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Character Favorites
Want to know what Harry's, Hagrid's, Lockhart's, Snape's and Trelawney's favorite rides, shows, shops and restaurants are? You'll find them here! Just click on the characters below to find out what favorite attractions are.

To hear from a wider variety of characters, check out the Summary and the Character Interviews where dozens of characters explain their choices. After a visit to their favorites, Quiz yourself to find out how well you know the attractions of Harry Potter's World of Magic Theme Park.

Hagrid's Picks
Harry's Picks
Lockhart's Picks
Snape's Picks
Trelawney's Picks


Summary of Character Favorites
Favorite Ride or Game
Favorite Show or Event
Favorite Place to Shop
Favorite Place to Eat
Harry Potter Quidditch 3D Experience Quidditch Demonstration Ollivanders Hogwarts' Great Hall
Ron Weasley Crazy Quidditch McGonagall's Chess Board Eyelops Owl Emporium Honeydukes
Hermione Granger Magic Creatures Carousel Charms Class Flourish & Blotts Curry Kitchen
Rubeus Hagrid Firenze's Farm Magical Creatures Theater The Creature Shop Leaky Cauldron
Albus Dumbledore Hogwarts Express Sorting Ceremony The Scotch Shoppe Muggle Sweets
Minerva McGonagall The Maze Highland Fling The Chess King Three Broomsticks
Severus Snape The Durmstrang Glassblowing Demo Cauldrons & Candles Gothic Gyros
Sibyll Trelawney The Wheel of Fortune Evening Fireworks Divination Den The Fortune Cookie
Gilderoy Lockhart Merpeople Boats Punch & Judy Lockhart's Beauty Salon Pizza Palace
Professor Lupin Shrieking Shack Diagon Alley Street Magic Fur & Feathers Tea Time
Sirius Black The Secret Tunnel Harry Potter Live! Madame Malkin's Robes Dudley's Sausage Shack
Professor Sprout The Lake Whomping Willow The Potter's Wheel Potable Potions
Madame Pomfrey Virtual Village Folk Music The Apothecary Chocolate Shoppe
Professor Quirrell Search for Sorcerer's Stone None Talismans & Trinkets Crepes
Madame Hooch Wronski Feint Aviary Stage Quality Quidditch Supplies Baron of Burgers
Mad-Eye Moody Azkaban Prison Triwizardry Tournament Dervish & Banges Hog's Head
Fred & George Weasley F & G's Fun House High Street Street Magic Zonko's Joke Shop Florean Fortescue's
Ginnie Weasley London Autos & Lorries Looney Tunes Characters Warner Brothers Shop Ice Cream Igloo
Neville Longbottom Remote Control Quidditch Herbology Class Magical Menagerie Can't Remember
Fleur de la Cour Beauxbatons' Carriage Changing of the Guard Fleur's Salon de Beauté Café Beauxbatons
Draco Malfoy Gringotts Ministry of Magic Theater Gringotts Mint Sinful Sweets
Crabbe & Goyle Hogwarts Express, Jr. Potions Class Slytherin House Store Everywhere
Dobby Elf Village Dumbledore's Toast Gryffindor House Store Hogwarts Kitchens
Nicholas de Mimsey London Phones, Jr. Deathday Party London Souvenirs Uncle Vernon's Fish
Peeves Bumper Taxis Kitchen Elves' Dance Gambol & Japes Pickles, Popcorn & Pretzels
Bloody Baron Terror at the Tower Curfew Borgin & Burkes I Scream, You Scream
Peter Pettigrew Scabbers' Knockturn Alley Character Knockturn Alley Tattoos Durmstrang Diner
You-Know-Who Nagini's Revenge Little Ben Sorcerer's Stone Potent Potions

Character Interviews

Popular (and unpopular) characters explain their choices for favorite attractions.


