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Fang Points the Way
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Terror at the Tower
magical creatures show
Hedwig at Eyelops Owl Emporium
Potable Goblet of Fire
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   Arcades    Artisan Demonstrations    Artisan Shops    Beverage Stands    Fountains
   Dark Rides    Character Appearances    Beauty Shops & Body Art    Food Stands & Windows    Photo Ops & Monuments
   Family Rides    Fireworks    Book Shops    Outdoor Seating    Statues
   Games of Skill    Indoor Shows    Caricatures    Party Reservations
   High-Flying Rides    Hogwarts Classes    Clothing Shops    Pubs
   Kids' Rides    Hogwarts Events    Fortune Tellers    Restaurants
   Magical Residences    Kiddy Shows    House Shops    Sweet Shops
   Mazes    Live Animal Acts    Jewelry Shops . Tea Shops
   Merry-Go-Rounds    Live Music Acts    Joke Shops .
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   Spinning Rides    Stuffed Animal Shops
   Thrillseeker Rides    Wizard Supply Shops
   3D Rides
   Vehicle Rides
   Water Rides .

Terror at the Tower

Rides & Games by Type

Individual rides and games may fall into more than one category.

Arcades Games of Skill Remote-Control Games Dark Rides
   Scabbers'    Fred & George's Laser Fun House    Remote-Control Boats    Search for the Sorcerer's Stone
   Virtual Village    Game Gallery    Remote-Control Quidditch    The Shrieking Shack
High-Flying Rides Mazes Merry-Go-Rounds Petting Zoos
   Beauxbatons Flying Carriage    The Maze    Magical Creatures Carousel    Firenze's Farm
   The Wronski Feint    Kiddy Corner
Playgrounds & Parks Roller Coasters 3D Rides Water Rides
   Dragon's Den    Gringotts    The Knight Bus    The Lake
   Elf Village    Nagini's Revenge    Quidditch 3D Experience    Moaning Myrtle's
   London Phones, Jr.    Terror at the Tower      Thames Twister
   Moaning Myrtle's  
Magical Residences Spinning Rides Transportation Vehicle Rides (not transport.)
   The Burrow    Aragog's Lair    The Durmstrang    Bumper Taxis
   Elf Village    Azkaban Prison    Hogsmeade Depot    Flying Cars
   The Giant's Cottage    Crazy Quidditch    Hogwarts Depot    Hogwarts Express, Jr.
   Hagrid's Hut    The Sorting Hat    King's Cross Station    The Knight Bus, Jr.
   Hogsmeade Cottages    The Wheel of Fortune    The Lake    Kiddy Corner
   House Common Rooms    Merpeople Boats    London Autos & Lorries
Family Rides & Games Kid's Rides Thrillseeker Rides
   Bumper Taxis    London Autos & Lorries    The Knight Bus, Jr.    Aragog's Lair*
   The Burrow    Magical Creatures Carousel    London Phones, Jr.    Azkaban Prison**
   Crazy Quidditch    The Maze    Elf Village    Beauxbatons Flying Carriage **
   Firenze's Farm    Merpeople Boats    Dragon's Den    The Durmstrang
   Fred & George's Laser Fun House    Moaning Myrtle's    Flying Cars    Gringotts **
   Game Gallery    The Owlery    Hogwarts Express, Jr.    The Knight Bus *
   Gamer's Row    Remote-Control Boats    Kiddy Corner    Nagini's Revenge***
   The Giant's Cottage    Remote-Control Quidditch    Quidditch 3D Experience *
   Hogsmeade Cottages    Search for the Sorcerer's Stone    Scabbers'
   Hogsmeade Depot    The Secret Tunnel    The Shrieking Shack **
   Hogwarts Depot    The Sorting Hat    Terror at the Tower ***
   King's Cross Station    Thames Twister    The Wheel of Fortune *
   The Lake    Virtual Village    The Wronski Feint ***    .

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