To avenge his father's death, Terry McGinnis has taken up the mantel of the greatest hero the world has ever seen, The Batman! Now with Bruce Wayne's help, Terry must face a new age of villains and heroes, and make criminals once again fear the bat.

Flying Again

Happy Holidays


Stage 2: Past

Stage 3: Sky

Stage 4: End

Leon: Part 1

Leon: Part 2

Leon: Part 3

Leon: Part 4

Leon: Part 5

Leon: Part 6

A Year After



Hidden Things At Once

Wrapped in an Enigma

Set My World A Blaze


How To Learn

Everything You Knew

My One, My Whole

I've Got A Spell On You

A Grayson Holiday

The Pain of Loss

Mist Over Gotham

Problems of Life

Green Paint

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Cloud Over Paris

In the Flash

Night Flyer: Part 1

Night Flyer: Part 2

From the Arcade

The Python Coming


4 Years Later


Up to Date

Social Outcasts

A Hero's Fate

Hero Family Talk