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Here are a few of our favorite HP links, organized by category :

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Official Sites

Scholastic's Harry Potter Site : This is the place for all good wizards, witches and Muggles to start their Harry Potter exploration. Play Wizard Trivia, send an owl to a friend, learn about J. K. Rowling and the Harry Potter books, download a screen saver, and visit the discussion chamber. You'll definitely want to listen to recordings of character names at the Pronunciation Guide, accessible from the About the Books page. You may be surprised at the pronunciation of some names, especially that of Voldemort.  (Those of you who speak French may have already figured out how to pronounce it.  Rowling used to be a French teacher, remember?)  But if you want to hear You-Know-Who's name pronounced, you'll have to click three times on his name. The first two times you click, the guide refuses to say it out loud. A must-hear!

Harry Potter Books from Bloomsbury : At the Official HP Site of the original British publishers, you can check out the British HP Glossary, send a Howler or an Owler, watch a video interview of J. K. Rowling, download a screen saver, or purchase British versions of the HP Books.  A must-see site, with lots of fun for both American and British witches and wizards!

Warner Brother's Official Harry Potter Web Site : The official Harry Potter movie site has been recently updated and is a must see.  Please don't skip the intro: it only takes a minute two download, and it's absolutely thrilling!  Once inside, you can send an owl post, sample Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans in Diagon Alley, choose an interactive wand at Ollivanders, participate in Quidditch practice, download HP scenes to color, read the latest news about the upcoming HP movie in the Daily Prophet, enroll in Hogwarts, and get sorted by the Sorting Hat. Online shopping for HP merchandise should soon be available, too. Don't overlook this site!

Harry Potter Website : The official site of J. K. Rowling's publishers, featuring links to all her international publishers as well the address of her agent, to which you can presumably send her fan mail.

Mary GrandPré Official Fan Club : The official web page of the artist who illustrated the American versions of J. K. Rowling's books, which are published by Scholastic.

Jim Dale Home Page : This is the web page of the British actor who recorded the Scholastic versions of the Harry Potter books on CD and cassette. It tells how he came up with the voices for many of the characters, and how he managed to keep them all straight. The page also includes links to Real Audio recordings of him reading from all four books, reviews of his recording, and biographical information.

See International Sites for additional official, and unofficial, sites.

General Fan Sites

The Sporadic Prophet : This hilarious satirical site features inventive news stories and activities based on events in the Harry Potter books. In addition to articles on the Dementors fashion show, a Firebolt recall, and Professor Trelawney's new inner eyeglasses, you can also read Trelawney's monthly rhyming horoscope column and the Sporadic Classifieds. Even the author bios are funny!

Harry Potter Ultimate Guide : This kid-friendly site run by a school librarian has loads of activities, games and information for Harry Potter fans, including the definitive Harry Potter dictionary, a newsletter you can subscribe to, and well-monitored bulletin boards. It's great fun for all!

Midnight at Hogwarts : This site is unique and well-organized, with fantastic graphics and well-written, concise content. I consider it one of the most beautiful HP sites on the internet. There are original activities and lots of info you won't find anywhere else; I especially love the Harry Potter checkers. A must see!

Harry Potter's Philosopher's Shop (The Boy Who Lived) : A really wonderful site that combines thought provoking articles, trivia, a press page, lively graphics (some of which are free for the taking; we're using one of Harry ourselves, Thanks!), free downloads, interactive games and some very helpful tips on how to set up your own Harry Potter web page.

Hogwarts Express : This intelligent and fun-filled site combines interactive games like Harry Potter Hangman, Word Searches, and the Love Test with the funny and thought-provoking 10 Reasons Why the Wizarding World is Economically Unviable. Additional resources include a detailed list of characters (including Mrs Figg's cat Tufty) and meanings of names. You'll definitely want to check out this site!

The Unofficial Harry Potter Fan Club : This fantastic site has fun graphics and lots of information. You can get sorted into a house, choose a wand, have your fortune told, send a postcard, play a game, and read rumors about the remaining books. The Encyclopaedia Potterica is also accessible from here. A must see!

The Harry Potter Galleries : One of the largest and most detailed sites on the net. Their original Potter card game is very well done, and they have an astounding collection of HP art galleries, international word galleries, movie galleries, cover galleries, and text galleries. And don't miss the Vernon Dursley Awards!

Muggle Net : This professional-looking web site has tons of info. In addition to movie and book information, there are unique features including book cover spoofs, rejected titles, "You're too big a fan," games, fan art, fan fiction, several quizzes, and downloads. A good place to start your HP exploration!

Severus Snape's Slytherin Society : This site is dedicated to the underdog of the HP books, and no, I don't mean Harry. If you've never thought much of the Potions Master before, this site may open your eyes to his assets. An excellent, if admittedly biased, site, with fan fiction, chat boards (some requiring a password), and astounding art work. (We almost placed this under the Potter Art heading).

Hedwig's Lair : This original and funny sites looks at the wizarding world through the eyes of its most famous owl, and it turns out the Hedwig has a surprisingly mordant sense of humor. Hedwig's monthly interview and her Rumors Quashed page are especially entertaining, and the photos of Hedwig are stunning.

