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At Harry Potter's World of Magic Theme Park, the main attraction is MAGIC!!
To learn more about our magical attractions, select a category and start exploring.
Don't forget to consult the World of Magic Map to verify each attraction's location.
(The number in parentheses preceding each attraction corresponds to its location on the WOM Map.)

Terror at the Tower
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Terror at the Tower

Rides and Games
Harry Potterís World of Magic has its fair share of chills and spills, with rides for every age and taste.
Rides are classified as suitable for Kids (K), Families (F) or Thrillseekers (T). Thrillseeker rides are further categorized as exciting (no star),  very exciting (*),  super exciting (**),  and downright terrifying (***). 

For many attractions, height restrictions may also apply.

Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley

(17) Gringotts  (T**) Hang on to your hat as Griphook and the Gringotts goblins guide you at breakneck speed through eerie tunnels in a torch-lit cave on this miniature indoor mine train.

(22) Scabbersí  (T) Whether you come in for a game of pool or pinball, or challenge a master wizard to a game of Chess, youíll need to keep an eye out for Peter Pettigrew, who often lurks in the shadows.

Muggle Land

(130) Bumper Taxis  (F) Tour London in a sleek, black taxi, but donít forget that they drive on the left side of the road here. If you do end up on the wrong side of the road, your taxiís large, rubbery fender should cushion most of the blows.

(not shown) Dursley Residence (F) Create your own photo opportunity by posing in front of this home located on a street of cookie-cutter residences. Unfortunately, you won't be able to visit, for it appears that the Dursley's have left: all the doors, windows, and even the mail slot, have been nailed shut!

(117) Game Gallery  (F) Try your hand at ring toss, darts, hoop shoot, balloon race, coin toss, duck hunting, ten pins, or skeet ball at this game gallery on Royal Road.  Winners earn stuffed animals or tokens redeemable for a variety of prizes.

(104) Kingís Cross Station  (F) Photo  Slip through the barrier hiding Platform 9 ¾ from Muggles for a ride aboard the Hogwarts Express. Travel to Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, or round trip, and donít forget to buy some Bertie Bottís Every Flavor Beans or Chocolate Frogs on the platform before you climb aboard.

(120) The Knight Bus  (T*) Hop on for the ride of your life, for this is no regular bus. When traffic gets bad, this coach flies! Hang on tightly to your (moving) seat on this bumpy 3D tour of England.

(113) The Knight Bus, Jr. (K) Children will delight in this smaller version of the Knight Bus which provides a shorter and smoother ride on the ground and in the air.

(114) London Autos and Lorries (F) Take a ride through London and the English countryside in your own motorized auto or truck.  Luckily, you can't make a wrong turn even if the steering wheel is on the wrong -- er, I mean right -- side of the car. Photo

(132) London Phones, Jr.  (K) Modeled after the working London phone booths located by the Terror at the Tower, these seven phone booths encircling a small park allow kids to call from one booth to another, free of charge. Children can also dial up Harry, Hermione, Ron and other characters.

(103) Reading Cat Statue (F) Create your own photo opportunity by posing with this curious cat with square markings around her eyes, who appears to be reading a map.

(106) Terror at the Tower  (T***) From the entry through Traitorsí Gate to the executioner's scaffold at Tower Hill, this dark coaster through the Tower of London is frightful fun.  But beware of the ravens on the White Towerís turrets, and the tolling of the curfew bell, for they announce the arrival of the ghosts of Lady Jane Grey and the Bloody Baron (Baron George Jeffreys), among others. Photo

(109) Thames Twister  (F) Take a cruise down Englandís Thames river the old-fashioned way, in a hollowed-out log.  Thereís fun for all in this wet and wonderful ride featuring caves, cascades and castles.


(39) Elf Village  (K) Little ones love this miniature city and pint-sized park with its tiny homes and school house, kiddy cars and traffic signs, and gardens of dancing and singing flowers and mushroom fountains.

(46) Fred and Georgeís Laser Fun House (T*) Play laser wand tag in this mirrored maze. You can earn bonus points by tagging the golden snitch, but watch out for dragons, trolls, and opponents along the way. 5-, 10-, and 20-minute sessions available. Players can compete on a House team or alone.

