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Information Pavilion

Park Information

Tickets are available at the gates, and prices are as follows:

Single Visit
2-Day Visit
Season's Pass*
(Advance Purchase)
Season's Pass*
(Later Purchase)
Adult (14 & up)
Child (2 - 13 years)
Family (2 adults, 2 kids)
Official Party Groups
$15 per adult
     (reservations required)
$  9 per child 
Groups of 10 or more
$20 per adult
     (advanced purchase)
$12 per child

    *Season's Passes are offered at a discount with an advanced purchase.  Advance purchases are available from January through early March.  For more information about the Season's Pass, click here.

    During the summer months, discounted weekday tickets are available from Warner Brothers Stores or at the park with a coupon, and tickets are available "buy one, get one free" in the park after 5:00 pm. Group tickets can be purchased at the reduced prices above by contacting the admissions office at least one week in advance.

    Admission does not guarantee a seat in the Sorting Ceremony or Hogwarts classes. Seating for these events requires a reservation and payment of a nominal fee. For more information on Classes and Ceremonies, click here.

    Parking fees are $5 per car per visit. A Season's Parking Pass can be obtained for $15 for one driver with the purchase of an Adult or Family Season's Pass, or for $20 for two drivers with the purchase of a Family Season's Pass.


Hours of Operation

    Park hours vary according to the season.  During the summer months, spring break, winter break, and the month of October, park hours are from 9 am to 11 pm, with a special late closing at midnight on Halloween and on the two weekends preceding it. The park is closed weekdays from mid September to mid October, for most of November, for the first two weeks of December, as well as from January through early March.  During this time, the Great Hall and classrooms at Hogwarts will be available to corporations and large groups for catered parties. Click here for information on parties.


Classes and Ceremonies

Required Pre-registration and Fee Payment :  Park guests wishing to attend one of the sorting ceremonies or classes can pre-register online up to a month in advance, or can register in person at any of the five park post offices that day or up to two weeks in advance, or outside the appropriate Hogwarts classroom or hall beginning at 9:00 am the morning of the event for which they wish to register. With the exception for the first class or ceremony of the morning, 20% of the seats will be reserved for in person registrants. Payment of the small class fee ($2 per class or ceremony on weekdays, $4 on Saturdays and Sundays) or party fee ($5 for Deathday Party on weekdays and Sundays, $8 on Fridays and Saturdays), which is required for attendance, may be made at the classroom or hall itself during registration, at the ticket counter before entering the park if already pre-registered, at any of the five park post offices, or online when purchasing tickets in advance using a credit card.

Sorting Ceremony : Sorting ceremonies are held at 9:30 am, 10:30 am, and 9:30 pm.  Attendees’ parents may make videos of the ceremony from their tables or the back of the hall, but flash photography is not allowed.  Students who have been sorted may join their House table for a non-alcoholic butterbeer toast or return to their parents' table at the back.  Photos will be available for purchase at the end of the half-hour ceremony.

Deathday Party : Two Deathday Parties are held daily, one at 7:00 pm for wizards and witches of all ages, and one at 10:00 pm for adults and older adolescents (15 and up) only. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult who, as a Deathday Party participant, will be required to pay the party fee. As with any other Hogwarts event, disruptive guests will be asked to leave.

Classes : Most classes last approximately forty-five minutes. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied to class by an adult. The adult will not be required to pay and may in some cases sit next to his child but will not participate in the class, if the class is of a participatory nature. Classes for older adolescents and adults (sessions designated by an asterisk *) are especially designed for a more mature audience (15 and up) and may not be appropriate for young children. Any guest who is disruptive in class will be asked to leave. See individual class listings under Hogwarts Shows and Events for class times.


House Membership

House Member Benefits :House Members obtain free post office computer terminal time (fifteen minutes per visit) and access to their House Webpage which enables them to read up on House news, send mails both inside and outside the park, find out whether their house has any shopping and dining discounts that day, and retrieve their House’s current password.  House news often includes notification of when and where to find characters associated with the house that day, as well as notification of special house events, such as house picnics and parties, to be held at the park. House Members can also register for a free e-mail account.

Honorary Prefects : Each week, three or four House members per house will win an opportunity to attend a prefects' party as an honorary prefect. The parties take place on Friday and Saturday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, and winners can choose which evening they prefer to attend. The party takes place in the Prefects' Lounge and the adjoining classroom. Parties include free snacks, beverages, body paint, nail painting, and an age-appropriate goody bag.  Honorary prefects also have access to prefects' computers in this comfortable lounge furnished with overstuffed chairs. 

