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I try to prepare my wheels and tires for racing cars to make them look as real as possible. I first sand the running surface with rough sandpaper glued onto a piece of plywood as a sanding block. I follow this with slightly finer sandpaper to make it look worn. After this I apply Future to the sidewalls with a brush in preparation for decal application. I normally use a tire stencil to paint on the Goodyear lettering, but on these cars I decided to use the tire decals. I prepared a whole batch of tires and some came out and some did not using this method. It appears tht not all tire decals are made are made equally. After the decals dry for about a day I spray the overall tire with Dullcote.


I paint the wheels gloss black. I let this dry several days brfore I try to paint the little red or yellow ring around the perimeter of the wheel. For this I use a 0000 brush and thinned red or yellow paint. For the Cat car, the ring is yellow. I flow the paint into the channel around the outside perimeter of the wheel. I do not worry about getting paint on the outer raised rim as i use a felt tip marker later to touch this area up after the paint dries. Of course I wipe any paint off the inside of the wheel that goes outside the channel with a Q-tip slightly soaked in mineral thinner. This is why I wait a few days to be sure the black is fully dry. lastly I paint the wheel lugs and center spindle.

When everything is dry I assemble the wheels to the tires and we are good to go. Here is a shot of a completed set.