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Prefects' Lounge

Welcome to the Prefects' Lounge Waiting Room! Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable. The kitchen elves will begin serving refreshments shortly. 

Only prefects are allowed into the inner sanctum, but you can contact prefects using our owl message board below. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Prefects' Waiting Room
We have no prefect positions open at this time. When we do have a position to fill, we will select our new prefect from among those who participate actively in their common room, who are dedicated, articulate, friendly, and patient, and who post actively but whose messages have a purpose. 

Earning points for your house and attending Great Hall events are a plus, too. 

So show us what you've got!


Prefects' Owl Message Board
Tap your wand on your prefect's "owl" to send a message.


*Head Boy         Prefects         *Head Girl

                     Gryffindor     Hufflepuff         Ravenclaw     Slytherin
                      Ankit*  owl     Fleur owl           Litanya* owl     Quellehisiel  owl
                      Amy    owl     Annie  owl         Goldie   owl      Gondolyn Lyon owl
                      Lolly    owl     Faerieowl           Butters owl      Stephen owl
                                                                   Jamie owl


Prefects' Lounge - Private!

Prefects Enter Here!