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Coexistence - Flow 4.5/5

Reviewed: 8-1-12


1. Carrion comfort
2. Web of oppression
3. Twisted soul
4. Flow
5. Rose to wither
6. Lord of war
7. Unspoken
8. Seize the day
9. Layarteb
10. Akira

Though I've really been into progressive power metal the last 5 years (as opposed to 15 years ago), I'm not one of those guys that likes all or even most bands in the style, so it takes something of extra-high quality and the right blend of progressive metal and power metal to interest me. Coexistence's full-length debut 'Flow' has done a lot more than just interest me, and it's actually been a tremendous surprise.

While probably more progressive metal than power metal, the CD has a fair amount of speed and it's very heavy, even reaching the heaviness of Communic at times. The best comparisons however would be popular bands Evergrey and Tomorrow's Eve, and perhaps lesser known bands Awake and Empyrios too. There are slower/acoustic moments, but most of the CD is full of crunchy guitar work and flashes of speed that create a fairly aggressive listen. For those who are mostly into power metal as opposed to progressive metal (like myself), I've found the tempo to be plenty satisfying. In addition, there are very little keys, which is a bit abnormal for a band of this style, yet quite refreshing at the same time.

Vocally, the band is fronted by Carl Lindquist, whose delivery and somewhat gritty voice is not unlike what's heard from the extra-popular Russell Allen from Symphony X. Actually, especially because of the vocals, Symphony X is another comparison worth mentioning. Most of the songs are around a normal length and are totally awesome, but the closer "Akira" is about 25 minutes long and is my favorite song, for sure. It's a dramatic song that wanders through slow/emotional parts and powerful/upbeat moments - with an intense galloping riff that's totally killer. It leaves a lasting impression as the music fades, and I'm always reminded that I just heard an amazing CD.

So what we have here is a monster of a debut, and all fans of progressive power metal are greatly urged to check it out immediately, especially those who are into Evergrey, Tomorrow's Eve and Symphony X. Massive recommendation!!




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