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The Sorcerer's Stone Tour


Just as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone begins in Muggle Land, so does this tour. But soon, a more magical world reveals itself as you discover the shops of Diagon Alley and board the Hogwarts Express at King's Cross Station for your ultimate destination : Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Note: Clicking on individual attractions links will take you to the Attractions page and will place the appropriate attraction at the top of your screen.

  9:00 am Begin your tour at the Reading Cat Statue* to pose for a photo while contemplating the fate of "the boy who lived."
  9:10 am Go next to London Autos and Lorries to get the feel of Uncle Vernon driving to work with the image of that cat reading a map burned into his memory. Then purchase a bag of lemon drops, as Dumbledore must have, at Muggle Sweets
Or opt instead for the Thames Twister to recreate the feeling of the wet boat ride Harry endures as Uncle Vernon tries to outrun the mail.
10:00 am With a previously delivered acceptance letter and a short supplies list (owl, robes & wand) in hand, enter the Leaky Cauldron* and pass through the brick wall that leads to Diagon Alley. 
10:15 am Proceed directly to the end of the alley to take a ride aboard a mine train through the dark, "underground" tunnels of Gringotts*.
11:15 am In the alley itself, visit Madame Malkin's, Eyelops, and Ollivanders* to purchase the basics: school robes (Madame Malkin might even fit you herself), an owl, and a wand. You'll be tempted to stop at the other shops as well, but save them for later. 
11:45 pm Your shopping completed, exit the alley and head towards the Baron of Burgers to have a hamburger as Hagrid and Harry do.
12:15 pm With burger in hand, make your way towards King's Cross Station* to board the Hogwarts Express. Some Chocolate Frogs or Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans purchased from the friendly witch who sells sweets on the platform will make the trip more enjoyable.
  1:00 pm Upon arriving at Hogwarts Depot, you'll have to cross The Lake*.
  1:45 pm Prepare yourself for arrival at Hogwarts. Once inside, take the Hogwarts Tour to familiarize yourself with the layout of the castle, if time allows, or do some exploring on your own. But remember :  the Third Floor Corridor is forbidden!
  2:30 pm Attend a Potions*, Charms*, or Transfiguration* class, having pre-registered and paid the class fee online several weeks before.
  3:15 pm Stop off for a moment at Hagrid's Hut before heading to the Forbidden Forest.
  3:30 pm Take a ride aboard a Norwegian Ridgeback at the Magical Creatures Carousel, or make a quick trip to the Creature Shop to hatch your very own Norbert.
  4:00 pm Watch the First Year Quidditch demonstration, and join in, if possible. As a first year student, you won't be allowed to fly. But the earth-bound version is quite fun, and you might catch a glimpse of the golden snitch overhead if you're lucky.
  5:00 pm Next it's on to McGonagall's Chess Board* to watch a living chess match. Keep your eye on the white queen; she prefers sacking the opponent's knights herself. Afterwards, stop at the Chess King for a souvenir knight figurine or chess set.
  6:15 pm To complete the adventure, go on the Search for the Sorcerer's Stone* to see how Harry defeat You-Know-Who with the help of friends and the Mirror of Erised.
  7:15 pm Celebrate your victory with an extravagant dinner and dessert in the Great Hall*.
  8:30 pm Follow this up by watching the Hogwarts Parade, where you'll be able to verify Harry's and Ron's recovery from their terrible ordeal with your own eyes.
  9:30 pm Skip the fireworks and attend the Sorting Ceremony* instead. Though this is technically out of order, Harry having been sorted much earlier in the "year", the memory of this scene is surely one he plays over and over in his head on that final ride home. What better way to recreate that memory than to make it the tour's culminating event? Plus, it's best to experience it in the evening, as Harry did.
10:30 pm The school year has been quite an adventure, but it's time to take off your wizard's robes and return to Muggle Land. As you quietly ponder the "year's" events, remember that the use of magic is forbidden over the summer holidays!
*We consider attractions marked by an asterisk to be essential to this tour. If lack of time becomes a consideration, we recommend visiting these attractions and eliminating others, as necessary. In cases where there is a choice between two or three attractions marked with asterisks, you may choose any one.

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