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Explore all six neighborhoods of Harry Potter's World of Magic Theme Park :
Diagon Alley & Knockturn Alley, Muggle Land, Hogsmeade, Godric's Hollow & Environs,
the Forbidden Forest, and don't forget Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

HedwigDiagon AlleyHedwig
& Knockturn Alley

    The half-timbered shops of Diagon Alley are protected from Muggles by two magic spells, and with good reason. If Muggle eyes didn’t slide right past the renowned wizarding pub the Leaky Cauldron, which guards the alley’s entrance, and if Muggle legs didn’t stop short at the alley’s brick wall entrance, which is penetrable only by those in the know, they’d discover an entire world of magic they never knew existed. Luckily, only magical folk can find the pub’s secret entry and pass through the brick wall. Once inside, they can browse for spell books, magic wands, cauldrons, brooms and robes to their heart’s content. 

    If that doesn’t satisfy them, the alternative magic shops of the twisted Knockturn Alley hold many a surprise. But young wizards and witches are advised to take along a friend, and preferably a Giant one, for proponents of the dark arts have been known to linger in the shops here, especially at night.


Muggle CrownMuggle LandMuggle Crown

    As every good witch or wizard knows, Muggles are those who live without the assistance of wands, spells, and potions. Yet these non-magical folk aren’t totally devoid of magic, for wizards sometimes have a hand in Muggle affairs. If the Muggles would look beyond the Buckingham palace guards and the West End theaters, they’d find signs of magic everywhere. Instead, they hardly notice the bus that literally flies through traffic, the strangely dressed Ministry employees, and the map-reading cat in the suburbs. All the more reason for witches and wizards to feel safe exploring this strange world where people travel by taxi instead of on brooms, and where letters arrive by lorry instead of by owl.


Hogsmeade BoarHogsmeadeHogsmeade Boar

    The only entirely magic village in England, Hogsmeade is a popular weekend destination for dozens of Hogwarts students desperately in need of rest and relaxation.  After visiting the pubs and shops of High Street, the Quidditch training center on Gamer’s Row, and the candy-filled aisles of Honeydukes, students leave Hogsmeade with a belly full of butterbeer and sweets, pockets full of tricks, and a head full of fond memories.  Not even the professors can resist day trips to the quaint village. And ever since the new Hogwarts depot was built beside the lake, visiting Hogsmeade couldn’t be easier. Students can also visit Hogsmeade in secret, via the underground tunnel that leads from Hogwarts grounds to the Shrieking Shack in Hogsmeade, but they’ll need a copy of the Marauder’s Map to find the hidden entrance.


Gryffindor LionGodric's HollowGryffindor Lion
& Environs

    Nestled in a valley that repels Muggle intruders, Godric’s Hollow is a well guarded secret. Dark magic once struck this wizarding sanctuary, destroying the Potter home and leaving Harry an orphan, but the protective magic of its benevolent founder, Godric Gryffindor, endures. As a symbol of his power, a fountain in the shape of a charging lion stands at the valley’s center, and a nearby theater commemorates Harry’s victory over the dark wizard who lost his powers here. 

    On the other side of the valley, in Ottery St. Catchpole, lies the Weasley residence. Affectionately called the Burrow, this curious cottage defies the rules of gravity, not to mention common sense. Yet, in spite of its destructive garden gnomes, over-enthusiastic self-stirring pots, and the occasional explosion courtesy of Fred and George, visitors are warmly welcomed by the family photographs that line the Burrow’s walls.


Forbidden TreeThe Forbidden ForestForbidden Tree

     At the edge of Hogwarts’ grounds stands a dense forest that students are forbidden to enter. Giant spiders, venomous snakes, bloodthirsty werewolves and even dragons have been known to roam here.  Even worse, anyone who dares approach the recently relocated prison fortress of Azkaban may encounter the dementors.  But those who stay on the forest path may catch a glimpse of a majestic unicorn or a noble centaur. And should trouble arise, Hagrid, Firenze, or the Weasleys’ flying car are never far.



Hogwarts SchoolHogwarts SchoolHogwarts School
& grounds
     Though Hogwarts does not reveal itself to theme park visitors at first, this castle's immense shadow darkens the surrounding lawns and gardens at the base of the hill it stands upon. Visitors who finally arrive via enchanted boats that guide themselves across Hogwarts' glassy lake are astounded by its immensity. This is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, whose reputation is as impressive as its towers. Within its hallowed walls, students take classes in potions, transformation, and charms, while outside on the quidditch field, house teams practice their flying. 

    After dinner in the Great Hall, young witches and wizards retire to one of the four school houses, each in its own tower or dungeon. But doom may await disobedient students who venture out into the halls after nightfall, especially if they wander into the forbidden third floor corridor. And when it comes to exams and tournaments, a face-off with a sphinx in the wizard’s maze is as likely as an essay. Despite annoying apparitions in the halls, detention in the trophy room, and humiliating howlers from home, a chance at the Quidditch Championship and the House Cup makes this school like no other.