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There will be a number of tools necessary to accomplish these builds. I keep all my tools in a little caddy that I made from some scrap plywood, cardboard tubes and some glue. It keeps everything handy and takes up very little room on the workbench. A pic appears below.

From left to right and back to front are the sprue cutter, rulers, pipettes (for dispensing solvents), exacto knives, pencil,paint brushes, scissors, clamping tweezers, screwdrivers, files, more tweezers. The left outer wing caries more files and the right outer wing carries various grades of wet/dry sandpaper squares in little plastic bags. (handy when the paper is still wet) I also keep my tire lettering stencils there along with some photoetch stuff. The front compartment houses sandpaper blocks I make from rough paper glued to plywood shapes. I use these for scuffing tires and rough sanding and shaping of plastic. You also see some white putty and a handle for my x-acto saw. All this in less than 1 square foot.

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