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Hedwig at Eyelops Owl Emporium

Shops and Services

The shops of the World of Magic aren’t just places to buy souvenirs; they’re part of the Harry Potter experience! Don't forget to consult the World of Magic Map to verify each attraction's location. (The number in parentheses preceding each attraction corresponds to its location on the WOM Map.)

Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley

(4) The Apothecary   Diagon Alley’s drug store carries wizarding supplies such as floo powder, troll slime kits, liquid candy in a test tube, sorcerer’s disappearing sun screen, spellotape bandages, HP umbrellas, herbal teas and more. The hands-on Chinese Herb Cabinet and the Wall of Specimens are must-sees!  Photo

(24) Borgin and Burkes   This magical curiosity shop, with its lava lamps, crystal balls, black light art and skull goblets is a Knockturn Alley institution. Don’t forget to check out the tarantula tank!

(13) Cauldrons and Candles   For all your magic and aromatherapy needs, this new age magic shop offers a variety of candles, incense, potpourri burners and essential oils, not to mention cauldrons. Don't miss the scent identification table. Shop accessible from both alleys.

(12) Eyelops Owl Emporium   Purchase a plush owl or send a scroll, postcard, howler or e-message via owl mail, e-mail or snail mail at this combination owl post service outpost, post office, and internet outpost.  More Information.

(7) Fantasyland Fashions   Little ones can shop for the latest in crowns, fairy wings, vampire capes, robes, hats, ghostly makeup, and glow-in-the-dark accessories at this children’s clothing and costume shop. A great place to select unique Halloween costumes!

(11) Flourish and Blotts   You’ll find HP books, parchment, secret diaries, invisible ink, feather pens, posters, maps, cd's, cd-roms, and video games at Diagon Alley’s mega book store. J.K. Rowling and other celebrities occasionally appear for book signings.  Also accessible from Muggle Land.

(10) Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop  Fool friends and annoy enemies with magic joke items such as hand buzzers, wizard poppers, extra hot pepper imps, and talking Hogwarts toilet seats.

(15) Gilderoy Lockhart’s Beauty Salon  Photo  Hair braids, hair wraps, hair paint, nail polish, and body art are the specialties of this beauty salon. "Magical Me" hair and beauty products autographed by Lockhart himself. Glitter spray, perfume potions, and autographed Lockhart photos are also available.

(18) Gringotts’ Mint  You’ll find bronze knuts, silver sickles, even golden galleons in this coin mint and coin jewelry shop located behind Gringotts. Chocolate and play coins also available, as well as a variety of leather, silk, and satin pouches to carry them in.

(25) Herb and Crystal’s   This wizard and witch pair sell crystal balls, crystal jewelry, crystal amulets, crystal figurines, herbal soaps and candles, lavender wands, smudge wands, essential oils, crystal and glass potion bottles, poison rings and perfume potion jewelry in their aptly named shop.

(21) Knockturn Alley Tattoos  Artists will be more than happy to paint a lightening bolt, dragon, unicorn, snake, lion, eagle, badger or some other figure on your face or arm, or you can buy temporary tattoos and apply them yourself. Longer lasting henna tattoos also available.

(5) Magical Menagerie  This pet store sells plush pets and mechanical animals, bird cages, dragon eggs and an assortment of HP canine and feline fashions. Say hi to resident animals Crookshanks and Fawkes.

(14) Madame Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions   Only Madame Malkin’s carries a full supply of robes, sorcerer’s and witch’s hats, hooded cloaks, turbans, tunics and other wizarding apparel. Madame Malkin offers a unique selection of Halloween costumes, as well.

(6) Ollivanders Makers of Fine Wands  Ollivander and his staff will help you select a wand as you browse through his supply of magic wands, fairy wands, wooden kaleidoscopes and wizard’s staffs.

(23) The Sorcerer’s Stone   You’ll find dragon tears, tiger’s eye, leprechaun gold, bloodstone, amber, lapis, quartz and other stones in all shapes & sizes in this Knockturn Alley rocks and minerals shop. Pewter figurines also available. Don't miss the giant crystal known as the Sorcerer's Stone; it's not for sale, however.

