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Chapter 5

As they carried the mirror and she carried her book into a room where it could be a cross between a den because of itís spacious area with chairs and sofas and a greenhouse with itís many plants and encased mostly in glass.

"Hi George. Hi Ringo. How goes it?" Julia calmly said.

"Were fine, thanks. Where were you? Itís nearly been 10 minutes." George asked with Ringo in agreement.

"Could you set the mirror down where some sunlight could hit it?" Julia asked well, more of a pleading command than a question.

"Yes me mistress. Anything for the mistress." John said with a laugh that caught every one in the room.

"It wasnít supposed to come out that way." Julia said as her face went beet red from embarrassment.

"Donít worry about John, he could take the littlest thing and twist it Ďtill itís all out of proportion." Ringo said getting up from his seat and putting his hand of her shoulder.

She slightly trembled by Ringo touch that she dropped her book on the shag carpet.

"How I could be a bit clumsy sometimes..." Julia bent down to get her book when she looked up at Ringoís blue eyes.

"Let me help you with that." Ringo politely offered.

"Thank you dear brother." Julia quickly covered her mouth with her book fearing anything else that might slip out.

A look of shock went across everyone's faces with Juliaís comment and a look at her necklace.

"Boy, do you have some explaining to do!" George said with a look of shock on his face.

"You better! You should start with that necklace and the book first." Paul added folding his arms across his chest.

Julia began by taking a deep breath and began her dissertation.

"Well, I thought this would never start! Well to start with your question Paul, this necklace and this book are connected to me. My necklace shows to the world that I am a witch. Before you jump to conclusions, I donít go towards the Devil and I am certainly not a Satanist! Thatís a different world all together. But Iím not totally Glenda the good witch neither. Iím somewhere in the middle."

"There is no fucking way you could be a witch. If you are, then prove it right here. Right now." John glared at Julia the entire time he said his comment.

"And it better not be on any me! I want to stay the way I am!" Ringo added with his blue puppy dog eyes pleading.

"If you want to use me next, by all means, go ahead." Paul said with a skeptical smile.

"Donít worry, it would be on my self. Iím used to this already. And if you still donít believe me, then I will use Paul."

Julia finished her comment with her eyes closed. She sat on the floor, folded her legs and sat in silence for a moment. Julia raised her hands across her eyes and hair and the look on the guyís faces were of total awe. Her hands changed her hair color from a blood red to a nearly platinum blonde color. And when she opened her eyes, instead of having deep green eyes, it turned in to ice blue that seemed to freeze anyone by one glance at them.

"Still donít believe me?" Julia asked with her glare turning to John.

"No. It could be a wig for all I care." John said glaring back.

"Then I shall continue. And to complete my trick, Paul, if you please." Paul sat on the floor facing Julia.

"Close your eyes and donít have a single thought in your pretty little head."

She closed her eyes and ran her hands across his eyes and when her hands ran through his hair, the looks of shock reappeared. As Julia changed her look, Paulís eyes were change to a bright emerald green with the same blood red hair Julia had.

"Donít open your eyes yet Paul. It will be a total shock on your face when you see yourself and a laugh fest for the rest of us to see your reaction."

Julia led Paul to the mirror and softly told him to open his eyes and when Paul opened them his jaw dropped to the floor.

"I canít believe you did that! Ok, that proves it! You definitely made a believer out of me!" George said with a look of amazement.

Julia as she said dropped to the floor and laughed along with John.

"I...canít...believe...this..." Paul said, obviously still in shock.

John was still on the floor in hysterics, George kept staring at both Julia and Paul, Julia finally stood up and was trying to catch her breath and Ringo was doing the same thing as George.

"Is this permanent or what?" Paul finally said in a complete sentence.

"Itís not permanent, donít worry. To change back, just shake your hair while you close your eyes like this." Julia shook her nearly waist long hair and it came off like a powder disappearing into the air.

"See." Paul shook his hair and it reacted in the same way that Juliaís did.

"There are some advantages to being a witch. There was one example that you wish you had. But thereís another way I could figure all of you out, personality, your life and all just on your birthday. But itís way beyond horoscopes. And all I need is your complete birthday and thereís no messy creams or permanent scars. The only scars that may be made or opened are emotional."

"Ok, that seems harmless enough, but out of this wicked witch there must be some kind of magic that you do that anyone can do. Is there?" Ringo asked.

After the whole hair thing, he was kind of scared of actually opening his mouth fearing the worst.

" There is something I could teach all of you but thatís later. Well, whoís first? Do you want to Ringo?"

"All right, Iíll go. My birthday is the July 7,1940."

"Ah, Cancer, the Crab. Letís see... Just based on this, your kind, compassionate, always there to help someone and you do have a good memory. But you tend to be a bit moody and crabby, no pun intended. You also hold on to insults sometimes and youíre too easily hurt. Your main goal in life is to learn how to take everything in balance."

"Sometimes you have dreams, psychic dreams that you canít explain. Canít blame you for being the drummer in the back, you donít like the spotlight too much but when the opportunity presents itself, you do take it! Hmm... What else? When you were a child, you always longed to be hugged, loved and encouraged. You really connected with your mother, your main source of love. You had very traumatic experiences, especially being in the hospital. But how you remembered every single moment there donít you? But often you played alone for hours but you did enjoyed it."

"Wow! I never thought that she could go into childhood but most or all of what you been saying is true. Keep going. Please?" Ringo asked, getting into the whole experience.

"Well, Iím about to get into the juicy parts so brace yourself if your blown away at this. Ah, yes the subject of love and sex!"

"You got that right!" Ringo said with a bit of a laugh. "Now she really gets to the good parts!" John said wiggling his eyebrows. "You had a tendency to shy away from making the first move and as everybody you feared rejection but not to the extent you have. You had a tendency to run away at the first sign of rejection, deeply hurt. You must have found something special in Maureen to go and get hitched like that! Youíre a definite romantic at heart and found to be equal as towers of strength in each other. And you have this unshakable idea of loyalty and devotion, which is very rare, these days. And for the subject..."

"I bet he shags like a crab too!" John interrupted. After John was involved a hit by pillow, Julia continued with her soothsaying.

"As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, you donít and never wanted a complicated sex life. I bet you focus more on being secure and making her feel at ease with this. You never rush into things, which is definitely a good thing. And on the subject of friends, you like friends who support you in anything, financial or emotional and being the supportive one, you give those same feelings back."

"You really got the whole life of Ringo out of his birthday. Do me next!" George said with enthusiasm in his eyes. "

"I donít think Pattie will go for that idea of me doiní you." Julia said with a sly smile on her face.

"You know what I mean!" George laughed as he threw a pillow at her but she caught it with little effort.

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