Harry : My favorite ride has to be Quidditch 3D Experience; it's almost like the real thing, but without the rogue bludgers.  I love the Quidditch Demonstration, too; it's definitely my favorite show.  I suppose my favorite shop is Ollivanders because that's where I got my wand, which is the most important piece of equipment a wizard owns.  (I can't wait until the day I get to use it on Dudley!)  And the best place to eat, well that's easy, it's the Hogwarts Great Hall, of course.

Ron : My favorite is Crazy Quidditch; it reminds me of flying and it goes much faster than my old broom. It's fun to watch McGonagall's Chess Board now that I'm not one of the pieces, too. As for shops, I guess I'd go first to Eyelops and buy myself an owl if I had the money. (Ginnie has all but adopted Pig, and Errol's much too old.) After that, I'd go to my favorite sweet shop, Honeydukes, where I'd stock up on Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, Licorice Wands and other sweets. Then I'd hit all the other shops in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.

Hermione : In my opinion, the best ride is the Magical Creatures Carousel. I've already learned to identify all the animals on it; my favorite is the Welsh Winged Pony. It's ever so lovely! I'm also very fond of my classes, especially Charms. (Professor Flitwick taught us a wonderful charm last week that lengthens parchment so there's always room for a few more notes.) And there's no better place to find excellent reading material than Flourish and Blotts. As far as dining is concerned, there's a lovely Indian restaurant in Muggle Land called Curry Kitchen that makes excellent Samosas.

Hagrid : Firenze's Farm is my favorite ride, so to speak, 'cause o' all the baby creatures there.  An' I don' mind sayin' that my favorite show is the Magical Creature's Theater, which I host. The best place ter shop is The Creature Shop, if yeh ask me. That's where I got Fang, see. And if it's a good meal yeh're after, yeh want ter go ter the Leaky Cauldron. Nothing like Shepherd's Pie and a pint of good ale after an afternoon training hippogriffs and the like.

Dumbledore : Well, I'm fond of all the rides, but my favorite one is the Hogwarts Express.  I especially like to ride it when I'm invisible. Invisibility is also very useful when I attend the Sorting Ceremony in secret.  My favorite shop is a little Muggle store that McGonagall told me about that sells woolen socks: The Scotch Shoppe.  Right next door to it is Muggle Sweets, where I can buy my favorite sweet, lemon drops.

McGonagall : I prefer rides which encourage one to exercise one's mind, like the Maze.  And although I'm not usually one for shows, I happened upon a fascinating show last time I was in Muggle Land: it's called the Highland Fling.  I'm not a big shopper, but the Chess King carries splendid chessmen, for which I have a bit of a weakness.  My favorite place to take a meal is the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade.

Snape : I don't do rides. I have found that the Durmstrang has a rather appealing ambiance, in its own way, however. As for shows, the only one worth my time is the Glassblowing Demonstration.  I love to watch as glass potion bottles and beakers are pulled from the glowing fire. For the best wizarding supplies, I shop at Cauldrons and Candles in Knockturn Alley. Afterwards, I usually dine alone at Gothic Gyros.

Trelawney : My favorite ride is undoubtedly the Wheel of Fortune. And my favorite show would be the Enchanting Evening Fireworks, for it occasionally coincides with the movement of the planets. As for shopping, I find that the Divination Den is an excellent source for fortune telling supplies. Finally, the only place to find both food and fortunes is an exquisite restaurant in Muggle Land known as the Fortune Cookie. I'm their primary advisor, of course.

Lockhart : I don't usually enjoy rides, because they muss up one's hair so. But I'm quite fond of riding in the Merpeople boats, for their coloring sets off my good looks quite nicely. I also enjoy watching the Kitchen Elves' Dance, as female House Elves are generally among my most ardent fans. The finest shop in Diagon Alley is clearly my Beauty Salon. And I've discovered a marvelous place to eat in Muggle Land called Pizza Palace. Muggle children often mistake me for some Muggle celebrity who goes by the name of Bugs Bunny when I dine there. (I've been told that my toothy smile and rascalish good looks resemble his.)