(8) Talismans and Trinkets   Whether you’re looking for protective amulets, power beads, charm bracelets, potion bottles, potion brooches, key chains, or miniature and full size mirrors of Erised, this is the place to find them. You'll want to find out what the talking mirror has to say about you, too.

(9) Quality Quidditch Supplies   Purchase your own Nimbus 2000 or Firebolt, and pick up the latest quaffle, bludger, and golden snitch models at this sporting shop. Team paraphernalia, including caps, t-shirts, and posters, also available.

(16) Warner Brothers Studio Store   Witches and wizards will be astounded by the assortment of Looney Tunes character clothing, toys and gift items, but don’t tell the Muggles about Bugs’ ties to the magical world.

Muggle Land

(122) Caricatures  Artists will speediy sketch your portrait in this London Square shop.  The final results are guaranteed to make you smile.

(4) Flourish and Blotts   You’ll find HP books, tapes, cd’s, cd-roms, videos, stationery, posters and pens on the Muggle side of this book store.  Wizards visiting Muggle Land can reach the Diagon Alley half of the bookstore by passing through the central electronics, video and music section.  J. K. Rowling herself occasionally signs books here, as do other fantasy authors and occasionally the Harry Potter movie character actors, as well.

(129) Her Majesty’s Royal Post Office  Send a real or virtual postcard, post or read an electronic message, play HP trivia, or retrieve a scroll at this Muggle post office and internet outpost. More Information.

(105) London Phones  Everything is in working order in these large red phone booths that are conveniently located next to the Tower of Terror for those needing to make a phone call or simply wishing to take photos.

(123) London Souvenirs   Don’t forget to drop by this unique souvenir shop that carries everything from post cards, caps and key chains to Big Ben clocks, miniature London taxis, and Punch and Judy hand puppets.

(124) Photo Finish   Get ready to smile at this boutique where you can pose for a picture alongside a palace guard, bobby, Tower of London yeoman warder, or the Queen.

(128) The Scotch Shoppe   You’ll find tartans and tams, cashmere and kilts, and brooches and belts, not to mention "sweeties" such as toffees, tablets, and truffles at this Scottish and Celtic clothing, jewelry and candy shop.


(33) The Daily Prophet   You’re front page news when you have your picture made and select a matching headline for your own dated copy of this wizardry newspaper printed on parchment. Choose from the Sorcerer's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, or Order of the Phoenix editions.

(36) Dervish and Banges   This is where you’ll find golden snitch lamps, pocket sneakoscopes, miniature Gringotts banks, owl clocks, spell bookends, telescopes, miniature planetariums, star charts, sound magnifiers, magic walkie-talkies, and other magic equipment. Purchases can be shipped internationally.

(34) Divination Den   Have your fortune told via tarot cards, crystal ball, palmistry, or numerology, or purchase fortune telling supplies or books at this fortune telling booth and shop.

(38) Fleur’s Salon de Beauté   Have your hair braided, painted, or wrapped, get your nails done, or have a Vila artist paint a lightening bolt, unicorn, dragon, lion, snake, eagle or raven on your cheek or arm at this salon run by Fleur of Beauxbatons fame. Henna tattoos also available.

(30) HP Photo Central   Have your photo made with Harry or Dumbledore or with friends against a House Common room backdrop. Season’s pass holders also come here to have their pictures made on their first visit.

(32) Owl Post Service Outpost   Send a postcard, send or receive parchment scrolls, play HP trivia, or post, read or send messages online at this combination owl post service outpost, post office, and internet outpost. More Information.

(31) Package Pickup  No need to be burdened by heavy items while in the park; simply ask to have items you purchase delivered by the store to this location, then claim your package on your way out.

