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Call for Fan Pics

Help us build our theme park by sending us photos and artwork!
We are now accepting submissions of the following:

Photographs of theme park attractions, etc... that look like World of Magic attractions and can be used on our Attractions Photos page. Please include your name, what the photo is a picture of, and what World of Magic attraction you think it might portray.

Full color drawings / photoshop art of places in the Harry Potter books. You may include people / characters / theme park visitors in your artwork if you wish. Again, give us your name and tell us what the image you have drawn is.

Black & White images to go above titles that do not currently have one. For examples, see our Attractions or Neighborhoods page. When submitting, include your name and what page the image was designed for.

All artists will naturally be given credit for their artwork
and will receive a link back to their site, if applicable.