(47) Gamer's Row  (F) This Quidditch training center features Quaffle Toss, Beat the Bludger, Catch the Snitch, Flying Key Darts, and a large Wizard's Wand Laser "Shooting" Gallery. Winners are rewarded with knuts which are exchangeable for a variety of prizes.

(43) Hogsmeade Cottages  (F) In each cottage, the hostess cleans house, summons spell books and lights lanterns with the flick of a wand. Floo dust helps transport you from one cottageís chimney to another.

(48) Hogsmeade Depot (F) Catch the Hogwarts Express from this animated depot where vendors sell candy and ice cream along the platform and a miniature train magically encircles a track along the roof.

(41) The Shrieking Shack  (T**)  Ride through this haunted house with secret passages, sliding doors and close escapes from resident ghosts and a werewolf. It's frightfully real! Or is it just your imagination?

(42) The Secret Tunnel (F) Behind the Shrieking Shack lies the entrance to a secret tunnel that transports you to Hogwarts on a moving sidewalk. Don't forget to wave to the merpeople as you pass underwater views of the lake, and keep your eyes open for vampire bats in lower-level caves and dungeons.

(50) Virtual Village  (F) Come inside to play magical pinball and video games, including virtual quidditch on a moving broom with a virtual helmet, and virtual wizardís duel using a virtual wand and helmet.

(49) The Wronski Feint  (T***) Quidditch training has never been more thrilling.  Youíll rise slowly twelve stories up into the air, then free fall, swerving for a stop just before hitting the ground. Photo

Godric's Hollow and Environs

(101) The Burrow  (F) Welcome to the Weasley home, a topsy-turvy house where photos wave at visitors, pots stir themselves, gnomes inhabit the garden, periodic explosions (courtesy of Fred & George) rock the house, and gravity doesnít always apply. Photos

(99) Crazy Quidditch  (F) This ride consists of giant quaffles, bludgers and golden snitches in which guests ride, rotating and spinning at their own speed in a crazy quidditch match where you're the ball.  Luckily for those inside the bludgers, there are no clubs!

(96) The Giantís Cottage  (F) This cottage is scaled to suit a giant, for it marks the entrance to Giant Territory.  But donít worry, you'll have plenty of time to explore the place before the owner returns.

(not shown) Godric Gryffindor Statue (F) Create your own photo opportunity by posing with the statue of the venerable co-founder of Hogwarts and creator or the Gryffindor house.

(87) Harry Potter Photo Boards  (F) Life-size picture boards depict HP scenes (Hagrid on a motorcycle holding baby Harry, the Potter family in Mirror of Erised, etcÖ) with cutouts that allow guests to insert their own face for a photo.

(97) Remote Control Boats  (F)  Youíre the captain as you steer your miniature boat through caves, around rocks, past dragon island, and into the castle moat, if you can.

(85) Remote Control Quidditch  (F) Up to 14 people can try their hand at Quidditch with players on brooms controlled remotely from the ground.  The magnetic snitch makes fleeting appearances, so the seeker has to keep his eyes open.

(100) Search for the Sorcererís Stone  (F) Youíll encounter Fluffy, the devilís snare, flying keys, living chessmen, an unconscious troll, potion bottles, and the Mirror of Erised as you boat ride through a cave in search of the sorcerer's stone.

(84) The Wheel of Fortune  (T*) This wheel has dozens of two-person cars around a hub which rotates and then rises on a single arm as it continues to spin.  When the arm lowers and the wheel stops spinning, you exit your car and leave the ride by means of one of four gates, each with a different fortune predicting wealth, health, fame, power, beauty or something else.

The Forbidden Forest

(60) Aragogís Lair   (T*)  Should you fall upon this giant spider's lair in the forest, beware of the giant eight legged creature who will spin you around in his web until you are too dizzy to escape.

(57) Azkaban Prison  (T**)  Prisoners find themselves spinning around and around and around while lights blink and prisoners shriek and moan on this high speed whirligig that leaves them dizzy and demented.

