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I use a variety of glues, paints and other supplies when I do my models. I use Floquil paints for primers exclusively for a number of reasons. It is very thin and does not build up the surface and it shows all defects no matter how small. It fills small imperfections well, dries fast and sands well. I either use Reefer White or Primer Grey depending on the final color.

I use super glue for most assembly, but I also use tube glue, epoxy, and white glue as necessary.

I primarily use Testo's Model Master paints, but I have used lacquer, and Floquil, and Tamiya. All good products. I use SNJ Metal Spray for all natural aluminum surfaces. If you have never used this stuff you must try it along with their polishing powder. I use it on engines, planes, etc where I want the most realistic metal finishes.

I also use a couple of decal solvents like Solvaset and Microset (or its equivaent Aeromaster product Aero Set II. Decaling must be done carefully and I have an article at My Modeling Pages with details.

SnJ Spray Metal Finish, Solvaset, Aeroset, & Floquil primer