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Sorting Hat

    How does the Sorting Hat decide which House to sort you into? First it fathoms your fears, probes your preferences, tests your temptations, and delves into your dreams. It classifies each of them into one of four categories. Finally, it sums them all up with one word: GRYFFINDOR, HUFFLEPUFF, RAVENCLAW, or SLYTHERIN.
    The Sorting Hat might seem eccentric, but there is a method to its madness. Its threadbare brains are filled with centuries of knowledge. The classification of subjects into four groups has a long precedent in history, and the theory of varied psychological types is nothing new, either. The Sorting Hat may be made of fluff, but it has what it takes to make the right decision.
    Luckily, we found a book in the Hogwarts Library that explains the history behind its Sorting Magic. But the best way to explore its sorting techniques is to be sorted yourself! Just tap your wand on one of the following:

Automatic Sorting



    To get a glimpse at how the Sorting Hat works, take the following test. Select the response that best describes your attitudes or actions for each of the questions below, writing down your choices as you go. Then click your wand on the "Sorting Hat Solution" charm at the bottom of the page to evaluate your results and determine what House you belong in.

1. Which of the following describes the ideal owl?
a.  sleek, silent, powerful, and pedigreed, with the papers to prove it 
b.  swift, bold, energetic, and agile, with no fear of foreign lands
c.  sharp-eyed, intelligent, disciplined, and observant, with a superior sense of direction
d.  gentle, reliable, easy-going, and affectionate, with a longer than average lifespan

2. Which of the following describes the ideal house?
a.  a two-story cottage with a self-tending gnomeless garden, a swimming pool, a sun deck, and friendly neighbors
b.  a castle overlooking the sea, with a drawbridge, miles of underground tunnels, a lake, and an enchanted forest
c.  a Victorian home in the cultural district, with a library, a magic ballroom, spiral staircases, and a view of the park
d.  a country manor with house elves, stables, a private Quidditch field, and a stone wall around the entire property

3. What would be the ideal resolution to a Wizard's Duel in the Dueling Club?
a.  an honorable, painless duel that ends in a draw, a friendly handshake, and increased mutual respect
b.  a decisive victory over an unworthy and unprepared opponent from another House, followed by uproarious applause
c.  an exciting, competitive duel with a well-matched opponent, whom you finally defeat and disarm with flair
d.  a perfectly executed series of difficult charms which earns you a high score and your teachers' admiration

4. Which of the following groups of Bertie Bott's flavors do you prefer the most?
a.  sizzling cinnamon, pumpkin pie, tangy lemon-lime, ginger fizz, bubble gum
b.  chilled champagne, candied almonds, espresso, cherry cordial, devil's food cake
c.  banana pudding, apple pie, milk chocolate, root beer float, peaches and cream
d.  crême brulée, mint julep, carrot cake, white chocolate, strawberry-mango medley

5. Which of the following best describes your ideal vacation?
a.  scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, hiking in the Grand Canyon, and volcano exploring in Hawaii
b.  skiing in the Swiss Alps, shopping in Paris, and cruising the Mediterranean aboard the QE2
c.  swimming with dolphins in the Caribbean, sunbathing on Mexican beaches, and vacationing at Disneyworld
d.  touring the castles of France, exploring Roman ruins, and taking a culinary tour of Tuscany

6. Someone you're not attracted to asks you to the Halloween Party tomorrow.  What would you do?
a.  refuse politely, explaining that you're not going because you have to study for a Charms test
b.  accept because the party sounds cool, and it doesn't really matter who you go with anyway
c.  refuse politely but without offering any explanation, then go to the party on your own
d.  accept because you don't want to hurt this person's feelings, but ask a friend to meet you there

7. What kind of job would you ideally like to have after you graduate from Hogwarts?
a.  Gringotts Curse Breaker, Professional Quidditch Player, or Auror
b. Daily Prophet Editor, Hogwarts Professor, or Wizard Defense Attorney
c.  Unicorn Specialist, Leaky Cauldron Owner, or Qwikspell Teacher
d.  Minister of Magic, Gringotts President, or Private Wizarding Consultant

8. You have a Potions test, a Quidditch match, and a Wizard's Duel this Friday. How would you prepare?
a.  assign priorities to each and organize your study/preparation schedule accordingly
b.  spend time preparing for the one that's most important to you personally, and forget the others
c.  pretend to work equally hard on all three, but spend most your time on the one that offers the most House points
d.  hang out with your friends all week, then cram for all three the night before

9. In addition to your spell books, what type of books and wizard movies do you usually prefer?
a.  drama, romance, historical fiction, foreign films, and the classics
b.  horror, mystery, satire, gothic, and psychological dramas
c.  comedy, animated, nature, comic books, and self-help
d.  action-adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, martial arts, and westerns

10. A member of another house has been spreading rumors about you. What would you do?
a.  get back at him by casting a Drooling Curse or a Sour Armpit Spell on him when his back is turned
b.  confront him, challenging him to a wizard's duel or a broomstick race if he doesn't apologize publicly
c.  report him to a prefect or professor, and request a peer trial or magical mediation
d.  hang out with large groups of friends in the corridors, avoiding him whenever possible

11. You've won a shopping spree on Diagon Alley. Which of the following lists of items would you choose?
a.  Quick-Quotes Quill, Pensieve, Siamese cat, hat with a magically illuminated study light, charm bracelet
b.  Foe Glass, Secret Diary, Italian greyhound, hooded velvet robe with expandable hidden pockets, power amulet
c.  Remembrall, Self-Spell Check Pen, Scottish terrier, self-warming cotton bath robe, protective talisman
d.  Wizard Chess Set, disappearing ink, chameleon, dragon hide boots with dragon claw cleats, singing sunglasses

To find out which house you belong in, click on one of the following:

Sorting Solution by Owl

This option is available only temporarily. Result times vary, however. It could take several days to receive your result.

Self-Calculation of Sorting Solution

If you don't want to wait for an e-owl, you can calculate the results of the Self-Sorter test yourself immediately.

 And don't forget to select a wand while you're waiting!