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Home Introduction The Kits Tools Supplies Order of Ass'y Chassis Ass'y Motor Ass'y Cockpit Ass'y B-377 Ass'y Hood Fix Body Mods Body Prep & Prime Body Painting Paint Rubout Body Clearcoating Otter Ass'y B-377 Painting Otter Painting Chassis Completion Wheels & Tires
This is going to be an on-line build of several plastic kits that have several things in common that lend themselves to be built simultaneously. There will be several "chapters" that cover the builds from preparation to final completion. Use the buttons above to navigate through the site and sections.

Updated 12/16/2001 - Added the Body Mods, B-377 Ass'y, Cockpit Ass'y and Hood fix sections.

Updated 12/22/2001 - Added the Body Prep and Prime, and Body Painting sections

Updated 12/28/2001 - Completed steps 1-4, 7-9, and 11 in order of assembly. Otter taking a little more time.

Updated 12/29/2001 - Added the Body Rubout section.

Updated 1/1/2002 - Added Otter Assembly section

Updated 5/3/2002 - Added Otter painting, B-377 Painting, Chassis Completion Sections