(61) Dragonís Den  (K)  Kids canít get enough of the four dragon slides of varying heights and the suspension bridge extending over the sandbox canyon. They also enjoy exploring the four small caves connected by tunnels.  Don't step on the dragon eggs!

(55) Firenzeís Farm  (F)  Kindhearted Firenze runs this petting farm for baby animals whoíve lost their way in the forest.  Inhabitants include lambs, goats, rabbits, miniature horses, pigs, ducks, snakes, miniature horses, and -- is that a unicorn?

(59) Flying Cars  (K)  These flying Ford Anglias fly around and around, and swoop up and down in response to the pilotís wishes.  For children only, but adults will wish they could join in on the fun, too.

(56) Magical Creatures Carousel  (F)  The whole family will want to ride this giant carousel inhabited by unicorns, centaurs, hippogriffs, winged horses and even a few dragons and snakes. Photo

(51) Naginiís Revenge  (T***)  You-Know-Whoís slithering serpent will take you on a hair-raising ride through her coils which wind, loop, twist, rise and plunge to the forest floor, with speeds of over 80 mph and coils extending 250 feet into the sky. Watch out for those fangs! Photo


Hogwarts School and grounds

(Not shown) Beauxbatonsí Flying Carriage  (T**)  Climb aboard this giant flying-horse drawn carriage that rises higher into the sky with each swing before coming in for a soft landing on Hogwarts grounds.

(74) The Durmstrang  (T) This boat may resemble pirate ship ruins, but itís navigable, according to the captain. If you donít mind a few bumps, creaks and moans, some fog, and a couple of skeletons, it's a nice way to travel to Hogwarts.

(72) Hogwarts Depot  (F)  The Hogwarts Expressí final destination is this new depot which is much closer to the castle. Students still have to cross the lake once they arrive at the depot, unless they choose to approach Hogwarts via Country Lane and Border Blvd.

(69) Hogwarts Express, Jr.  (K)  This tiny train carries tots around a big circle track twice, passing a miniature castle, a tiny lake and camera-bearing parents along the way.

(67) Kiddy Corner  (K)  Children can wander through a miniature maze, cruise in miniature boats in the Liíl Lake, and ride miniature motorcycles similar to the one Sirius Black loaned Hagrid, only smaller.

(75) The Lake  (F)  Traveling from depot to castle is a blast of cool water in an 8-man raft which spins and floats through rapids, in front of falls, and finally into a cave where you exit onto Hogwartsí grounds. Photo

(77) The Maze  (F)  Talking statues guide you through the maze as you search for the exit. Some statues require you to answer trivia questions before they'll help you. And if you don't solve the Sphinxís riddle, youíll have to take the long way around.  A Triwizardry Tournament trophy awaits at the exit.  It's safe to take your picture with it, as the portkey spell has been removed.

(73) Merpeople Boats  (F)  Ride across the lake in a boat shaped like a merperson, or in one of their trained "Nessie" boats, which you and your partner peddle to the Hogwarts docks or from Hogwarts back to the other side. Photo

(68) Moaning Myrtleís  (F)  When itís hot outside, wizards and witches flock to this water pipe park where they play with, walk through, and splash in jets and fountains of water flowing from dozens of pipes.

(81)The Owlery  (F) Take a peek at magnificent owls, eagles, falcons, ravens, and other birds in this aviary on Hogwarts grounds, and find out how they live and hunt in this aviary / interactive museum. Photo

(71) Quidditch 3D Experience  (T*)  Hold on to your broom as you soar on high with the Gryffindor Quidditch team, beating and dodging bludgers, tossing and blocking quaffles, and battling Slytherins as Harry searches for the snitch.

(63) The Secret Tunnel  (F) Beside the Whomping Willow, youíll find the entrance to the secret tunnel that transports you to Hogsmeade on a moving sidewalk past underground and underwater views of the lake bottom and lower dungeons.

(70) The Sorting Hat  (F)  This giant wizardís hat carries you along for the ride as it spins in circles, periodically lifting off the ground, then deposits you next to one of four exits bearing the names of the four Houses.

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Terror at the Tower
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