Lupin : When the moon is full, I go to the Shrieking Shack. It's protected by a number of charms which make it appear quite frightful to would-be intruders. Otherwise, I spend a lot of time on Diagon Alley working odd jobs as a Street Magician. As for shopping, Fur and Feathers makes clothes from natural sources such as phoenix feathers, dragon fangs and the occasional tuft of werewolf hair. And when my nerves are especially shaky, I have a spot of herbal tea at Tea Time. I find their decor quite calming.

Sirius : I don't do much touring, but when I do, The Secret Tunnel is always very useful to me. I do enjoy going to Harry Potter Live! where I can watch my godson's performances without fear of being recognized in the dark theater, however. When it comes to clothing, I find that Madame Malkin's Robes for All Occasions is very discrete about its sales of hooded capes and disguises. And when hunger strikes, I find the best place for an Animagi in the shape of a dog to snag a hot meal is Dudley's Sausage Shack.

Sprout : One can see wonderful specimens of a wide range of plants while riding upon the Lake, and the Whomping Willow is always very interesting.  I shop for flower pots at the Potter's Wheel, and I love to quench my thirst with a big goblet of pumpkin juice at Potable Potions after gardening.

Mme Pomfrey : I detest rides; they're all quite dangerous. If you must do something exciting, then by all means go to the Virtual Village where you can have your wizard's duel without losing a limb. (It takes so long to regrow a leg!) I am fond of the Folk Music at the Three Brooms, however, as music is soothing to both mind and body. I shop for medical supplies at the Apothecary, and I find that the Chocolate Shoppe carries a fine selection of chocolates for curing Dementor Tremors.

Quirrell : I'm r-r-rather obsessed with the Search for the Sorcerer's Stone, but I don't like shows or events of any kind. They f-f-frighten me. I prefer things that are uneventful. I must occasionally go out for shopping, however, and I've found that the best amulets can be purchased at Talismans and Trinkets. (You can't to be careful about protecting yourself against w-w-werewolves and the like.)  Although the Crêpes stand in Hogsmeade sells wonderful ham and cheese crepes, I always special order a garlic-filled crepe before heading back to Hogwarts through the F-Forbidden F-F-Forest.

Mme Hooch :  The Wronski Feint is a thrilling ride, and the Birds of Prey Show at the Aviary Stage is always inspirational.  I am a regular patron of Quality Quidditch Supplies, and I find that the occasional meal at the Baron of Burgers provides protein for muscle development and is an excellent source of calories for maintaining energy levels during flight.

Mad-Eye Moody :  If I had my way, I'd send all the Death Eaters to Azkaban Prison; that's where they belong. As for shows, I rather wish I'd seen the Triwizardry Tournament, but I don't imagine they'll be having another one of those anytime soon. I shop at Dervish and Banges, and I feel quite safe at Hog's Head pub so long as I'm facing the door.

Fred & George : Fred and George's Fun House is the place to be. We've also learned a lot of tricks watching the street magicians along High Street.  Our favorite place to shop is Zonko's Joke Shop, of course. We also love to eat at Florean Fetiscue's Ice Cream Parlor, where we frequently pull pranks on unsuspecting customers. We especially enjoy bringing their gummy worms to life. Mum gets onto us when we hide ten-ton toffee in their sundaes, however.

Ginnie : I love everything Muggle, including driving London Autos and Lorries, and watching the Looney Tunes Character Appearances.  If I could, I'd go shopping at Warner Brothers Studio Store and drink milkshakes at the Ice Cream Igloo every week.  Maybe Harry would even go with me.

Neville :  I'm not big on rides, but I do like Remote Control Quidditch.  I'm no good on a real broom, but this version of Quidditch is completely safe. I kind of like Herbology Class, too.  My grandmother doesn't let me shop much, but I'd love to go to the Magical Menagerie and buy myself a new pet. (I like Trevor and all.  He's a nice frog, but he's always trying to escape. He'd probably be much happier living in a pond somewhere.) My grandmother's magical meals are okay, but my favorite place to eat is..., is..., oh blast it all! I've completely forgotten the name.