Potter Enchantment : The webmistress of Potter Enchantment is a talented 11-year old witch named Brittany who has a dynamite personality. Her features include a nice collection of games, a sorting hat, places to visit, and common rooms where house members compete for points. Be sure to drop by this enchanting site!

Hermione and Cho's Hogsmeade Station : This smart-looking site features book and movie info, as well as loads of pictures and links to Fan Fiction and Art. It's definitely worth looking into!

! Harry Potter Books and more : This website includes book reviews, quidditch, games, and news, and also sells HP books, toys, games, and costumes. A great place to get your Harry Potter fix!

Moondog's Harry Potter Paradise : This site is famous for its Harry Potter Personalities buttons, which you can adopt for your website. She also has a very comprehensive list of links, to which you can add your site.

Portkeys : Transport into the Wizarding World : Go Loony for Lupin, and join the Werewolf Watch to track the moon's progress, or get some homework assistance with Hermione's Homework Help. You can also vote for Potter (or Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape, Ron or Hermione) for President.

World of Harry Potter : This young but promising website already has lots to offer : news, a "Know It All" Potter encyclopedia, magical recipes, rumors, book mistakes, movie info and pics, wand selection,  and some very interesting information about the Hufflepuff Mascot.

Harry Potter Focus : This website offers unique activities such as the "Flames of Fire" riddle game, quizzes including the "Care of Magical Creatures Quiz" and the "Mr. Ollivanders Quiz," free e-mail accounts, and guides to the movie and Lego's Harry Potter series.

Padfoot's Harry Potter Page : This site features a unique Marauders Timeline, fan fiction, speculation on future events, and a very interesting analysis of meanings of names.

Harry Potter Mania : The HP Encyclopedia and character information are well done, and there is some fan fiction and a few rumors about future books here, too.

Hagrid's Hut : This site looks at the Harry Potter books from Hagrid's perspective. This site is great fun thanks to clever graphics, an interview with Hagrid, Top 10 Signs You're a Harry Potter Addict, and tours of famous HP shops and places.

Dumbledore: Harry Potter Mania : Another HP Mania site, this one has instructions for fun do-it-yourself HP crafts, puzzles, polls, rumors and fan fiction.

Harry Potter's World of Magic : Fan fiction, news & rumors, analysis of hidden meanings, games, and suggested fantasy literature are just a few of the things this site has to offer. (Note: This site is not related to ours. The similarity in names is a mere coincidence.)

Harry : Get your own Harry Potter e-mail at this gift shop / web site.

The Essential Harry Potter : This British site has articles, reviews, news and a forum about the HP books.

Potter Net : This fledgling site is just opening its wings. Check it out, and say hi to webmistress Jayne!

Harry Potter Facts and Fun : This page is currently on hold, but we hope it will soon return.


The Encyclopaedia Potterica gives definitions for dozens ,perhaps hundreds, of terms associated with the Harry Potter series.  It also has a section on Name & Word Origins that is very interesting. A must-see.

Harry Potter Words and Names Explained : This thorough HP dictionary covers everything from Agrippa to Zweinstein .  A great complement to the Encyclopaedia Potterica.

The American-British / British-American Dictionary : Though this dictionary is not associated with the Harry Potter books, it's quite useful for Americans curious about what treacle is and who (Guy) Fawkes was. Some "colorful" language is included, however.


Broomsticks : Play a round of this Quidditch-inspired computer game online, or purchase the Full Version for yourself. (This is currently Andy's favorite online game.)

Harry Potter Games UK : This site offers online games and quizzes, free downloads, and information on official games for PC, Gameboy, etc... .

Harry Potter Games : Access several games, including a Harry Potter trivia board game, a Wizard Slider, a Harry Potter game show, crossword puzzles, and word searches, from this page. (Not affiliated with above site.)

The Harry Potter Obsession Quiz : This interactive quiz measures your HP obsession rate. Very amusing!

Scoops & Rumors

The Harry Potter Page : This site unites news and information with rumors (gleaned from J. K. Rowling interviews) about future books.

The Harry Potter Movie Informer : Excellent graphics and a clever sorting hat riddle make this Potter page lots of fun.

Coming Attractions: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone : Check out all the latest scoops about casting and other movie information.

The Muggle Informer : News and photos about the upcoming Harry Potter movie are gathered together from various sources at this site.

Potter Art

Tealin Raintree's Harry Potter Gallery : Take a walk through this gallery of HP characters drawn by Tealin while she works to restore her home page.

Harry Potter Clip Art : This cliphoto site offers free HP clip art, including Mary GrandPré illustrations, HP medals and magical animated gifs. Just click on their Clip Art button and select the Harry Potter index.

Astronomy Domine : Best known for its Adoption Agency where you can select drawings of HP characters for your web site, this site also features great extras, including a "casting call" for the Harry Potter movie.

Harry Potter by All the Top Cartoonists : This site features professional HP artwork published by various cartoonists. Lots of fun to look at, but these are by paid professionals, so they're not free for downloading.

