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Well guys and gals this is it!! The on-line build I promised for you all. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail on the first page for suggestions and opinions (please be polite!) This is meant to be fun for all and hopefully instructional for modelers of all types and experiences. I will try to be as clear and intuitive as possible.

First let me introduce myself to those who do not know me. I go by the modeling board name of "Mikey P" which is basically my name which is Michael Pino. I will be turning 50 years old in 2002 so I thought it would be nice to share my modeling experience with you all. I have been building models since the age of 5. My first model was the USS Missouri made by Revell (I think). I saw a completed version of this model at the home of one of my parents' friend's house and I was hooked. Since then I have "retired" and come back to the hobby several times as life circumstances have made it necessary. I was employed for many years as an engineer in the aerospace industry and as such have an affinity to military modeling, but I am an avid auto racing and auto enthusiast and as such like to build cars both racing and street. I am also an avowed cheap old bastard and believe in making my hobby as cost effective as possible. It is for this reason that I build models in groups as it eliminates repeated operations and waste of materials. I hope that this build will show this philosophy.

So let's get to it, shall we??