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All About Billie Shears

Who is Billie Shears?

Billie Shears of the famed Bungalow Bill's Beatle Fan Fiction web site who's real name is not being revealed for security reasons, was born some odd number of years ago somewhere in the world to happy parents- Mr. Shears and the lovely Rita Shears. Her involvement to the Beatles became a life long one after hearing the album "With the Beatles". After listening to the album she declared that in fact she was "in love with the Beatles! And I will dedicate my entire being to them!" Although sounding a bit extreme, she has calmed some after a treatment at a mental institution. She is back with a new lease on life and she has created a new website dedicated to the genre of Fan Fiction, which has become a success on the internet including her latest work called Julia. "It's a great feeling when you get feedback from 14 and 15 year old girls and 36 year old men anticipating for the next chapter." After attending school in New York, she has met many people who she still keeps in contact with. "I would like to say 'Hi!' to all my friends at Manhattan Center for Science and Math,City College and the rare few from TCI!"

How Billie Shears gained interest in the Beatles?

Billie gained interest after a close friend who had introduced her to the Fab Four had passed away in a tragic accident, which totally left her devastated and crushed. "I still get teary eyed when I hear 'In My Life'. Just the love we had was nothing to be taken lightly. She wasn't me best mate but my sister. She was the one who got me to be a Maccaholic [Paul McCartney fan]. I do miss her dreadfully." She continued to listen to the Beatles to console her and realized that she had to move on when she heard the song 'Let It Be' "It was like all in a dream. She appeared in front of me and told me everything was fine and she was always watching me. Even at the time my grief was so great, I even contemplated suicide. But with her reassurance, I continue on and in happiness I might add!" She still listens to her music for her inspiration and has never forgotten her.

All about the story Julia

Julia was created out of her dream to meet the Beatles like every girl and with herself written in to the story. She wanted to include her religion of witchcraft to be included in the story. "I find nothing wrong to add yourself in a story. And my religion has been getting negative responses that I wanted to show people that there is nothing evil about Witchcraft or to think a totally different way just to be eye to eye with a person." Many that have read her story have loved the idea of having a strong female character and the incorporation of witchcraft. "Many have told me that the story feels real and could relate to Julia. And many have felt a strong connection to her. I'm glad it's a huge success!" She continues working on her story and is devoted to both her site and the Beatles.

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