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After the B377 is primed and sanded it is time to paint it. The traditional Pan Am colors at the time were a gloss white upper fuselage surface and a natural aluminum lower fuselage surface, wings, and horizontal stabilizers. I painted the top surfaces and tail a nice gloss white at the same time as I painted the White Cat car. This went without a hitch. I them masked off the upper surfaces in preparation for spraying on the SnJ metalizer finish. I just followed the directions and sprayed on several light coats of the finish.

after the lacquer had dried about an hour or so, I polished it with the metalizer powder to a high sheen. I love this stuff as it is the best product I have used to simulate matural metal finishes on airbraft. It is important to note tht I had also painted the Otter the orange prior toe masking and painting the natuaral metal on that one also. Here is what theB377 looked like after the painting was finished.