete trust in you?

Well, that's what happens in this fan fic Julia. It's about a woman who is telling her life story to a reporter about how she met the Beatles and her singing career.
It starts back in 1966 where she and her best friend Brigid owned a nightclub in London where one night they met the Beatles.
But there's one catch, she has a dark secret that she hasn't told anyone, not even Brigid.
Her secret involves the Beatles, past lives and a curse.
So if this sounds interesting, read Julia and give me your opinion on how this story sounds...

I must caution all of you to be wary of my wild language use in this story!

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{Disclamer: If you are a person who is into historical accuracy or is offended about the idea of witchcraft or vampirism, then read this story at your own risk...}

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