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Attractions Photos
Take a peek at select World of Magic attractions with a few Muggle photos provided by Colin Creevey.

Hogwarts Gardens
 Blooms in Hogwarts' garden stand guard over the castle.
Hogwarts Classroom
A Hogwarts classroom awaits new arrivals of students.


A storm brews behind the Nagini's Revenge roller coaster.

A Hogwarts room awaits guests for a private party.

Hog's Head Pub
World of Magic guests in search of
refreshment head for the Hog's Head pub.
Street Performer
A Street Performer does card tricks
in London Square.
Magical Creatures Carousel
A young witch rides a unicorn
at the Magical Creatures Carousel.

Falconry Wizard
A Hogwarts Falconry wizard 
displays a hawk at the Aviary Stage.
Golden Eagle
A Golden Eagle, symbol of the 
Ravenclaws, perches for Owlery visitors.
Owl Post
A witch releases a Great Horned Owl 
into the wind at the Aviary Stage.

Wronski Feint
The silhouette of the Wronski Feint
looms above Hogsmeade.
Terror at the Tower
Terror at the Tower turrets
reach for the Muggle Land sky.
London Autos
A family takes an afternoon cruise
aboard London Autos and Lorries.

The Burrow
A Garden gate welcomes visitors to the
Weasley residence, known as the Burrow.
The Burrow
The Burrow lies near a secluded meadow
in Ottery St. Catchpole.
London Phones, Jr.
A boy emerges from a
London Phones, Jr. phone booth.

Café Beauxbatons
Café Beauxbatons is famous for its
French cuisine and delightful ambiance.
Beauxbatons Pastries
French pastries are a big hit with witches
and wizards at Café Beauxbatons.
A waterfall welcomes Hogwarts 
students as they cross The Lake.


An Apothecary wizard assists
customers near the herb cabinets.

It's a Nessie sighting at the
Merpeople boats.
Fireworks above Hogwarts
Enchanted Evening Fireworks light up
the night sky above Hogwarts.

Cauldron Shop
A darkened cauldron shop displays
its wares.
A fireplace brings warmth to a Hogwarts common room.
Diagon Alley
Who knows what lurks in the shadows
of Diagon Alley at night?


Three Broomsticks Restaurant & Public House
is a popular dining spot in Hogwmeade.

Eager Lockhart fans flock to his Beauty Salon
to purchase Magical Me products.

All aboard the Hogwarts
Express at King's Cross.

Photo Credits & Secrets