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This is the list of kits I will be building here.

2 Revell NASCAR Pontiac kits (well three to be exact) both will be ward Burton cars or "wuhd buhton cahs" as good ole boy would pronounce. One will be his standard caterpillar sponsored car in the yellow and black using kit decals. The other will be his all white caterpillar dealers car used in the Winston and bud shootout. The decals will be Slixx. The third Pontiac will be taken through the priming stage for a future version yet to be determined.

2 planes will also be built. A Hobbycraft DHC-3 otter ski plane in 1/72nd scale and a Minicraft 1/44th scale Boeing Stratocruiser B-377 civilian airliner. The otter will be painted in hi-vis arctic scheme and the B-377 will be built as a Pan-Am airliner of the 50's.

So you are asking yourself, what is the similarity of these kits?? Well the planes and cars both will be primered white and all will require numerous parts finished in natural metal. For this I use SNJ spray metal finishes. It is best to use as much of this great product as possible at one time. In addition one car and the b-377 will be painted gloss white. The otter may also require gloss white, but the jury is still out on this fact. The instructions call for white, but I think it should be natural metal finish so research continues. Fi anyone has opinions or references on this they would be greatly appreciated. I will be also using a neat technique of replicating bare metal panels of slightly different shades to give the plane a more realistic appearance. I also so this to some degree on the car motors and transmissions.

Pics of the kits appear below.

cat01.jpg 320x275cat02.jpg 320x237
B377.jpg 320x276otter.jpg 320x218