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After much research I finally settled on the interior colors of the Otter. The assembly was very straight forward. The fir of these Hobbycraft kits is outstanding. These kits go together so well and are so reasonably priced. I assembled the fuselage after installing the glass and completed interior. I also assembled the horizontal stabilizers, the exhausts, the exhaust shrouds, painted the engine and assembled it and the front cowl also to the complete the main fuselage subassembly. I also assembled the upper and lower wing halves together along with the little actuators along he rear lower section of each wing. I did not elect to assemble the upper wing dams to the wing just yet, nor did I assemble the wings to the fuselage. The reason I did this was to make painting easier.

otter04.jpg 640x564otter05.jpg 640x1220

I did not assemble the propeller at this stage yet as I would glue that in later.

Otter08.jpg 640x324

This is the color scheme I decided on for the Otter. I knew that a Hi-Vis with natural metal and orange existed. I got this scheme off a decal maker's website. I will have to cobble the decals for this from my stockpile as I did not want to buy the decals for several other Otters that was on that sheet just for one plane and the numbers and letters were fairly easy to replicate and I had left over Navy logos.

Now you can see why I chose to leave off the wings as that would make it easier to paint. The great fit of this kit also makes it possible. The fit of the wings to the fuselage was perfect!! The fit of the upper wing dams was also great, and I left it off to make masking easier. I will prime the Otter subassemblies with Reefer White before painting the orange followed by the natural metal.