Fan Fiction

Fiction Alley : This excellent fan fiction site is dedicated to presenting the best fan fiction written for adults and mature teens in various genres. You'll find novel-length fiction, romance, angst / dark fiction, and humor, all packaged attractively in this beautiful and well-organized site.

The Sugar Quill : This literacy site maintains a page of links to select works of fan fiction.

Literacy Sites

The Sugar Quill : This intelligent site is dedicated to encouraging writers who have been inspired by J.K. Rowling to develop and publish their own works of fiction. In addition to providing helpful writing tips and a number of active message boards with varying topics, the Sugar Quill also maintains a Flourish & Blotts section with links to select fan fiction. If you have a Potter-based story to tell, or if you'd like to read one, this is the place to go.

Muggles for Harry Potter : This site is sponsored by the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression, and its purpose is to "support kids, parents and teachers who are fighting school officials and others who want to ban classroom 'read alouds' of Potter books and other controversial works, remove the books from library shelves and otherwise restrict their use."  The link to the well written "In Defense of Harry" article is definitely worth a look.

International Sites

Harry Potter at Hogwarts : This bilingual German / English page was named the "most beautiful German Harry-Potter-Site" by SpaceView Magazine. Not only is it attractive, it's also quite unique, with lots of  original games (including a Quidditch game where you try to stop the bludgers), interactive visuals, excellent downloads and Owlery cards, and chat rooms. The German version also features an Online Shop.

Harry Potter International : Don't shy away from this page just because the introduction is in German. Scan down the page a little (rather than clicking on the English link which doesn't work), and you'll find names of various HP characters and things in twelve different languages, including English, German, French and Italian. For multilingual witches and wizards, as well as for curious Dreuzels, Gomper, Moldus or Babbani (otherwise known as Muggles).

Le Site de Harry Potter :  This French site is dedicated to all things Potter.  It includes a Lexique des Mots Sorciers (Dictionary of Wizard Words) and two levels of quizzes.  By the way, in the French translations, Hogwarts is Poudlard, and the Golden Snitch is le Vif d'or, but Harry is still Harry and Tu-Sais-Qui (You-Know-Who) is still Voldemort. Even if you don't speak French, it might be fun to see how even French people are embracing la Potter Mania.

Welkom in het Kippenhok : This comprehensive Dutch site features Het Enige Echte Complete Harry Potter Woordenboek (A Harry Potter Dictionary), De Engelse namen (a Dutch-English index of names),  Dobby's Keukengeheimen (Dobby's Cookbook), a list of spells, quidditch rules, comics, horoscopes, quizzes, activities, film photos, poems, and fabulous graphics. They also have a weekly newsletter you can subscribe to. With hundreds of visitors per day, this site is fun to visit even if you don't speak Dutch!

Galtvort trollmannsfotografi : This Norwegian Harry Potter web site features wonderful graphics that are fun to click on, whether you speak Norwegian or not. Also includes a chat room, character info, & book store.

Harry Potter Gallimard-Jeunesse : The official web page of the French publisher of the Harry Potter books. Includes a Glossaire des sorciers (Wizards' Glossary), info on le film, and a gazette des gazettes.

Wizarding Shops

Wizards-Shop: This British Harry Potter gift shop sells HP Trading Cards, toys, games, collectors' items, stationary, and books. They also offer a page of ranked links, owl cards,  and a newsletter for subscribers.

Sylvan Lane Shoppe : This gift shop features a huge assortment of official Harry Potter merchandise. Former patrons of the now defunct Warner Brothers Studio Store will be pleased to find a place to get their HP fix.

Wizard Wands : This wand shops sells wands individually made to suit each customer. Hardwood wand storage boxes also available. Even if you don't want to purchase a wand, you'll want to try out the Sorting Wand to see which wand, Maple & Phoenix Feather or perhaps Ebony & Unicorn Tail Hair, best suits you.

The Chocolate Vault : One of many chocolate shops now offering chocolate frogs, in a variety of styles. Chocolate owls also available, but no wizard trading cards, unfortunately.

K. Dopita Studio : This craftsman's beautiful goblets, chess sets, figurines, sealing wax and seals, Celtic jewelry, and gazing balls with pedestals have earned him numerous awards at the medieval and renaissance festivals where visitors continually flock to make his  wizards, fairies, dragons, and unicorns and other magical objects their own.

Potter Links

Harry Potter Links : There are plenty of links here, with helpful information about each site listed. The page is maintained by the Cooperative Children's Book Center, with sites being selected by the webmaster.

Sir LinksAlot Harry Potter Links : You'll find dozens of links to HP web sites and interesting articles here.

Top Sites Lists

These sites catalog hundreds of Harry Potter sites, with brief descriptions of each, and rank them according to visitor votes. Click below to check out the most popular well-established sites as well as the newest up-and-coming sites, while simultaneously casting a vote for us. You can also add your own site to the list.

    If you have a website and you would like to exchange links, please send us an owl. Broken links should be reported to us by owl, as well.
    Our evaluations of the above sites should in no way be construed as a guarantee that all content will be suitable to young children. Likewise, we are in no way associated with any of the recommended wizarding shops and cannot therefore guarantee the quality of their products or service.

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