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Well I first started by assembling the fuselage halves, the upper and lower wing halves, and upper and lower horizontal halves. I assembled the right and left horizontal stabilizers to the fuseloge and blended in the joint with super glue and white putty to forn m good transistion to the fuselage.

I wetsanded all the joints until they were smooth and perfect. At this point I had not added the weight or the wings. I assembled the engine nacelles making sure that the fit to the wing bottoms was good before gluing them in place to minimize the filling which I did with CA. I wetsanded this joint until it was perfect. I then added the front of the nacelles again making sure that the fit was good to eliminate as much of the filling as necessary. I again used CA to fill in the little gaps.

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I also did not assemble the props to the nacelles as I just glue these in place later on. I temporarily assembled the wings to the fuselage to determine how much weitght was necessary to add to the nose. (I never trust the instructions on this.) I add enough weight so that the nose goes down when I balance the plane in the area where the main gear go. I used epoxy to glue the lead in the cockpit area. I then glued on the clear cockpit glass section to the fuselage. I plan to just paint this whole area over and just use the decals to simulate the windows on this plane. Good thing as a good deal of fitting and filling was necessary to make the transition perfect.

After I got the nose perfect, I glued on the wing assemblies and the plane was ready for the priming. I use Tamiya flat white paint brushed on the joints to act like a micro filler and to check the joints. I wetsand this smooth before priming.
B377-03.jpg 638x386