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Cain's Dinasty - Legacy of blood 3/5

Reviewed: 6-27-08


1. Legacy of blood
2. Two seconds to forget your name
3. Under the city nights
4. Remember the tragedy
5. The journey
6. Tears of pain
7. Infancia eterna
8. Come to me
9. Taking a look

Out of Spain, Cain's Dinasty brings us their full-length debut 'Legacy of blood', a CD that features some interesting yet fun cover artwork. But not only is the artwork quite bold, it could be a little misleading too, as although the band has a dark side, their base style is definitely power metal. This may be surprising, but Cain's Dinasty is very much in line with Gamma Ray, Helloween, Olympos Mons, Heavenly and Sweden's Insania, so there is plenty of speed, but sometimes the riffs even reach the heaviness of bands like Iron Savior, Stormwarrior and Paragon.

As if the band's musical description isn't intriguing enough, the vocal department is even more interesting. While vocalist Ruben Picazo offers up a fairly high-pitched (occasionally screaming) performance similar to the vocalists from Gamma Ray, Helloween and Heavenly, he also has a slightly evil-sounding twist in his voice at times. If you're now thinking of bands like Force Majeure and The Prowlers, that's fine, as I won't hesitate to throw them in the pile of comparisons, but Ruben's vocals aren't really close to the evilness of the Force Majeure and The Prowlers vocalists. Instead, there are some harsh vocals that pop up a few times to contribute to the band's slightly dark (or even gothic) side. There are a few female vocals too, but to sum up, 'Legacy of blood' has quite the vocal variety.

Most of the songs on the CD are solid, complete with some killer riffs, and the tempo ranges from slow to fast. My favorite song is track 6 "Tears of pain", as the lead guitar is fantastic and the song as a whole is similar to some of the best songs from Gamma Ray and Helloween, but I also like the memorable ballad-type track 8 "Come to me". I don't really have a least favorite song, but I will say that the slow and dark track 4 "Remember the tragedy" ranges from okay to very good, depending on whether or not I'm in the mood for their faster songs or their darker side. With only 9 tracks of normal length, the CD is somewhat short, but for a debut, it's long enough to give us an idea of what to expect from these guys.

So we end up with a new band that's trying to put a unique spin on an oversaturated power metal genre. I'm positive that there will be metal fans that will like what Cain's Dinasty is doing and fans that won't. Personally, I'm a bit torn; there are times when I really get into Ruben's regular voice (without his slightly evil-sounding twist) and the band's power metal side that mirrors what we hear from the numerous bands mentioned - and I therefore dislike the band's darker side. I think this is the way I feel most of the time, as their power metal side is well done and certainly competitive, but there are also times when their uniqueness offers up a fresh and interesting listen. Either way, I recommend checking them out for yourself.




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