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I assemble my chassis almost completely before painting. This allows me to have good strong joints and eliminates the need to scrape away paint from the loints before gluing. I also use superglue to assemble the chassis as it dries instantly and makes assembly quick. The photo below shows the compelted chassis after painting. You will note that I leave off the front and diagonal cross pieces as this allows me to complete the interior assembly of the things like seat, dash, etc then I close the chassis with the remaining pieces.

The first thing I do is to remove the molded in window net as I scracthbuild this form maksing tape. I use a jewelers coping saw to carefully remove the netting. This is like a miniature coping saw and you can get real fine blades for it. I cuts very clean and with very little removal of material. I have used this tool to cut open doors, and separate canopies to display open. I can then either leave it in the up or down position as I desire. It looks more realistic and is easy to make. Go to My Modeling Pages to se how it is done. You cannot see it here, but I install the oil tank bottom also under the chassis.

I then put the competed chassis aside until I am ready to paint it.