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Wizard Semester Abroad

Take the Beauxbatons Entrance Exam!

     In an effort to promote magical understanding and enhance the spirit of international wizardry, Madame Maxime, the Director of Beauxbatons Ecole de Sorcellerie, has established a wizard exchange program that enables participants to spend a semester abroad. 

     Hogwarts students who wish to apply for a semester at Beauxbatons must first pass an exam designed to test their knowledge of witchcraft and wizardry, as well as their mastery of the French language. Those who answer all questions correctly on the elementary level exam will receive a certificate of achievement. They will then be entered into the pool from which are drawn the names of future exchange students. Those correctly answering all questions on the advanced level exam will also be considered for a scholarship that will cover tuition and fees during their semester abroad.

     It should be noted that while a command of spoken and written French is helpful, students with minimal French skills have been known to pass the elementary level exam by employing nothing more than common sense. Interested applicants are invited to apply by clicking their wand on one of the following exams:

Elementary Level Exam
Advanced Level Exam