    Honorary prefects are grouped according to age, with house members 3 - 7 years old invited to the party on the 1st weekend of the month, 8 - 12 on the 2nd weekend of the month, 13 - 17 on the 3rd weekend of the month, 18 - 25 on the 4th weekend of the month, and adults over 25 on the occasional 5th weekend of a month. Younger honorary prefects (3 - 12) must be accompanied by a parent and may bring one friend. Older honorary prefects (13 - 17) may bring one friend and do not have to be accompanied by a parent, but must provide a note of parental consent to attend. Four younger and four older honorary prefects will be chosen each week, and winners can attend the party for their age group that month or the following month on either Friday or Saturday night.  Winners will be chosen by means of various contests that house members participate in online.

House Common Room :Once members have obtained the password, they can enter their House common room at Hogwarts. Only those who know the current password and carry a valid Season's Pass with the correct House insignia or a House Membership card will be allowed to enter. (House members with valid House identification may escort up to three guests from other Houses with them at certain times of the day, however.) House common rooms are decorated with tapestries, art and hangings featuring the House insignia and are managed by a prefect. They offer computer terminals with no usage fees, magic chess sets, a copy of the Daily Prophet, and overstuffed armchairs. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw common rooms also feature a working fireplace. Access to the common rooms can be gained via the entry portrait or wall entry, where the password must be given via intercom.  The boys' and girls' dormitories can be reached via the spiral stair in the common room, and each features magnificent views of the grounds (except Slytherin), a private restroom, an additional computer terminal with no usage fees, snack machines and trunk tables, and its own prefect.  Open House, during which time members can escort guests from other houses inside for a visit, takes place from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm daily.

Obtaining House Membership :House Membership is available at no additional cost for Season’s Pass holders who desire it. House Membership is indicated by the presence of the house insignia (lion, badger, eagle or snake) on the Season's Pass. Ticket holders without a Season's Pass may purchase a single visit ($3) or two-day ($5) House Membership card, entitling them to temporary House Membership benefits, in any of the five park post offices. House Memberships are not transferable.


Private Parties

    Small, unofficial groups celebrating a birthday party or other event are welcome to attend at any time and can celebrate in any of our numerous restaurants provided there is space available, or can bring their own food or cake and celebrate in the picnic area. Several party packages for ‘official’ party groups are also available :

The Basic Party Package :This package includes invitations and goody bags (including Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, a free single visit house membership to any house, 5 brass knuts, HP stickers, an HP pencil, and a scroll of honorary Hogwarts acceptance) for up to ten invitees and the birthday celebrant or person of honor, a wand for the celebrant, and a cake and soft drinks to be served at a reserved table on gold plates and in gold goblets by a kitchen elf, who will then lead the attendants in a round of "Happy Birthday" or "For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow." Cost is $100 plus $10 per additional invitee for up to 20.  This does not include park admission, but official party admission rates are available (see above).  Advance reservations required.

Semi-Private Class Add-On :For an additional $125 fee (plus $10 per attendee for parties larger than 10 invitees and 1 celebrant), party groups of up to 20 invitees and 1 celebrant can add a semi-private class with a Hogwarts professor onto their basic party package.  The forty-five minute class includes magic demonstrations and will ‘teach’ one magic skill involving a prop the student attendees will keep.  Invitees will each receive a wand, and the celebrant will receive a t-shirt. The class may combine guests from one or more parties. Reservations should be made several weeks in advance.

The Complete Party Package :This package includes everything in the basic party package and the semi-private class, plus a photo of the entire group with Harry Potter himself (one copy per attendee), a plush owl for the celebrant, and the delivery of a Happy Birthday scroll message by a real owl at the Aviary stage. Cost is $350 for up to 10 attendees and 1 celebrant, plus $12 per additional invitee for up to 20.  Again, park admission isn’t included but party rates are available.  Reservations must be made at least one to two months in advance.

Party Meals : A meal to be pre-selected from a party menu and served by a Kitchen Elf in the Great Hall can also be added on to party packages for an additional fee per person.

Private Party Package :A private party option is available for 1 celebrant, 2 parents, and up to 2 siblings or friends (or 5 people total) which includes a pre-selected meal and cake (served by kitchen elves) with the professors at their table.  Cost is $120 and also includes invitations, goody bags for all, and a wand for the celebrant.  Availability is limited, so reservations should be made well in advance.