Fleur : Zere is no ride as graceful as the Beaubatons' Flying Carriage.  I love also to watch ze Changing of ze Guard at Buckingham Palais.  I adore the shopping, but if you want a 'airstyle that is, how shall I say it, très chic, then you must come to my Salon de Beauté.  As for fine cuisine, Café Beauxbatons is the only place who serves fresh salads, fine wines, and light, flaky croissants.

Draco Malfoy : There's only one ride worth taking as far as I'm concerned and that's the ride through Gringotts, although I'm rather bored of that since I have to go there so often to get more galleons.  The Ministry of Magic Theater is the only show worth seeing, in my opinion.  My father is friends with the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, so of course I've seen the show many times.  I shop anywhere and everywhere I want, and I'm especially fond of going to the Gringotts Mint. I prefer eating at home, but Sinful Sweets does sell a decent Dragon's Blood Brownie.  Too bad Weasley can't afford any.

Crabbe & Goyle : Our favorite ride is the Hogwarts Express, Jr. because we like to scare all the little kiddies away.  One time Goyle got stuck in his seat, though, so we don't go there much any more.  We like Potions Class, too, 'cause that's the only class the teacher doesn't make us look stupid in.  The best place to shop is the Slytherin House Store because they sell Slytherin stuff. We like to eat just about everywhere.

Dobby : Dobby likes to go to the Elf Village when Master Dumbledore lets him.  Master Dumbledore is a great man; he's very kind to Dobby.  Dobby likes to watch Master Dumbledore's Toast before dinner time.  I doesn't go shopping, but Harry Potter once bought Dobby a pair of socks with a lion on them from the Gryffindor House Store.  Dobby likes to eat in the Hogwarts Kitchens along with his fellow elves.

Nearly Headless Nick :  I must say I do like the London Phones, Jr., where I can be heard but not seen.  (I don't want to frighten all those little Muggle children, after all.)  In my opinion, the best local event is my Deathday Party.  As for shopping, London Souvenirs brings back memories of the past, and I hear that Uncle Vernon's Fish and Chips serves lovely fried fish.  I can almost smell it. Alas! If only I could taste it.

Peeves : I like bouncing around in the Bumper Taxis, and watching 'ickle Muggles bang each other over the head like Punch and Judy do. I like Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop, too. And setting off explosions in the popcorn machine at Pickles, Popcorn and Pretzels is great fun!

Bloody Baron : Be careful where you go, for the Terror at the Tower is my favorite haunt.  The only event the Bloody Baron cares for is curfew, when all the annoying students finally retire to bed.  The Bloody Baron shops solely at Borgin and Burkes and has his own reasons for doing so.  The Bloody Baron doesn't eat but occasionally goes to I Scream, You Scream only because the interior is pleasantly cold. If only those little Muggle children knew what it was that causes those especially cool drafts they so adore in the summer.

Peter Pettigrew :  Scabbers' is the only place I feel comfortable. I spend my evenings there waiting for the appearance of my master and other Characters in Knockturn Alley.  Knockturn Alley Tattoos is the next best place to wait for him; the wizards there are very gifted in performing charms which temporarily disguise my deformed hand. I prefer eating at the Durmstrang Diner, where I can keep an eye out for my master in case he arrives from the Forbidden Forest.

You-Know-Who :  Nagini's Revenge is the ride of a lifetime: once you've embrace those slithering curves, no mere Muggle ride will ever satisfy you again. There is only one show worth witnessing, and that is the tolling of the Little Ben bell. For whom does the bell toll? Only I know for sure. I have no need of common wizarding supplies or nourishment. But the Sorcerer's Stone is temptingly close to my grasp, especially when I partake of the most Potent Potions.

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