(45) Zonko’s Joke Shop   Practical jokers will find whoopie cushions, wizard crackers, talking refrigerator boxes, t-shirts inscribed with invisible messages that appear when you wear them, and other joke gifts this High Street joke shop.


Godric's Hollow and Environs

(90) The Cat's Hats  This magnificent millinery shop carries a wide assortment of caps, hats, and protective headwear and sunglasses, including sorting hats, baseball cap witch hats, turbans, lion mane bonnets, and red and gold cat-in-the-hat hats.

(88) The Chess King   You won’t be able to resist the handcrafted pewter chessmen, goblets and HP figurines or the silver and pewter jewelry in this silversmith’s shop.  Custom orders also accepted.

(89) Gryffindor Glassworks   You’ll find beautiful blown glass animals, champagne flutes, vases and amulets in this glassblower’s workshop and store.  Glassblowing demonstrations held twice daily.

(86) The Lion’s Den   Have an artist paint a charging lion, lightening bolt or some other magical symbol on your face or arm.  Beware of local Gryffindors should you choose to sport a Slytherin snake, however.

(105) London Phones  Even in the suburbs, everything is in working order in these large red phone booths located next to Crazy Quidditch, even if all you want to do is take photos.

(102) Owl Post Service Outpost   Send a postcard, send or receive scrolls, play HP trivia, or post, read or send messages online at this combination owl post service outpost, post office, and internet outpost. Click Here for Information.

(93) The Potter's Wheel   This pottery shed carries beautiful handmade goblets, tankards, vases, bowls, potpourri pots, flower pots and other pottery, glazed in enchanting tones.

The Forbidden Forest

(54) The Creature Shop   Stuff your own lion, badger, eagle, snake, unicorn or dragon, then give it a heart and a voice with a pre-recorded message (or record your own!), in this do-it-yourself stuffed animal shop.  Don't forget to give it a red, pink, gold, or black heart before stuffing! Character dolls, accessories, clothing and bean bag creatures are also sold.

(52) Feathers and Fur   This store carries all manner of clothing, hats and decorative items featuring faux fur, feathers, fangs, skins and scales.  You’ll love the unicorn ring toss cap and dragon’s claw gloves. A great place to find unique Halloween costumes. Costume rentals also available for a day in the park or for take-home.

HogwartsSchool and grounds

(76, Third Floor) Gryffindor House Store   Located in the Gryffindor tower on the third floor of Hogwarts, this store carries Gryffindor Hogwarts goods such as t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, caps, pennants, posters, patches, stuffed animals, jewelry, stickers, notebooks, backpacks, and more.

(76, Third Floor) Hufflepuff House Store   Located in the Hufflepuff tower on the third floor of Hogwarts, this store sells Hufflepuff and Hogwarts merchandise, including t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, caps, pennants, patches, stuffed animals, jewelry, stickers, notebooks, backpacks, and more.

(76, Fourth Floor) The Library  You can purchase a Hogwarts textbook or simply listen to a story at the Hogwarts Library, but be careful not to enter the Reserve section without permission! Children's story times are scheduled regularly.

(66) Lost Muggles  Parents who have been separated from their youngsters can come here to find them. Lost children can stay here coloring, watching cartoons, and playing in safety until their parents arrive. A nurse station is also available.

(76, Third Floor) Owl Post Service Headquarters   Send a postcard, send or receive scrolls, play HP trivia, or post, read or send messages online at this combination owl post service office, post office, and internet outpost located on the third floor of Hogwarts. More Information.

(76, Second Floor) Ravenclaw House Store   Located in the Ravenclaw tower on the second floor of Hogwarts, this store carries Ravenclaw and Hogwarts items such as t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, caps, pennants, posters, patches, stuffed animals, jewelry, stickers, notebooks, backpacks, and more.

(76, Second Floor) Slytherin House Store   Located in the Slytherin tower on the second floor of Hogwarts, this store sells Slytherin and Hogwarts stuff, such as t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, caps, pennants, posters, patches, stuffed animals, jewelry, stickers, backpacks, notebooks, and more.

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