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Marauder's Map

The Marauder's Map is the key to finding your way around Hogwarts.
The attached Map Key, Hogwarts Directory and Guide to Hogwarts are especially helpful for First Year students.

map of Hogwarts

Map Key

(white) halls & corridors
(red) restrooms (always in pairs - girls' and boys')
(green) stairs (arrow indicates direction up; swirl indicates spiral stair)
(black) elevators
(blue) classrooms (used for classes and, in some cases, parties)
(indigo) house rooms (common rooms and dormitories)
(pink) house stores
(scarlet) forbidden areas (one each on second, third & fourth floors)
(yellow) other areas (see below for additional information)


Hogwarts Directory

     First Floor      Second Floor      Third Floor      Fourth Floor
1 Entrance Hall 1 Ravenclaw House Store 1 Gryffindor House Store 1 Gryffindor Common Room
2 Great Hall 2 Slytherin House Store 2 Hufflepuff House Store 2 Ravenclaw Common Room
3 Fireplace 3 Staff Room 3 Forbidden Corridor 3 Hufflepuff Common Room
4 Buffet Line 4 Broom Closet 4 Charms Classroom 4 Library
5 High Table (Professors' Dais) 5 Elf Break Room 5 Hospital Wing
6 First Years Room 6 Trophy Room 6 Prefects' Lounge
7 Moaning Myrtle Tunnel 7 Armory 7 Mirror of Erised Room
8 Hidden Passageway 8 Suit of Armor
9 Owl Post Service Hdqrs. 9 Elf Break Room
10 One-Eyed Witch Statue
     Fifth Floor      Sixth Floor      Dungeons (Basement)
1 Girls' Dormitories 1 Observation Gallery 1 Deathday Party Dungeon
2 Boys' Dormitories 2 Potions Classroom
3 Divination Classroom 3 Slytherin Common Room & Do rmitories
4 Astronomy Tower 4 Chamber of Secrets
5 Moaning Myrtle Tunnel Exit


Guide to Hogwarts

General Information
Hogwarts includes six stories of classrooms, corridors, chambers, common rooms and towers, plus a seventh story observatory and several dungeons underground.  Getting around Hogwarts can be challenging, so it's advisable to keep a copy of the Marauder's Map with you at all times.  Luckily, copies can be found in the Entrance Hall and at Hogwarts Depot.

First Floor - This is where newcomers are welcomed, and students and professors gather together for meals and ceremonies.
Entrance Hall - This cavernous hall greets new arrivals at Hogwarts.
Great Hall - The largest room in Hogwarts, this is where students and professors dine beneath a enchanted ceiling.
First Years' Room - This tiny room is where first year students meet before the Sorting Ceremony.
Moaning Myrtle Tunnel - This hidden tunnel leads to the Chamber of Secrets.

Second Floor - Two house stores and a few classrooms and other areas characterize the second floor.
Ravenclaw House Store - This shop in the Ravenclaw tower sells Ravenclaw merchandise.
Slytherin House Store - The Slytherin's house store is located in the Slytherin tower.
Staff Room - A break room for current faculty members (employees) only.
Broom Closet - A storage room for current faculty members (employees) only.

Third Floor - In spite of the forbidden corridor, the third floor is bustling with activity from classrooms and stores.
Gryffindor House Store - A shop for Gryffindor merchandise located in Gryffindor tower.
Hufflepuff House Store - The Hufflepuff shop, located in Hufflepuff tower.
Forbidden Corridor - A nasty three-headed surprise awaits those who dare to open the door to this corridor.
Charms Classroom - Professor Flitwick's Charms class meets here.
Elf Break Room - A break room for kitchen elves only.
Trophy Room - This is where Hogwarts trophies are kept, including the one with Riddle's name on it.
Armory - Rows of armor and ancient arms line this L-shaped room.
Hidden Passageway - Very few Hogwarts students know the location of this secret passage.
Owl Post Service Headquarters - This is the place for all your long-distance communication needs.
One-Eyed Witch Statue - Rumor has it that a secret passage lies beneath this witch, but access is no longer available.

Fourth Floor - In addition to the library and classrooms, three common rooms are accessible to house menbers on this floor.
Gryffindor Common Room - Only Gryffindors permitted except during guest visitation hours.
Ravenclaw Common Room - Only Ravenclaws permitted except during guest visitation hours.
Hufflepuff Common Room - Only Hufflepuffs permitted except during guest visitation hours.
Library - This is where students come for books and stories.
Hospital Wing - Illnesses and accidents are treated promptly and kindly.
Prefects' Lounge - Prefects and weekly house member winners are pampered here.
Mirror of Erised Room - Gaze into the mirror here to see your heart's desire.
Elf Break Room - Another room for kitchen elves and staff members to take a break.

Fifth Floor - Spiral staircases lead upwards from the fourth floor to the fifth floor's towers.
Girls' Dormitories - A spiral staircase leads to the girls' dorms from the fourth floor common rooms.
Boys' Dormitories - Another spiral staircase leads to the boys' dorms from each of the fourth floor common rooms.
Divination Classroom - A spiral staircase and a trapdoor lead you to Professor Trelawney's classroom.
Astronomy Tower - This is the place to come for excellent views of the night skies.

Sixth Floor - Sky gazers and curious students climb to the top of the astronomy tower's windowed dome.
Observation Gallery - This gallery atop the astronomy tower offers excellent views of the stars and Hogwarts grounds.

Dungeons - Beneath the castle lies dungeons, deathday celebrants, and dorms.
Deathday Party Dungeon - Nearly Headless Nick entertains friends and fellow phantoms underground.
Potions Classroom - Professor Snape teaches Potions in this dungeon.
Slytherin Common Room & Dormitories - The Slytherin common room & dorms lie in the bowels of the castle.
Chamber of Secrets - An evil force once threatened Hogwarts students from within this hidden underground chamber.
Moaning Myrtle Tunnel - This hidden tunnel leads from the First Floor bathrooms to the Chamber of Secrets.

Hogwarts Notes