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The most important initial step of this project is planning the build. Here is how I see it.

1. Initial assembly of the chassis and motors of all 3 cars. Done

2. Assembly of interior of the otter cockpit. Done

3. Assembly of B-377 almost completely (not forgetting nose weight) Done

4. Car bodies prep and nose mods and filling. Also will do any filling of seams on B-377 at the same time. Done

5. Painting and detailing of interior and cockpit of otter. If the otter interior is same gray as the car chassis and interior I will do all this at the same time also at this stage. Done Excepyt Otter cockpit painting.

6. Assembly of otter almost completely with completed cockpit.

7. Prep tires on all cars (sand running surface) Done

8. Initial priming of all models with Floquil reefer white. Will have to mask windows of otter and interior of car bodies before priming. I will use tire stencil at this same time to letter tires. Done

9. Wetsand and check for flaws on all and fix and reprime as necessary. Done

10. While waiting for primer to cure between applications, I will probably do additional detail painting of the suspension components of cars, interior bits, and details of planes.

11. After primer has cured I will paint the gloss white on the cat car, top of B-377 and otter. This will be a major paint session with a lot of care taken to get it right. This will need to dry several days before handling and checking. Done

12. After primer has cured I will probably custom mix and paint the other cat car yellow. This will also be a major painting session after the white.

13. While waiting for the gloss white and yellow paint to cure, I will concentrate on completing the chassis of the cars. This will take a couple of days with a little rest to do other stuff.

14. I will then paint the Otter and B-377 the correct first colors then, apply the metalizer finish. Done

15. I will then complete the painting and detailing of the tires and wheels. Done

16. I will then adjust the ride height of the chassis on both cars and attach the tires and wheel assemblies,

17. I will then compete assembly of the two aircraft prior to decaling.

18. I will then apply the decals to the two cars.

19. I will then apply the clearcoat to the two cars.

20 I will then complete the final assembly of the details to the two aircraaft.

20. I will then attach the chassis to the bodies of the two caars.

21. I will then scratchbuild the exhausts, paint them and install them.

22. I will then install the glass and window netting to the two cars.

More to come