Large Parties : Parties during hours of operation for more than 20 invitees are negotiated separately.  They can be held at a reserved Great Hall table or in a private classroom if held between the hours of 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm.  During peak Great Hall hours, parties can be held in a private classroom.

Catered Parties : Catered parties for corporations in the Great Hall, or for large groups (20 to 40) in a classroom, are also available during weekdays and weekday evenings when the park is closed.

Special Events : During the off-season, certain special events will be held in the Great Hall or one of the park restaurants during holidays such as Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day. Reservations for these should be made in advance. Fees will vary.


Post Offices

    All park guests can purchase and mail postcards for worldwide delivery, send or retrieve an ‘owl,’ pre-register for classes and ceremonies, pay class or party fees, leave a message on the daily electronic message board for anyone visiting the park, or take advantage of a number of electronic games and services for a small charge, at any of five post offices. House members have additional privileges.

    Post offices include the Owl Post Service Headquarters on the third floor at Hogwarts, two Owl Post Service Outposts (Hogsmeade, Godric’s Hollow), Eyelops Owl Emporium in Diagon Alley, and Her Majesty’s Royal Post Office in Muggle Land.

Postcards : You can purchase and mail postcards, which include real views of London as well as shots of Hogwarts, Diagon Alley and various park attractions.

Sending a Scroll by Owl :In order to send an ‘owl’, the sender pays a small fee ($8) which entitles him to 15 minutes access at a computer terminal where he can compose a message, and which ensures electronic delivery of the message and a hard copy. The recipient can retrieve his hard copy, which will be printed on parchment upon arrival, rolled up into a scroll, and secured with a ribbon, at any of the five post offices. At the three Owl Post Service Outposts and at Eyelops Owl Emporium, the retrieval system actually involves a mechanical owl which carries the message from the delivery room behind the counter to the recipient at the counter itself. At Her Majesty’s Royal Post Office, there is no mechanical owl, but the recipient will be told by a mystified clerk that the message was delivered by one. For an additional fee ($5), the sender can include a photo in his message, which will be scanned and sent electronically. All messages sent by owl must be retrieved the same day they are sent.

Class Registration :  Post Office employees can assist park guests wishing to pre-register for Hogwarts classes, the Sorting Ceremony, or the Deathday Feast. Class and Party fee payments can also be made at any of the five post offices, whether guests are pre-registering at the same time or have already pre-registered. Guests can also pre-register for classes and ceremonies online up to a month in advance, and can pay class / party fees online with a credit card. However, some class space (between 10% to 30%) will be reserved for guests who register in person that day.

Use of Computer Terminals :Park guests can use computer terminals to leave or read messages on the park’s electronic message board, send electronic owls, virtual post cards and trivia challenges to other park attendees, and play HP trivia. There is a nominal fee ($1 for five minutes, $2 for fifteen minutes, $7 for one hour) for a card which entitles the user to computer terminal time. For those who are not Season’s Pass holders but who wish to obtain a temporary park e-mail account, gain entry to the House common room, and access additional House privileges, temporary House membership cards can also be purchased at any post office.

House Member Terminal Privileges :In addition to the services available to all park guests, House members can also read House mail, access House discount information, and send e-mail messages to friends within the park or at home. Use of House common room computers is free, and members are also entitled to fifteen minutes free computer terminal time per day at any of the five park post offices.


Season's Pass

    Individual and Family season’s passes, which entitle holders to unlimited entry through the end of the season, are available for purchase beginning in January.  Photographs will be taken on the first day of attendance at the HP Photo Central, and will ‘magically’ portray the pass holder as wearing a magic hat.  Adult pass holders will be categorized as professors, while children and teenagers will be categorized as students on their pass.

    An optional but highly recommended feature is House Membership, which is available at no extra charge to all Season's Pass holders. House Membership is indicated on the pass via the use of the House insignia (lion, badger, eagle, or snake). Pass holders may select their own house or let the photographer’s sorting hat choose for them. House membership entitles the member to enter his House’s online site where he can obtain the House password for use in the park, read House news, and find out about House shopping and dining discounts at any park post office. It also allows him entry to the House common room at Hogwarts, where he can use House terminals at no charge.  House membership also entitles members to ten minutes free computer terminal time per visit, redeemable at any post office, assuming terminal availability. House members can also register for a free e-mail account (example: for use inside or outside the park. For more information on House Membership, click here.

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